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  1. Doesn't solve the problem just sends it elsewhere
  2. After seeing the interview on the news with Glasgow Rangers, Glen Kamara about the racism claim in the game v Slavia Prague and then on the BBC website seeing 3 Liverpool players were subject to racism on social media, along with many more this season. I am left scratching my head as to how the authorities and general public can stop this happening? I find the whole racism thing abhorrent and it really seems to me as though all of sudden a couple of years ago it seemed to become trendy to throw out this unacceptable behaviour. I notice Valencia walked off the pitch after a Cadiz player alleged
  3. I am led to belive Hyde put the ball in the net with King making contact with Hydes foot rather than the ball. All for the No.1 striker claiming the goal. He is a proper centre forward and goalscorer, his hold up play is as good as we have seen, comparable to Lee Gregory and the guy just wants to score goals when he gets in the box and his moaning when he doesn't get the ball played to him must burn other players ears. Allen copped for a couple of outbursts on Monday. Firmly believe had he been fit all season he would be challenging at the top of the goalscoring chart.
  4. The manager and the club have given it to Hyde apparently
  5. Jake Hyde definitely got the 3rd goal yesterday
  6. Or maybe he has a difficulty with that word or sound?
  7. I see the commentary team have been the subject of personal abuse on social media regarding the streaming and I am led to belive they may not be doing it any more. If that's the case it's unacceptable and once again it shows how "anti social" social media can be.
  8. Think there is only 1 person on this forum obsessed with Clarke
  9. Johnson Byrne Clarke Maher King Woods Green Earing Williams Hyde Chadwick
  10. Let's not forget the total number of games is 4 less than normal
  11. Grandmother was Irish and Grandfather was Welsh
  12. Really?!!! Who, realistically would you prefer to be in charge of the team
  13. Well done the chairman for managing to get a package together that keeps these 2 at the club for a further 2 seasons.
  14. The only ref I can remember from recebt seasons was a guy with closely cropped hair, a suntan and a tight referee shirt showing his guns! No idea what his name is though.
  15. I honestly do not know Marsden is, will Google him, but his name doesn't ring any bells.
  16. What about an asylum seeker who comes to the country in fear of their life? They have a child born in their native country but from the age of 6 months has lived in England, I am pretty sure they would be eligible to play for England, would you be happy with that?
  17. Players are that good at it that the refs do not spot it.
  18. One thing that is noticeable, certainly at the top level is the lack of players surrounding referees after an incident. Very refreshing to see.
  19. What about parental birth place?
  20. I don't focus on the referee, I accept that they make mistakes. Yes it's very frustrating when it goes against you but they do go for you also. Referees in general are on a hiding to nothing and imo players need to stop cheating
  21. I find it strange that some people seem to know everything about referees and their previous games and their encounters with FCHT.
  22. Sorry to dissapint you but Alan was my wife's favourite
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