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  1. 17 minutes ago, ewalsh said:

    Commentators on Radio Robins couldn’t heap enough praise on Clarkey throughout the game 

    They were pretty fair throughout the game I thought, gave Sam Credit, recognised the surprisingly physical nature of Hydes play and also heaped praise on Earing, they were also impressed by how well we set up after taking the lead. I quite enjoyed their commentary 

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  2. 7 hours ago, TJAshton said:

    Maher in Centre back and hardy starts or hardy on the bench. Of course he is good enough I never said he wasn’t. Probably just you making it up again as usual. 

    Hardy doesn't start above Earing and isn't a replacement for Green, Woods or Summerfield. So I do not see where he gets into our team. Yes in the squad inplace of Spence or Tear

  3. 8 minutes ago, nw3casc1 said:

    If it was normal times...next Tuesdays game would have seen a massive crowd...maybe 3500...ormore???

    We would have had a couple of bumper criwds to come, Wrexham, Stockport and Chesterfield. When you look at the teams currently in the play off spots there would be potentially some massive crowds for this level 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Hxmitch said:

    Now signed Kairo Mitchell from Kings LYNN for undisclosed fee.

    Seem to have cash to throw around to try and get promotion 

    Not surprised given that they aren't paying all their squads wages and they are borrowing over 2 million quid! 

  5. 33 minutes ago, Flea said:

    Gold Omotayo has also just joined them.

    Not sure if that is good for us or not - he was naff when we had him, but the amount of times ex players come back to hurt us is unreal. 

    Let's hope its the Gold we had and not the Gold that played against us for Yeovil 

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  6. Just now, hunsworthhound said:

    Pete Wilds substitutions were spot today bulking midfield up with Summerfield and Woods when we were beginning  to get over run, and then taking King off who was beginning  to struggle  against their  winger.

    Summerfield and Woods brought a bit of calmness to the game 

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  7. 1 minute ago, Bill Atkins said:

    Ridiculous assessment Clarke,s distribution was far superior to Bradbury and Byrne Clarke was the one telling them to not play deep Fluidity comes from the midfield not from a centre back

    Clarke was constantly the only halifax player you could hear on the coverage, squeeze up was a regular shout, not what you normally hear from a defence sitting deep. Sadly some will not give Clarkey any credit. "Only played well because Alty played into his hands" don't make me laugh, the guy still has plenty to offer.

    Big decisions for the manager now with Summerfield and Woods back. Loads of options all over the pitch for the first time this season.

  8. 4 minutes ago, TJAshton said:

    Americans have never been renowned for being good at football though so doesn’t suprise me. They can stick to American football, ice hockey and baseball 

    They have some very good players playing at some of the top teams on the world 

  9. Ladies & Gents. I am running a Grand National sweepstake £3 per horse, will be split up with £55 for the winner, £35 for second place, £20 for third place and £10 for fourth place. Your names will be put on a list that randomly generates a horse against your name once all 40 are sold. You can buy as many as you want. You can either pay into the AFC Halifax account or into my PayPal account afchalifax2006@yahoo.com if you are paying by PayPal please make sure you send the money friends and family. Your name will be entered once payment has been received.

  10. 4 minutes ago, TJAshton said:

    Where would it send it then? :lol:

    If it’s off Twitter, off Facebook, off Instagram then where else would it go? As that’s where the racial abuse is so surely it would solve 99% no?

    Wherever the racist people go, it's the people that need educating rather than the platform removing 

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