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  1. They were pretty fair throughout the game I thought, gave Sam Credit, recognised the surprisingly physical nature of Hydes play and also heaped praise on Earing, they were also impressed by how well we set up after taking the lead. I quite enjoyed their commentary
  2. Some definitely over egged him, he scored a couple of crackers but his overall play wasn't great.
  3. Hardy doesn't start above Earing and isn't a replacement for Green, Woods or Summerfield. So I do not see where he gets into our team. Yes in the squad inplace of Spence or Tear
  4. We would have had a couple of bumper criwds to come, Wrexham, Stockport and Chesterfield. When you look at the teams currently in the play off spots there would be potentially some massive crowds for this level
  5. So he isn't good enough for our team then?
  6. https://www.sweepstakegrandnational.com/r/397
  7. Not surprised given that they aren't paying all their squads wages and they are borrowing over 2 million quid!
  8. Let's hope its the Gold we had and not the Gold that played against us for Yeovil
  9. Isn't he involved in the Macc Town set up now
  10. If he carries on till the end of the season as he is now then he will go with my best wishes as I feel he can give us a big shout at the FL.
  11. Hartlepool finish their season a week before any of the other potential play off teams, that gives them an advantage and enables them to recharge batteries a little imo.
  12. Torquay back in the hunt for the title after an upturn in form and results
  13. Summerfield and Woods brought a bit of calmness to the game
  14. Sean Williams, who looks to have had a heavy lockdown along with James Hardy looked good tidy footballers but pretty lightweight compared to ours. Neither would get in our team
  15. Clarke was constantly the only halifax player you could hear on the coverage, squeeze up was a regular shout, not what you normally hear from a defence sitting deep. Sadly some will not give Clarkey any credit. "Only played well because Alty played into his hands" don't make me laugh, the guy still has plenty to offer. Big decisions for the manager now with Summerfield and Woods back. Loads of options all over the pitch for the first time this season.
  16. Nathan Clarke 10 ot of 10 today. Leadership, quality and desire to win!!!! He has his critics on this forum, but he has produced today
  17. They have some very good players playing at some of the top teams on the world
  18. Drives me nuts why people have to compare womens football to mens football. Its only ever done to belittle the women footballers. I will turn it round and say the men could lean a lot from the women. The respect they show the referee is so much better than the men and also the players do seem a damn site more honest than the men. My son coached top level female junior teams in the USA and said the quality was very similar to their male counterparts but after about the age of 14 the physicality of male players would change the way the game was played. Technically he said some of the pro
  19. Ladies & Gents. I am running a Grand National sweepstake £3 per horse, will be split up with £55 for the winner, £35 for second place, £20 for third place and £10 for fourth place. Your names will be put on a list that randomly generates a horse against your name once all 40 are sold. You can buy as many as you want. You can either pay into the AFC Halifax account or into my PayPal account afchalifax2006@yahoo.com if you are paying by PayPal please make sure you send the money friends and family. Your name will be entered once payment has been received.
  20. Wherever the racist people go, it's the people that need educating rather than the platform removing
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