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  1. I was in the Skircoat and didn't see it, I actually thought it was a Friday night but may be wrong. Was it against Northampton?
  2. Like most keepers, they know they are 1st choice
  3. Keepers make mistakes at all levels, some of the best keepers in the world have made some high profile ones recently in the Premier league. Like Ash said Sam is a 5th tier keeper and will make mistakes, he doesn't make them on a regular basis and I agree with Ash he is more than good enough to be our keeper
  4. We will have to agree to disagree on this
  5. Premier league treatment
  6. Of course, but did he want to see a member of staf behaving like that, probably not. The excuse for the behaviour at Garforth?
  7. Not sure how feasible this would be, but I have been trying to think of something a little different to try and raise a few quid for the club. What do people think of trying to get 162 Town fans to run/walk a mile a day for the month of March making a total of over 5000 miles, and for every mile walked/run we all try and get a £1 donated to a fundraising page? Would this work? What would we need to set in place by the 1st March? Please offer your thoughts and if you could offer help in organising the fundraising page etc. Like I said its just an idea that's all
  8. It could have been Hyde in training against our youth team. I would say plenty of injuries happen in training up and down the country, do we stop doing that? To flip it round the manger may have unearthed a gem from that game, would it have been worth it then?
  9. Practise games always take place so managers can look at players, give returning players game time and especially as we didn't have a game this weekend it keeps the lads up to speed match wise.
  10. Its still another player down and someone that may need replacing, a lot depends on when Nathan Clarke will be ready to join the match day squad
  11. Didn’t know he had been at Hereford
  12. His antics away at Garforth which lead to a touchline ban for him wasnt what is expected from a member of the clubs staff. Not critiscing his passion, just saying that in the role he had he should have behaved a little differently at times
  13. For all his good points, Helli was a loose cannon on the touchline and I feel him running around Wembley with a flag with his top off is not what DB wanted or expected of his staff
  14. I am sure we can. Other teams are also throwing a rank off day in. Hyde looks sharp and I suspect he will start at home to Hartlepool next Tuesday and fingers crossed we may have 2 new faces by then too?
  15. Bigger suprise is he was still on the pitch after 60 minutes
  16. Not for 3 months maybe?
  17. He may have a job and doesn't want full time football
  18. Probably fits with him being part-time?
  19. Playing really well by all accounts
  20. Clarke invited them back after JF told them there was no deal, I was told
  21. We have Campbell for the season, I would not really want both Bell and Campbell.
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