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  1. A local shop for local people, nothing for you to see here
  2. Is a throw in not a set piece?
  3. Mr V will be happy if Jake Lawlor turns up next season in a Town shirt
  4. South Shields full time in Northern Premier League and rumoured to be paying ex York striker £1200 a week after he turned down a new contract at York
  5. Duckworth and Brown to York is the latest rumour
  6. 3 more players chosen somewhere else instead of FCHT. They are now resigned to history and I look forward to 3 replacements who want to play for the club and go "the extra mile"
  7. David Ferguson left back/midfielder turned down a new deal at York. Could he be the sort of player we are looking?
  8. Thought Rose was one of the few Notts Co players that looked ok in the play off final
  9. Notts Co release a few players who may be potential targets? Mitch Rose (Danny's Bro) - Midfielder Tom Crawford - Midfielder Scott Wilson (had a good season at Macc when they won the NL) - Striker Zoumana Bakayogo - Centre Half.
  10. They doubled it for the last 2 years and now have gone back to the prize money of 2 seasons back
  11. Prize money has been halved!!!! The FA citing Covid-19 as the reason. Again the smaller club made to suffer from an organisation that pays its head man millions
  12. Love you to Lanzo, anything from the FA today? Xx
  13. You seem to have plenty to say for someone who doesnt give a rats arse.
  14. Ha ha! Jonathan Greening is a very wealthy man and agreed to play for Tadcaster for a minimal amount, let's compare Clarke to him then?
  15. Didnt say nothing, maybe his emotional attachment to the club and the fact he lives in Halifax and was planning on retirement when we signed him "could" mean he has agreed to a substantial reduction in wages he was used to getting? Or maybe not? We don't know and to compare him to JF is like I said irrelevant
  16. It also doesnt mean he is a decent bloke who is happy extending his career with his hometown club for a reasonable wage inline with the clubs structure, especially given the fact he was ready to hang his boots up until JF signed him.
  17. No idea, suppose you take what footballers say with a pinch of salt, as the vast majority just say what the fans want to hear
  18. They have received a hefty transfer clause after Liam Cooper got to the Premier League with Leeds. Wouldn't be surprised to see Browny rock up at Chester or Alty seen as he couldn't commit to full time
  19. Strange if he leaves us to go full time when he couldn't commit to an extra day at FCHT
  20. Sorry dont agree, he can still play and his experience is invaluable imo. As for wages does anyone know what he earns?
  21. Nathan Clarke signs a new contract?
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