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  1. A decent one left Hartlepool to go to Morepath!
  2. I really am suprised you aren't a football manager Trev, because you knew exactly where Aspin, Heath and Fullerton went wrong and on top of that you know what Wild is doing wrong also.
  3. But the manager has said the 4 2 3 1 is what he will play. So either he plays up top instead of Tobi or he plays in the No.10 role or a wider role.
  4. Don't you think he comes off the wider area and finds space enabling him to score? Put him in the middle he will have 3 or 4 defenders up his backside as Southwell had when he came on
  5. Macalindon has scored his goals from playing in a wider position.
  6. But I don't agree it's down to the league being poor
  7. I don't subscribe to this theory, I would say quite the opposite as teams are capable of beating anyone, rather than just one or two stand out teams.
  8. Should have given Cameron King a game yesterday, can't expect to win games without him on the pitch
  9. Get Josh Mac back and go 4 4 2. Tobi & Southwell up front
  10. If they have travelled by train they will have been on a different line
  11. What's world class? imo if that player was made available for transfer every top club would like to sign them. Out of the current crop I would say Kane & Sterling fit that criteria.
  12. Have all tweeted they are stuck at Euston Station due to an incident at Milton Keynes and their games are now in doubt.
  13. Knee jerk reaction again. Win a game we are worldbeaters, lose a game we need a complete overhaul. It's the way football has gone at all levels.
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