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  1. Can you all please contact Holly Lynch and see if she will lobby the government on the clubs behalf? holly.lynch.mp@parliament.uk
  2. I agree, but like I said would be an addition to our squad (Hypotheticaly of course)
  3. He was having a run in with Bush for most of the game, it seemed to start with our penalty
  4. He gave Doyle some hector when we played Notts Co at home, if you find the footage of our last minute equaliser his reaction to Allen scoring was quality
  5. Billy Heath was a better manager than Jim Harvey was for us
  6. He got us out of the mess and looking upwards, but allowed us to drop back into it.
  7. I know he was but he was still winding them up. I do not have an issue with it just saying if you do that sort of thing you have to expect a little back.
  8. Was quite happy at Wembley thank you. Sadly on relegation I wasn't happy, but more than happy when Billy Heath took us back up 1 year ahead of target. I do know that Mr Harvey wasn't popular with the players
  9. Earing was stirring it up a little
  10. Really? He would have had to get us out of Conf North first. Remind me again where is he managing now?
  11. If Cheek was availbale then yes, wouldn't replace him with Alabi
  12. So a restaurant that has been pro active and tried to find a way to make some money should pay more tax to subsidise one that hasn't?
  13. So why is football different to any other sport that has had to rely on loans and not hand outs?
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