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  1. I heard he was training there to get fit
  2. Never been played as an out and out striker anywhere as far as I know. At Kidderminster they played him in midfield for a lot of his spell there
  3. Both of the players have told me and also informed me of their attributes and what they can bring to the table
  4. Very intersting, they both may take the heat off Tobi from the terraces though
  5. We have a fullback and a centre forward lined up, the centre forward is lacking little fitness but is a potential premier league player, the fullback is quite happy he can deal with a threat as long as they don't have a great deal of pace.
  6. Perhaps we did see the best of him. Decent until he got to big for the club.
  7. Released from Stockport, grass isn't always greener
  8. Papa Lazarou


    They are all set to go with that, 2 options they have are dig up the 3g one or put the grass one on top of the 3g. They are inside the timescale needed
  9. Papa Lazarou


    Lets hope 51% of FL clubs vote for it
  10. Papa Lazarou


    Why would they have a 4 team play off in our league? We have a 6 team play off
  11. Papa Lazarou


  12. Use your bloody common sense it's really jot difficult. Avoid public transport where you can, go out to "exercise" not sit on a beach, although to some sitting is ****ing exercise!!!! People are choosing to go down the I am not that intelligent I need to be told what to do route at the moment! Take some responsibility and use your common sense. Surely everyone knows what we have to do to help suppress the virus by now. Wash your hands, social distance and no social gatherings.
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