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  1. Papa Lazarou


    The club could have quite easily filmed another given his ban.
  2. Papa Lazarou


    Suprised he hasn't got a French fry on his shoulder!
  3. Wasn't it Mahers man who made the run and found himself with the freedom of the penalty area to pick out Beck?
  4. Whitley Bay have a game on Tuesday and I have been told that is his last game of his month.
  5. Southwell seems to be this season's scapegoat don't know why fans need to have one
  6. But not ahead of Cooper or Staunton in that position
  7. Is it dealt with over here? When was the last time the FA ordered a club to play in a partially closed stadium? Have a look at the punishment handed out to the Spurs fan who was involved in the incident at The Emirates and the Chelsea fan who was involved in the incident with Raheem Sterling and tell me we are leading the world!
  8. Mark Beck gave a fantastic centre forward performance yesterday, should have got him from Darlington
  9. Racism alive and well at Harringay yesterday! Bloody Bulgarians coming over here and spoiling our game
  10. Really? If that's the case I want my £15 back.
  11. Southwell was better than Silva yesterday and Maher was at fault for the 2nd Harrogate goal
  12. We should be capable of beating Harrogate on home soil, or at least putting up a fight
  13. What has happened to the quick tempo, one touch passing, energetic pressing of the other team? It hasn't been seen since half time at Chestefield. Wonder if being top of the league and there to be shot at has taken the manager by surprise and his inexperience is showing?
  14. No game for Whitley Bay today
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