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  1. Will be interesting to see if it can be done before the next season kicks off given the current situation. Will special dispensation be given?
  2. Think it has more to do with a concrete corridor under the South Stand that makes it suitable.
  3. I was told about it on the 12th March, all local funeral directors where asked what their maximum capacity was and The Shay can store up to 90 bodies.
  4. South Shields threatening legal action over the decision
  5. At the moment the only thing that affects the NL is there will be no relegation from North & South.
  6. It wasn't someone at the club who told me about the temporary morgue or about the work.
  7. Vauxhall Motors had already won their league and they have to accept the decision
  8. Trev can request a phone call, and ask the manager all the questions he keeps raising on here?
  9. Seems there is some work going on at the back of the South Stand, maybe the first steps towards the temporary morgue?
  10. What has being Chinese got to do with it? What not a family?
  11. The media sadly do, they are desperate for a top player to come out.
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