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  1. Me 1pound 9 shillings working 6 days a week in a shop and had to give it all to mom getting 2 shillings back if i was lucky,good old days
  2. My nephew is nearly 50 does paper round every morning at 4 30 hes a muscian and no work just now so he as to make ends meet
  3. I like how he says David is there with him and helps as much as possible,hes addicted now and will be a town fan for ever
  4. Happy new year everyone hope its everything we all want keep safe and care for people round you
  5. Merry christmas everyone and a happy new year lets hope things get better
  6. If you all have nothing to moan about you will find something,enjoy it i dont mind paying a few pounds either way
  7. Cant get streaming even though ive paid says token expiried help
  8. Hope you are right Steve
  9. I cant get past user name and password .help
  10. Db as put more money in than we will ever know
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