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  1. Here here, and not appreciated by some
  2. Regarding our directors I dont think we will have them long
  3. I agree and have thought this for a while, David is running the club and needs help,but not a fan run club we havnt the money and they dont last long,hes been asking for help for a while but not got it and thats not from fans
  4. Janis


    All three directors have too oh sorry forgot only have two now so both have to want to put money in not just david he cant finance it on he own
  5. Good one Steve, I wouldnt dare stay home lol
  6. Anyone know if there is a video of the match
  7. I noticed Wild coudnt watch last few minutes till we scored
  8. They watered the ground heavy
  9. Janis

    The Times

    Im sorry but you are living the past too much Hoddle,you can say I told you so when it happens,and I did know all the ins and outs and so did others,but we are trying to let it die
  10. Janis

    The Times

    You never stop moaning about the past Hobble give it a break,we are all aware what as happened before but now want to enjoy today and yes I might have my dark glasses on but after 60 years and more im enjoying it why dont you
  11. Janis

    The fans

    Ive been thinking reading all our postings, its as if now we have nothing to moan about the team, we have to find something else to moan about but thats town fans ,lets keep out of our football politics and get back to enjoying,live for today and worry about tomorrow when and if it comes
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