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  1. Janis


    Morning all happy bank holiday lock down
  2. Been to see her so many times never fails to impress,talks to everyone after a show,brilliant player and singer,in nashvile she just joins in and mixes with all, she lives in Nashvile and just goes into town and plays anywere she wants,not given the credit for what she as done for music
  3. My husband travelled down to london with him on the train said he was a great guy and talked all the way there ( felt sorry for Acker ) when I was told lol
  4. Thank you Steve nice to be loved Yes thank you
  5. We need a solution but i think things will stay the same,its expecting too much for them to make such big decisions just because its common sense, plus i dont think they like it when people give ideas
  6. Right im going to get some stick for this = Joan Hamond singing One fine day,this was the first 78 i got but my dad sat on it so it didnt last long ( Steve )
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