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  1. Db as put more money in than we will ever know
  2. What about Hyde Steve
  3. Most be easy ive done it
  4. Its taking me to a page with both badges on and saying purchase pass but nothing works when i try to buy help
  5. It takes me into a page asking witch pass i want to pay for !!!! Help
  6. Thank you Steve,hope you all taking care over there
  7. How do you stream i only have a samson tablet
  8. Thank you Steve,hope to see you if all goes well or later Janis
  9. Hi Steve, as you know im hopeing to come there in dec ,wondered if you know if the diving schools are open and do you think its safe to come,only have two weeks to cancel not sure what to do,take care Janis
  10. Something to do with another player !!!!!
  11. Janis

    Match time

    Ive had 3 diferant times for match ,boston say 2.00 town say 3.00 another says 1.00 anyone know
  12. Janis


    Just a big thankyou to Louisa who was working her socks of today and still cheerful
  13. Janis


    This is why we should apprecate our board ect for being careful even though they take some stick for doing it
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