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    If Bury are kicked out of the league, could 3 conference teams go up at the end of the season?
  2. Is there any other players released by Oldham without a club still? Would assume the new man will want players he knows and has worked with! Obviously if the budget could accommodate these players! Anyone know who they released?
  3. Before another thread is derailed by petty arguments can anyone tell me who the trialists are?
  4. No problem Steve, if it is Ronnie Moore will you donate to whichever charity AFC Halifax raise money for? ( it was Macmillan but I haven’t been involved with the club for a long time) is that ok?
  5. Name your charity Steve, at least there’ll be one winner out of it!
  6. So let’s not give him the chance to play this season! Let’s make him the manager, he says he has good contacts, does he really? Fullarton has good contacts..... can a lad with no experience drop in to a club 2 weeks before the season and bring players in? Or would you prefer a manager like Ronnie Moore? 900+ games as a manager, I know who I’d be turning to now. Thats not to say I’d be against Clarke if DB went with him, I believe it’s the wrong time
  7. He can give it a go and if it’s too much we’ll lose one of the best defenders in the league no problem!! A club is only as smart as it’s fans, 5th tier for a reason that’s shown right here. Experienced manager needed
  8. Wrong option for the club to take right now. I remember when JF was appointed (and Kelly) most people being unhappy with the lack of management experience, now the solution is a lad with none when the club is already in a difficult position? An experienced hand is needed, this appointment needs to be similar to Jim Harvey
  9. Tom Clare 6ft 5 striker recently released by Bradford, could be someone we might look at.
  10. Would be class if we could just get a little more out of the club. Not even signings wise other than the crap tweets. What’s to stop us doing an interview with an already signed player each week? 20 questions with Nathan Clarke etc? How hard can that be? If they did something I don’t think we’d be so fixated on new signings
  11. We’ve probably signed half a dozen players on gentleman’s agreements. Problem is if we have any ambition we’ll be fishing in the same pond as 10 other conf teams and the lower third of league 2. If a player from Cumbria agrees to join us then gets an offer from morecambe/Carlisle they’ll take that offer (who’d Blame them) I think town have the right approach to announcing signings here as much as it is frustrating for fans
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