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  1. We could find out about new signings ie trialists by Monday
  2. Hopefully the game today will have a couple of updates ext
  3. I was just thinking that !
  4. I'd love to know, Wild's kind of signings and cant wait to see who we sign!
  5. I think signings will start to be announced after saturday once Wild has had a good luck at them !
  6. He also stated that his assistant manager is currently in employment meaning he could be a manager/assistant manager elsewhere, so does that mean we have to pay compensation?
  7. Tom Scargill's interview is very good, I really like Wild and I think we are in for a treat !
  8. I agree, he wants to play fast attacking football and is satisfied with defence, however he has stated that some of the trialists will sign, ie ben wyatt so that's our left back sorted ext. Whilst also saying he is going to bring in players he wants!
  9. He's already said that his phone is constantly ringing from agents trying to sell them their players, shows a good sign ?
  10. Dont trust anyone on twitter these days, just a fake rumour
  11. Cant see him signing, and where have you heard this !
  12. I hope he will bring Dan Gardner to Town !
  13. Does the manager appoint his assistant or DB, and I wonder who it will be ?
  14. Probably Wyatt will sign too and then a few of Wilds signings also !
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