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  1. You have nailed it WB, good summary. Imagine that you was Jay Been, working you socks off in training and keen as mustard to help Halifax Town win and succeed on the pitch and you were overlooked for RNL. Likely to have a negative effect on the Town squad.
  2. Couple of points i like many others will not be requesting any refund from my season ticket and was thinking we could fill a book sharing funny moments from streaming episodes during our COVID season. Streaming abroad - I have buddies in Canada who have been watching the league team for many seasons, so there must be an opportunity for next years streaming to expats at least who knows we may be in League 2 next year !
  3. Impressed with your technology skills Vinny Did you know each emoji costs 10p each 🧐
  4. Thought we may use theTorquay formation Sam King Byrne Bradbury Senior Maher Green Allen. Earing. Campbell Hyde but not sure what attacking formation Hartlepool will play
  5. Is this our first opportunity to contribute to the big support ? We normally paid £10 to £15 to watch a game on Saturday. Could be a good start to funding our one and only Shaymen. What do you think ?
  6. Now is the time to trial local lads from National North such as Kaine Felix - striker at Guisley. Possible to set up play and pay contract ?
  7. Great news DJ, guess you will still be taking your usual spot at the back of the stand then ! Look forward to seeing you down the Shay soon
  8. Anyone got the stream up and running currently I have the spinning wheel (just like Hartlepool) !
  9. Courier link that refers to loans is..... https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-everythings-started-click-says-wild-town-boss-urges-his-side-maintain-good-form-3080797 sounds promising
  10. Re Noble Lazarus, if you look at the warm up time period from the Alti game we see a Halifax Town player doing full football field return runs. I suspect this is Ruben during further individual fitness work before the game
  11. Yes thanks Steve, what would be your team?
  12. Will be interesting to see our shape without the option of a centre forward and perhaps just 4 at the back if Byrne still injured. But my winning team is... Sam, King Byrne, Mahler, Bradbury, Williams, Summerfield, Green Earing Crawford, Allen Subs..Keeper,Senior, Woods, Nepro, Tear
  13. This is a must win game for Town and suspect Barnet would be happy with a point PW positive line up - make Barnet play against our attacking strength Sam King, Byrne, Bradbury, Senior Summerfield, Maher, Earing Allen, Bell, Neproceno Subs Hyde, Tear, Danns, Green, Keeper PW to draw, with late push for win - keep it tight, hope to get 1st goal Sam Maher, Byrne, Clark, Bradbury, Williamson Woods, Summerfield, Danns Hyde, Allen Subs Neproceno, Bell, King, Earing, Keeper
  14. Just received money back from Sutton Utd, as I never received my access code
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