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  1. So will I. I would say Matty is one of the best players to have ever played for our great club.
  2. Welcome to The Shay. Best to avoid Shaymen.net after a draw/defeat. Good luck
  3. You will be here until you die if you want most forum members to understand reality. Bought my season ticket as soon as they went on sale. I O Shaymen.
  4. To be fair. If he had better positioning and better distribution he wouldn’t be playing for us. Magnificent shot stopper so absolutely delighted he has signed up. This season was based on a solid defence so improve going forwards and we will do well this season.
  5. I was in the vicinity and the rugby fans made more noise than ours on Saturday
  6. Not rating him doesn't make me paranoid
  7. Funny how you think you know me isn't it thinking that I want wilder not to do well. Proved you wrong. So go and ASS ume elsewhere
  8. Wait until Townmad sees this. How very dare you not be a big fan of Wilder
  9. Exaggerating again. Who said I couldn't cope. All I said was I didn't like him as I thought that reaction was utterly pathetic. I didn't have a meltdown. No they're not. And no he is doing a commendable job so credit to him. so shove that in your pipe and smoke it
  10. I would rather focus on the positives. They far outweighed the negatives.
  11. I don't agree with you so you call me a moron. Very educated. I replied with facts. You choose to ignore and devalue the other two promotions. They are still facts. And I do wear contact lenses but I'm not blind.
  12. Three promotions. One play off semi final as a part time team in a full time league. One top half finish as a part time team in a full time league. Numerous gems discovered. There is NO argument
  13. Tommy Miller for me. Get them playing football
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