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  1. Best wishes from Scotland to all shaymen and those close to them. Stay safe and I hope you are all well
  2. Scot


    Watching Yorkshire on the news tonight I know lots of parts of the country are affected but you hope you all are safe and unaffected by the floods and weather Scot
  3. Good win today .... needed
  4. Merry Christmas to all at the Shay and beyond who support the club. All the best to you and yours over the festive period and in 2020 Scot
  5. Scot

    Notts County

    Listen in every game ... Absolutely no pleasure taken in that mob beating town as I wish them nothing but grief Town can’t be losing games from winning positions... twice ... positives? Scoring 2 but poor defending has to be a concern
  6. Scot

    Retained List

    Totally agree Flea that there isn’t any rush usually but I just think the manager will look around at other clubs who can offer more and try to get his business done early, or at least some of it. And you’re right .. there will be no holiday.
  7. Scot

    Retained List

    JF wont wait till then....not a chance I said on here before that he will have been working on this before the season finished so he wont sit with 6 or so players signed and wait till the end of June to add to it, its not how he operates. The reality is that a lot of clubs at this level will be fishing in a similar if not the same pond and if you want to get the right players in for your budget then you need to act quickly. There will no doubt be clubs with bigger budgets so you want to get offers out to players as early as possible for exactly that reason. Once other clubs get tim
  8. Scot

    Retained List

    Spot on Lucky , I've said this a few times on here and its about managing expectations. Only the chairman and the manager will know what the budget is. Only when thats bottomed out can you realistically see who you can bring in, especially when you are fighting it out with other clubs in your league who may have much better spending power. People talked about John Coleman at Accrington and their budget but that didnt happen overnight, hes been back there since 2014. It will be interesting to hear the mood music from the chairman and the manager over the next weeks and months as they may g
  9. Scot


    Yip , including the Hartlepool game that’s 11 points from a possible 15 so it’s probably ok to let the boss have free reign with selection. Same with the players , if you’re winning but not playing it’s about taking your opportunity when you get it.
  10. Scot


    Sounds like a game to write off , take the point and move on. Still undefeated .. can’t be a bad thing
  11. Scot


    Sounds like a first half to forget ! Need to start well in the second against 10 men. torquay beating Solihull Moors 1-0 halftime
  12. Scot


    I’ll be gutted if this games off
  13. Macam Thanks for that, it wont be long before a couple of us make the journey down to lend our support for the run in. I hope this is a good fit for both parties because , whilst Halifax might be part time, you've appointed a guy who will be anything but that. Wasnt given a fair crack before but like I said to someone by PM , all that stuff is history now and this is a chance to look forward and bring success. I look forward to my first trip to the Shay
  14. No relative Vinny I do know him but absolutely no relation. Glad he got a chance at Halifax and wanted to wish him and the club well
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