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  1. Good luck today Town wee fella is playing football so won’t listen in but will have the match alerts on tough game today
  2. Scot


    Possibly ....but still plucked the lad from Kings Lynn for next to nothing and he's showing now that he was a good find .....Players like this can be assets the club can utilise on the pitch and possibly make money from...good luck to him , seems a decent lad
  3. Scot


    I think fulllartons initial concern about King when he came in was his physicality which King himself also mentioned in early interviews but he’s showing now what a good player he is ... let’s hope he keeps developing
  4. Scot

    Happy Forum

    £185 after that the following day .... not big bets and only ever the football
  5. Scot

    Happy Forum

    Small stake... potentially big return
  6. Scot

    Happy Forum

    Maybe I should go rogue and become Mr Negative ?? I’ve listened to the games and things have started really well so hopefully the momentum continues ! only down side is that I cashed out a ‘match result both teams to score’ on Monday at £170 .. I had Town , Notts and Dagenham who scored in the 95th minute .... would have won £770 Tough game today but let’s hope for a positive result
  7. No reason why not , plenty efforts on goal yesterday so hopefully they keep converting them
  8. Well done town ... 3 from 3 .... a great start
  9. Because he and the backroom staff were sorting the dressing room as the kit man was off and he wanted the players to get home and get rested ... this was all discussed at the time Nick Time to look forward .....
  10. JF left a foundation and a few signings in who have scored, contributed and could bring revenue to the shay ....look forward not back Wild is kicking things on and good luck to him
  11. Scot

    Hartlepool today

    Only caught the second half after the wee fellas football. Great crowd and an excellent result .. well done Town
  12. Look forward not back JF kept town up and changed things behind the scenes which Wild can build on ... Hanson , Earring and others are players who can develop and hopefully bring revenue Focus on positives for the club ... JF showed that Town can compete against the ‘big’ teams ... it just needs that consistently over a full season. JF gets pelters from some ....but folk at the club will see where they were behind the scenes and where they are now as much as it will annoy some... I’ll keep listening in and hope town do well Get behind the new guy and support the team ... the basis is there
  13. Good luck Pete Wild ... hardly an ideal time or preparation but lots to be positive about at the club Best of luck to the new manager ... let’s hope they start well
  14. Steve Clarke had Killie ticking very well and competing ... hence the European qualification This with a club on very limited attendances ..then he took the Scotland job and this happened .... a total embarrassment
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