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  1. Disagree, he's a player with good movement and feet but had no chance in Fullarton's negative set up, will be a different player in Wild''s team particularly if Cameron King remains fit. Comparing him to Preston and Edwards is somewhat facile I think, but it's a game of opinions and he'll need a bit of time to regain sharpness after such a long lay off.
  2. Southwell will definitely benefit from Cameron King in advanced midfield role, getting in those pockets and threading through balls, I can really see that combo regularly coming up trumps!!
  3. Might not have shone for us, but seemed to remember he was one of the finest we've had at holding it up around the corner flag when hanging on for 3 pts! Good luck Danny
  4. Sorry Kit, fair point. Back on point I hope - I'll back whoever is appointed our new manager. And I'll be there for the Ebbsfleet game with renewed enthusiasm. Whilst my post illustrates my total frustration with politics, following the good, the bad and the ugly of FCHT keeps me sane! Here's hoping for a glorious new chapter in the club's history. C'mon Shaymen!!
  5. You've hit the nail on the head, no sort of choice whatsoever! Both by rights should be unelectable along with Nigel Farage, worst electoral choice I've ever seen! Would sooner have ANY of the next PMs predecessors of my lifetime to any of these 3 disasters. In a short space of time we have voted to be poorer via the disaster that is Brexit, USA has voted for Trump and the Labour party has voted for a Marxist that has put the party back to the days of Michael Foot. In short the world seems to have a terminal case of Electile Disfunction!!!!
  6. Yeah, given his recent proclamations we'd be guaranteed Champions League status by 2024!!
  7. Legend has it that a certain Halifax golfer and friend of my Dad, was the only person to hit a golf ball from the driving range over the terracing, the speedway track, the entire pitch, the speedway track, the large area behind the goal, before finally sailing over the wall and into the Bus garage - quite a carry in the days long before titanium drivers etc. Some shot!
  8. Sorry Cayhillwashere, I'm afraid I have to agree with Nick here and am genuinely surprised that Donald Trump' s incessant incoherent, aggressiveness and often offensive tweets are held up as something to be admired as communication. I would certainly prefer limited updates from the DB and BoD to the petulant rubbish DT spouts that insults the intelligence of most grown-ups in the world. Can't remember many if any of these rants providing information or anything approaching reasoned argument. All these tweets seem to illustrate is an ability to fall out with people on an almost daily basis and demonstrate how he simply cannot cope with criticism of any description. Ironic that the man who endlessly uses the word 'fake news seems be it's greatest exponent! A simple lesson he would do well to take on board - sometimes less is more!! That said I do agree there are occasions when more could be done to update the fans and it isn't DBs greatest skill, but it certainly improved. Let's keep a sense of perspective regarding how often we expect comment and the form it takes and if we are to suggest a comms guru to follow, may i suggest anyone more intelligent, coherent and less prickly and sociopathic than Donald Trump would be a better starting point and thus give you an endless set of candidates! I have been supporting Town for well over 40 years and in most areas truly believe that this BoD have looked after the club not only to the best of their ability, but far better than the vast majority of their predecessors. A number of people have said 'be careful what you wish for ' in relation to DB calling time or not being good enough. I agree with this sentiment entirely, history shows we could have a BoD much worse and have seldom had better.
  9. I know DB comes in for some stick by some, but comparing him unfavourably to that inarticulate, sex pest and sociopath Donald Trump maybe taking things a bit far!! Imagine if he ever became chairman, he'd upset everyone, steal everything and leave us without a club!!
  10. Agreed. Should be a law against it, perhaps in the post brexit shake the wearing of Lancastrian PL kit in a Yorkshire location can be outlawed by the devolved Yorkshire Assembly. On the spot fines for offenders, now that's the sort of tax levying I would wholly endorse!!
  11. Oh and worst - Peter Butler on every conceivable scoring criteria! Agreed Chris Nicholls, would personally add, Burgin, Alex Smith, Genoe, Waddle, Kennedy, Galloway, Holden, Norris, Longhurst, Davidson, (then Martin, Thackery, Bradshaw, Stoneman, Jackson, Kilcline, Hulme, Paterson, Brown, Brooks, Horsfield & Philliskirk bit of a dream team)
  12. Autospell, for Barry read Baker! (Not Gallagher!)
  13. Agreed Chris Nicholls, would personally add, Burgin, Alex Smith, Genoe, Waddle, Kennedy, Galloway, Holden, Norris, Longhurst, Davidson, (then Martin, Thackery, Bradshaw, Stoneman, Jackson, Kilcline, Hulme, Paterson, Brown, Brooks, Horsfield & Philliskirk - bit of a dream team). Modern era (and their effectiveness at various points on the footie pyramid) Jnr Brown, Bower, Dean, Marshall, Baker, Holland, Barry, Gregory, Pearson, Gardner, Hogan, Maynard, McManus, Collins, Brown, Johnson and Matty Brown - there you are a few selected (and many i should have included, but forgotten with age) from many years and many pounds spent watching the Shaymen!
  14. Interesting, it's a game of opinions, personally didn't think Berrett was anywhere near the same quality as Collins.
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