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  1. Means little. Heard this kind of thing before with Kelly, Fullarton. Best of luck to him but another gamble for sure.
  2. Out of all those who applied for the job, will he have been the best candidate? Unlikely. The cheapest? Likely.
  3. You know, it feels like a massive cloud is lifting with Fullarton moving on. Despite appearing like adversity, this situation could be the first step towards the fans and club really re-engaging. I think the appointment of Clarke would be the next step in the process. It's potentially quite exciting. I'm under no illusion that we could well be a bottom half side under Clarke but at least we could get behind someone who gets the club, loves the club and will be giving his all as one of us. There lies the difference with what Fullarton brought to the table.
  4. Good interview and nice to read something positive right now. Appointing Clarke would be a gamble; inexperience, detracting from his excellent partnership with Brown, but it's a gamble appointing anyone at this late stage who doesn't know the club in and out like he does. He seems to be an intelligent guy and he has the club in his heart. I think we, as supporters, need something like this right now and he'd help to galvanise the club again. It must seem like an attractive option to DB too.
  5. The council have us over a barrel here don't they? What other option do we have at this stage? I suspect they are well aware of that.
  6. I agree. When the club needs us most. But DB needs to play his part too now and open up communication with the fans about what has and is going on. All in this together.
  7. I think all that has gone on with the manager and recruitment can be levelled at the club but this is just the icing on the cake for us from the council. Christ.
  8. The situation with DB and the club right now is so frustrating. He seems to be a genuine guy who wants to run the club prudently but he's being hampered, most likely by his inability to loosen control of all aspects of running the club and embracing modern communication channels with the fans. Regarding the latter, he's clearly been trying. The open invites for sessions with the fans is an example. But then he's straight back into his shell following everything that's gone on with this evolving disaster of a pre season. The easiest and most significant thing that DB can initiate to get the fans onboard is to harness a consistent open dialogue with them. If he wants us all to give everything we can to support the club (not just team) then make us feel like this is our club again and not just his club for us to follow. I know that budgets are tight but invest in the Media team and it will pay dividends. I look at what Harrogate Town do with their media output and it's fantastic. Match highlights, interviews, inside previews. All free. You would feel involved as a fan. Does it really cost that much in context? How much do we actually make by charging for Shaymen Player? Let's invest in this side of things as it's the best way of engaging fans. It feels like we're getting to the point where DB will think he's gone as far as he can with the club. I just hope that rather than selling it in it's entirety, he might consider limiting his involvement and getting the supporters to own a significant share. That way we might benefit from his acumen, whilst also having a significant input and feeling like it is our club again.
  9. I think Moore would end in tears. Seems to have an inflated ego and strikes me as one; needing a reasonable budget at this level and two; given said ego and the stage of his career, would scarper when the going got tough.
  10. Surely the nature of a forum and you choose whether to read it or not? Nobody's forcing you. I just don't see how his tenure requires a huge amount of praise and defence. Do you think he was without fault?
  11. Exactly. Happy to give him credit for keeping us up but an unlikeable guy who did nothing to endear himself to the fans and his side played some of the worst stuff I've seen at the Shay. Heath was bad but at least we were set up to score goals (albeit one dimensional). Fullarton has walked so why the sympathisers? Strange.
  12. What's your deal Shay? Seeking balance is one thing but seems strange how you are so vehemently defending this guy who saw a very average return for us playing some terrible football. Long time fan? What has specifically prompted you to start posting off the back of all this? Surely better managers got rougher deals for us? I'm curious.
  13. Yeah, sure. Credit for bringing those signings in. I think it was more luck than top management that saw them hit the ground running like they did though. If it was down to his coaching, he'd have got a tune out of Southwell and Edwards right? Happy to credit the signings but performances for the vast majority of the season far outweigh this. As I say, he showed contempt for the fans more often than not so I'm not arsed about kissing his ass and wishing him good luck etc.
  14. Really? Like who? He did well keeping us up but could so easily have taken us down last season were it not for a couple of hail mary loan signings that flew from the off. Most of the performances will forever be burned into my memory.
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