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  1. They say the league table doesn’t lie . . . well, it does this season. We are sixth, but could be about 16th when other teams play games in hand. We’ve been hit by injuries and struggle for consistency and always have excuses with bad results. The fact is we are bang average for this division. We won’t go down, and we won’t make the play offs, never mind win them. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, with our revenue and living within our means, a promotion season is about a 50 to 1 chance.
  2. On a roll. Same performance as last time and it’s got to be a win
  3. Can’t be too critical with that score line. Let’s hope we push on and start winning a few.
  4. We will win. Barnet also in poor form, scored once in five games in open play and concede plenty. Our strikers should score finally after 10 games trying! If we get two or three, Barnet are stuffed.
  5. His comments are unbelievable. He really believes the football is good and attractive to watch and we will come good. We started the first game and won. We’ve since not won, been outplayed by a lower league team and damaged our players’ performances by our tactics. When he and Millie came in they said we have a way of playing which works and we stick by it. It doesn’t work at this level now professional teams have sussed out those tactics. You can feel the fans resentment now. They loved PW’s enthusiasm but it’s all about results and he is struggling to get them. But his job is safe, DB dither
  6. Bolstered backroom staff with fitness/ conditioning staff and never had as many injuries!
  7. Sutton have lost their way a little and are conceding plenty. Wild says he has strong options up front so maybe 3 goals for the Shaymen and a clean sheet
  8. The danger for Town is many fans are now used to staying away from the Shay and following matches on social media.With performances and results being poor some won’t rush to part with £20. Maybe it’s better financially as we are, rather than have sub 1,000 crowds.
  9. We’ve made phenomenal strides apparently according to PW interview. But, have they been forwards or backwards!
  10. I will take the positives. Wild is driving me to drink.
  11. PW says we are a good watch, just unlucky!!
  12. Just look how the tone in comments has changed again within the first 10 mins of kick off. Tough ask now for us to score a couple. PW reluctant to change his way of playing but he needs to as it’s not working. Excuses and bad luck don’t last a season.
  13. PW needs wins. It’s his team and he said we should judge him when he assembles his own squad. Excuses and plaudits from opposing managers are all well and good but it’s points that matter. Our defence is praised, our attacking intent is questionable as is PW’s reluctance to change tactics. We’ve won one in eight, if we win one in the next eight we are in trouble. But, PW’s job is safe for the season as DB takes his time and the budget has been spent. Let’s hope we start winning or few fans will be going back after Covid!
  14. Looks like we have been sussed early doors this season
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