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  1. There is a lot of optimism on here coz fans want to believe the impossible! BWood finished on a great run and have home advantage, Rodney gone and no McAlinden. Both players largely responsible for our good form. We finished the season badly with a terrible home defeat. We will strugggle to score and play a containment game reducing our goal scoring chances further. And, to win promotion we need three wins. That’s a tall order and will be the biggest achievement ever in our history if we pull it off.
  2. You don’t get a true picture on this message board as it is read by die-hard fans who love the club. Trouble is they number about 700/800 and less than 500 of them will get a season ticket if we consider the take up before last year’s cut price deal and all the current uncertainty. I can’t see home fans averaging much more than 1,200 and a cold winter night game could see less than 900 especially if we are struggling on our “competitive” budget which DB and managers have said is less than half of some other clubs. The gate price is too high for non die-hard fans in a stadium devoid of atmosphere and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s East stand only next season. No cup windfalls, no transfer fee income and the fans have to pick up the bill. The club is swimming up stream against the odds to stay in this division and a return to the Football League is dreamland. That’s the reality of FC Hx Town.
  3. Yes, we finished sixth, but too often the entertainment was very poor. I bought a ticket and missed several games but would have bought another at £199. With a 50pc price increase many fans including me will now pick and choose games and Tues night matches could see three figure crowds. Our fan base won’t grow next season.
  4. PW didn’t say he knew what the budget would be. He had an assumption it would be similar. A lot has happened which could change that view. It’s not going to increase without someone throwing money at it or a money-making transfer sale. Likely to be similar under normal circumstances. So, it might reduce by say a third. Or, worse case scenario DB pulls the plug on a sinking ship, after all we don’t know how much this virus has financially damaged his other business interests.
  5. Teletext was great in the old days. Results and attendances quickly. It’s hard now to keep a track on attendances.
  6. No fan will be asking for their money back so the club should do the honourable thing and repeat the season ticket offer next season ASAP to get funds in. Slap another £100 on the season ticket and fans won’t buy because the football has been dire at times, instead they will pick and choose games and crowds will go down.
  7. Time to cancel this season and put football finances in order. It should be part time football at our level, perhaps with wages capped at £200 per week and admission capped at £10. Then all clubs are on a level footing and success is not governed by rich clubs throwing money at players forcing poorer clubs to overspend.
  8. Shut on health grounds. The performances are making fans ill.
  9. Redcard


    Wild says he has players who can play in various positions - but they are not effective when they do. Redshaw is a shadow of his early games when he was causing mayhem in the box, Allen etc would all perform better if they are put in their best positions. Wild sometimes picks a team and weakens it by moving players around in it. Yes, Wild has done an excellent job overall, but most of us feel we have dropped points when we needn’t have.
  10. Redcard

    Old Timers

    While we are all gutted after that shambles spare a thought for the old lad who brought his wife along to mark their 71st wedding anniversary. Hardly a celebration, and the poor chap might now be heading for the divorce court!
  11. Redcard


    Yes, but it’s not the first time he has prepared the team to play a certain way only to be ignored come kick off -, according to himself in previous interviews. What does that mean?
  12. Redcard


    We kicked off and kicked into touch and that set the scene for numerous boots upfield coming to nothing with no desire to pass the ball forward at speed. Utterly dire and we have too many games lacking entertainment, it was no surprise 60 odd Woking fans made more noise. Wild has a big problem in that he struggles to effect games to any great effect once they are underway. When we are losing it’s as if we don’t realise we need to score goals, and to turn round 2-0 down and produce an even worse second half is baffling. Wild can’t defend that shocking display - it wasn’t a performance - and we can’t complain about crowds when we are subjected to several similar displays in a season.
  13. Just imagine if born to moan paid up front for a season ticket and that happens
  14. Remember chairman Sam Rourke back in the day. There was no atmosphere then so he got the club to record crowd noise and played through the speakers.
  15. Redcard

    Why is it ?

    Not when DB puts the price up to £25 it won’t!
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