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  1. Redcard

    Eastleigh Away

    On the plus side, Rodney should be fit for Tuesday
  2. Redcard

    Game off

    Think the decision was taken yesterday with Sutton cancelling their supporters’ coach. Just needed a referee to confirm this morning ahead of Dennis the Menace. The pitch has been looking good but now rugby is underway on soaked pitches we will be seeing sand instead of grass going forward.
  3. It’s unfortunate, but let’s hope it’s off. It might be playable at 8am but if the game kicks off it’s likely to be abandoned, and failing that an absolute lottery in howling wind and storms.
  4. Redcard

    A few thoughts

    It has been said on here DB was reluctantly persuaded to offer the £199 deal and it has also been said he was disappointed with the take up. So, I can’t see it being repeated. Maybe £260 giving 10 “free” games instead of 13, then 99 pc of fans will renew. Trouble is we won’t grow our fan base. To do that we need to be competitive on pricing. Teams like Chorley can undercut us by 25pc with £15 entry with concessions down to £12. You don’t attract new fans at £20 a pop for this level of football other than for one off games.
  5. It was all about the three points. Job done. But, why do our tactics always have us struggling against 10 men? We played some good stuff first half and deservedly went 2-0 up. We then showed our weakness against set pieces which needs sorting as other teams now see that as the best way to attack us. Second half arrives and we expect to score two or three against 10 men, but we created next to nothing and were given the runaround and limped over the line. Yes, great three points but we do make it hard for ourselves.
  6. Redcard

    Rodney & King c

    Crowds will depend on the admission cost. Last night we had 1700. Without the season ticket offer it would have been 1100 on a cold Tues night. If it’s £25 for league football and £350 for a season ticket expect around 1,000 home fans. With a £199 season ticket 2,500 plus away support.
  7. Redcard

    Dover Game

    Allen and Rodney superb tonight and his second goal was one of the best seen at the Shay for several seasons. If we can fit Allen into the team on that form with Rodney and Redshaw and we go at teams we will win most games. But, we still seem to sit back and invite pressure. At 2-2 it could have gone either way as we could see why Dover have won eight away.
  8. A feeling of optimism has returned to the club since we brought in two good front men. We beat a poor side last week and showed in the second half we have potential but we do need to be less cautious and more attack minded with midfielders higher up the pitch. We should take 500 today and if we pick up three points and three again on Tues night we will be in a good position going forward.
  9. Is it just me that thinks we have a promising forward on our hands with BW? Big, strong, runs at pace and has a great shot. He could cause havoc up front, especially now his namesake seems to have found his natural position at left back.
  10. Much better tactics and entertaining. We actually heard our crowd second half. Shame it took PW longer than the fans to realise what was needed.
  11. But, if nobody wants our players on loan we can’t bring any in. And, if we recruit the likes of McClusky, Williams etc we don’t improve.
  12. Redcard

    The End

    Is this the season which marks the end of the hobby club? Bosomworth must be as sick as the fans. He has worked hard but it’s not working. About 12 years down the line the fact is he can run the club in the black but he can’t progress it. Peacock has left, Ham is not getting any younger and neither is Mr B who surely must be thinking why continue with his time and effort. No way, can he put prices up next season, and even then support will dwindle after another season of dross. No investors are showing real interest and there is a real risk of losing money next season which means Mr B will have to make up the shortfall to honour his pledge to leave the club debt-free. He must be thinking this is the time for him to quit and then it’s anybody’s guess what will happen.
  13. Mr B usually allows his managers to achieve two wins in 20 before anything happens!
  14. Can’t see us pulling three back second half!!! We are now in the midst of our annual 2 wins in 20 games run!
  15. Redcard

    Notts County

    Looking good with centre back pairing reunited and midfield bolstered. Redshaw upfront (surely he will start!!) and Notts Co on a poor run. Their fans say they will bring about 350 to 400 which should push us over 2,000 to see us finally regain our home form.
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