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  1. archietaylor7


    Good point SDU, but it really would be a strange coincidence. If it is then the club might do well to change it. I think its more likely a bad taste joke.
  2. archietaylor7


    Wouldn't this type of thing constitute "Bringing the game into Disrepute"?
  3. archietaylor7


    It's even on the Fylde web site!!
  4. archietaylor7


    Couldn't agree more FCHT15. At a time when players at every level of the game are under constant scrutiny this is in very bad taste. Obviously his team mates will presumably find this funny, perhaps the FA might step in with a fine and a further ban. See if that's funny. Does it never occur to these guys that they are "hero's" to little kids and those kids ape everything they do. It really does sicken me when I watch junior football how the young kids spit, swear, kick the ball away etc, it's a real sad state of affairs. Shame on you Kosy, I used to be a real fan, no more.
  5. Lets hope he doesn't get injured.
  6. Actually I've just looked this up Townmad and have picked out the following quote:- A loan deal can be cancelled at any time in the season if both clubs concerned agree. It doesn't mention the 1 month rule anywhere I can see.
  7. Just to clear up Quiz, I dont make any reference to over achieving, I actually dont believe in such things. I would use the term LUCK, and you make your own. So far we have been lucky on more than one occasion and that's why we're top of the league. Unfortunately our luck might be about to change.
  8. That would mean 1 more week then? Shame for us good for Whitley Bay
  9. Unless things change dramatically over the next week we will not be top of the table come 5pm on Saturday. We weren't even at the races yesterday, any person who attended yesterdays game and didn't know which team was which, that one team was top of the league and one of the leading scorers in that league certainly would not have opted for the team in Blue. We were completely outplayed once again by the little No4, Josh Falkingham and in part the rest of the Harrogate team. We on the other hand had absolutely nothing to offer. I swear that at one point I felt I was right back in the middle of last season, but then I thought, I cant be! Because last season we were bloody hard to beat? I cant help thinking that Pete Wild is/has made some serious errors of judgement lately. The main one being not getting a Central Defender in to replace Browny. Not that Josh Staunton has not been decent playing that role, but coupled with the fact that he and Maher were really good in mid-field early on, we effectively lost our entire mid-field threat. I've said this a thousand times now, we need a striker, we've scored 4 goals in 6 games since we beat Barnet 4 - 2 on 21st September, conceding 5 in the process. Not a good omen in my humble opinion. Tobi was completely bullied yesterday and he looked more like Edwards than Gregory. All the talk of bigger clubs checking him out seem to have affected McAlinden, something that happens all to often. If I were Wild I would recall Josh MacDonald ahead of the Bromley game, he's had lots of game time at Whitley Bay, he's played very well for them proving that he is a better player than the level he's currently playing and he's scored goals. Whitley will be gutted to lose him, but I think we need him. If nothing else it will definitely shake up our current forwards and inject the pace back into the frontline. No need to panic just yet but unless we change things up and fast then I cant see us maintaining our lofty position. All just my own opinions of course.
  10. I cant say I've ever heard of a 4-1-2-1-2. But it definitely didn't work today. Lets not beat around the bush here, Sho Silva was completely absent from the game, McAlinden has lost the golden touch and I'm not even prepared to comment on Southwell, I've been very hard on him previously and due to him only just coming back from injury I've not commented on his performances of late. But I hope those who shot down all my threads relating to him over the past twelve months, even though I backed them up with facts, are now prepared to admit that I was right all along. He is simply not good enough for this level of football. In a poor all round display, sadly he was in my opinion the poorest.
  11. The thing is Ash, as you say "fine margins". You could use the same logic when discussing last season for instance. Had we snuck lets say 5 1 - 0s instead of the 0 - 0s we would have finished way up the table etc etc, possibly play offs, would JF get the criticism he attracts even now?? The truth is we just have to be better, frustratingly, we know the lads are better. Browny played 7.5 games prior to his injury we lost 1 & drew 1. Every picture tells a story. We need Browny back and we need a Striker, a goal poacher. Simples?
  12. Seems like a real cheap shot to me. He's brought them nothing but success over the last 8yrs, first little glitch and he's out!! I'm damn near positive he would have turned it round. Just shows what a ruthless thankless sport football has become at every level. I think Fylde are suffering that classic near promotion miss syndrome. Well, Fyldes loss is someone elses gain. Hartlepool Ebbsfleet will be viewing closely I should think.
  13. Watching the game I thought Danny Rose was battered all over the place. Every time he went near the ball they hacked him down, as I put in an earlier thread, he was hacked down just prior to their 1st goal, VAR should have been in operation and play would have been pulled back. And I agree Nick, the age thing should work both ways, we always use the old phrase "If your good enough, your old enough", well that should work the other way as well. At this moment Jamie Vardy is far more potent than Kane & Rashford , I know he chose to retire but that was probably based on him thinking he wouldn't get into the reckoning. Plus, they never played him to his strength. But with James Madison in the team theres a definite chance to utalise Vardy, perhaps Mr Southgate should give Jamie a call??
  14. You would notice them Icke, cos they'd float past you with an aire of millionaire snootiness that most of them inherit within their bubble. I dont think losing last night was that bad, obviously you dont want to lose but sometimes it helps brush away the complacency and gives the whole set up a kick up the ass. We have been unbeaten in qualifiers for 10yrs apparently so we were always way to cocky approaching these games. It also showed that one or two of the players are not England standard, it's a shame James Maddison was ill because as I have said previously I see a real World star of the future there and we need to be nursing him in now and probably building around him. I'm gonna sit on the fence on the Harry Kane thing, you cant call into question a guy who won the Golden Boot at a World Cup, but apart from scoring the penalty his contribution last night was ziltch. Not for the first time! I always have problems with strikers as Captains anyway, your Captain should be a central defender as per Clarky/Browny, Terry/Ferdinand or a midfielder like Gerrard. Somehow strikers just dont fit the mould as Captains and I never seem to see Kane driving the team on. All just my opinion of course.
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