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  1. thought it was just part of the modern game. Plus we have a terrible reputation when travelling.
  2. Chris Blackburn of Chorley FC tells me there is no crowd segregation on Saturday!! I find it questionable but who am I to contradict?
  3. No crowd segregation on Saturday???
  4. Cheers for that DavidB86, March 14th? And possibly at Everton. Theres something weirdly strange about how it could pan out. Liverpool win the title for the 1st time in 30yrs at Goodison. You couldn't write it.
  5. I was just wondering, with Liverpool now 16 points clear with a game in hand, assuming they continue to win every game in the league, what would be the earliest that they could win the title? It seems to me, without actually knowing, that it could all be over before February. Does anyone out the know?? (Or even care??)
  6. We are unbeaten in 4, since the tactical change on 28th December v Chesterfield. Why would you change a strong team, obviously barring Southwell for Rodney.
  7. Done bugger all since he went to Stoke.
  8. two weeks two wins. Even better.
  9. Lets just go and win it. I fancy another day at Wembley with Browny lifting the trophy and us all celebrating Redshaws hat-trick.
  10. Totally agree Che, he is class and it's obvious that he should be playing at a higher level. The fact that Town gave him a chance should be well repaid, and hopefully he would choose to stay with us next season. But as we well know, there will be loads of league clubs monitoring the situation. although there is an answer there, lets get promoted. I was just thinking, it kind of reminds me of when Collins came on board with us, look how his involvement changed our fortunes. just a shame it was at the wrong end of the table really. But if you've got one experienced class player who can guide and lead from the front out on the pitch it can make a world of difference. Just think if you had the likes of a Redshaw and Collins playing together in this league. Dream on eh?
  11. Fantastic goals, Redshaws movement is dragging the defenders all over, and Tobis movement for the 1st goal is excellent.
  12. McAlinden :- 10 in 20 starts - Came on as sub 7 times.
  13. Number Name Yellows Reds GK 1 Sam Johnson 1 2 Michael Duckworth 1 3 Jerome Binnom Williams 3 1 4 Nathan Clarke 3 1 5 Matty Brown 2 6 Liam Nolan 2 7 Jamie Allen 1 8 Jack Earing 2 9 Dayle Southwell 2 10 Cameron King 11 Tobi Sho-Silva 3 GK 12 Will Appleyard 14 Josh Staunton 5 15 Liam McCalinden (Gone) 16 Jacob Hanson 17 Josh McDonald 18 Sanmi Odelusi (Gone) 1 19 Harry Freedman (Gone) 20 Jeff King 9 21 Danny Williams 3 22 Charlie Cooper 5 31 Nial Maher 2 23 Jack Redshaw Loan 40 Shawn McCoulsky (Gone) Loan Devante Rodney 45 2
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