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  1. Cheers Flea, as per my reply to WB, I'm not very savy with all this tech stuff but I'll give it a go.
  2. You know me WB, all this modern stuff? How do I delete media stuff and I dont know what you mean by screenshotting??
  3. I've been trying to download a photo but the system wont let me. I know there's a 2MB limit but I didn't think a normal photo exceeded 2MB. Any ideas what the problem might be because I've downloaded stuff before and other "Threaders" put stuff on??
  4. Yesterdays game proved once again that we desperately need a goal scorer. We were lucky to come away with the draw, no point in kidding ourselves. But there were at least two chances that had we had the goal scorer things would have panned out differently.
  5. There are a lot interesting aspects relating to this weeks game against AFC Fylde. It's really good that the lads have a week to recuperate, playing Tuesday / Saturday is bound to take its toll, especially as we are trying to play a high tempo pressing game. We had a very bad pre-season so the boys are bound to need a bit of rest, get the knocks and bangs treated and get some more tactical training time in. In truth, we were looking weary at Wrexham, so were Wrexham by the way so no excuse there, but a week with no Tuesday game is a good thing. I have a strange feeling we might not see Kosy next week. Dave Challoner is a very experienced canny manager. Especially following yesterdays heavy defeat he will make changes, he also knows Kosy is a ticking timebomb on the field and he knows the Town players will be out to wind him up. Will Challoner risk playing him, he's not at present a regular starter so he may chose to leave him on the bench. I hope he does play, despite the bad blood when he left, for quite a while he was our Talisman, and he had us on our feet on many an occasion (East Stand). It will be interesting.
  6. archietaylor7


    Have Bury got any player that we could entice over the Pennines, If their not getting paid at the moment they would probably jump at the chance of a steady wage. Just a thought?
  7. I agree with large sections of both Hoddie & Plinys very well put views. But I will still contest that regardless of your upbringing when you reach maturity/adulthood, every single one of us has the ability to choose how we want to proceed in life. None of us are wrong here, and I think we are singing from the same song sheet ( daren't put hymn sheet), there are very deep rooted issues in every walk of society, its how we choose to deal with those issues.
  8. As with everything in life, we have choices. It's how we ourselves choose to make those choices. I was brought up to believe in equality, I firmly believe that I look at any situation I am presented with and form my own opinion on how I choose to react to that situation. I dont believe I am racist, I hope I'm not racist. I laugh at jokes that may have what would be considered racist views, but I laugh at it because its funny not because its racist. I would never enter into a religious conversation, I'm not a religious person so I dont feel I have the right to express an opinion. I have lived my life so far, and it's been quite long now, to believe that each and every person on this planet should have the right to believe in whatever they choose to believe in. I may not agree but just because I dont agree with something doesn't make it wrong. You are wrong to say that we are brought up to be racist, some people may be, they would be known as the KKK, or National Front or Nazi's. I personally dont have any time for any of them. It's a very delicate issue, but in England, Halifax, my home Town, in my life I have no time for anyone who feels its ok to abuse any young lad just because of the colour of his skin or his beliefs.
  9. QPR youth team walk off pitch in Sevilla friendly after alleged racist taunts This is a headline from a national newspaper, and it kind of makes you sick to your stomach that in 2019 we still have racism in football. There really is no place for this kind of thing in our sport and in life in general. I recent times I dont think I've heard anyone at the Shay using racist taunts, and I think that's because we wouldn't stand for it, or I like to think we wouldn't. I dont care whether a lad is wearing a Town shirt or an opposition shirt, dont ever abuse these young guys in the foulest of ways. I applaud Trent Mahorn for leading his team off the pitch in a so called "friendly". A young Arsenal player on loan in Germany was called "A Black c--t" by opposing supporters, again in a so called friendly. There are times when it's actually embarrassing to be a human being.
  10. I think they are looking good as a pair, the more they play together the better they will get as that pair. They are already developing the system of one or the other moving forward to help attack while the other sits and covers. I just think that we unfortunately went into last nights game without our current strongest team and that team is with both Staunton & Maher. Allen is fabulous, move McAlinden to central role and move Silva out wide for now. Cameron is on fire, we need to protect him, they started kicking lumps off last night. But I will argue forever or at least until we get an out and out striker that that is our real problem at the moment.
  11. We are agreeing Shaymen, we just dont want to leave it to long before we get the players we need. We could start with Nathan Blisset or even his uncle Luther??
  12. Cheers Eddies mate, but I forgot to add in that last night also showed how important Maher is to the squad. To those who dont like Staunton & Maher together, for me, last night showed that we are better with both of them being solid in the middle. It also highlighted how short of good cover we are. Should have been Earing and not Odelusi.
  13. Cant really agree with the first part of your thread Macam, yes, we've had a great start to the season and I am like all Town fans thrilled, BUT, the main issues are already identified and need to be addressed now. 10/15 games in is a third of the season and points dropped now cause all the problems later. We are only a couple of players short to enhance the squad but we need them sooner not later. And if we are serious about mounting any kind of challenge then it has to be done. We've dropped from 1st to 2nd in the table, something we've all witnessed before, how far do we want to drop before we fix the problem, last season we dropped to 19/20th before we got what we all knew we needed. Fix it now!!
  14. We should not have lost to Wrexham. We are far better than how we lost the game.
  15. I'm not sure how to sum tonight's game up. Battered in the first half, the only positive thing to say about it was that we made it to half time at 0 - 0. We faired much better in the second half to the point where we looked good, but if ever a game showed where our real problems lay, then look no further. Even 4 games in I'm uncertain about Binnen Williams, whether it is just match fitness I dont know but particularly first half he was so far off the pace it was embarrassing. Wrexham ripped the lad to shreds time after time. Jeff King, uncertain. Hasn't produced anything to suggest he's a game changer, for a winger he seems to have an aversion to taking on his man. Not what we want to see as he also has a tendency to continually give the ball away with crap passing. But please excuse me for doing my impression of the broken record, but if we dont get a real striker very quickly then say hello to another season like last season. We just dont have anyone in our squad who looks capable of putting the ball in the net. Dont get me started on Odelusi's embarrassing miss towards the back end of the game, the one where he nearly knotted his legs when throwing himself to the floor. Thank god we have a decent defence again, although they shouldn't be to pleased with the goal. Come on lads your better than that.
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