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  1. Jeff King has a broken bone in his hand, This shouldn't rule him out for his place on the bench?
  2. The only option for me other than the one I've used would be C.King instead of Cooper to start, but we know he'll only last max 1hr. But do we start with him or bring him on later.
  3. If Mrs T makes me go to Filey & Brid in May and we make 1 or both finals (lets keep the dream alive) then I'll do a Reggie Perin on Brid Beach. Mind you, I haven't got out of casualty yet. Dr says my eyes will be back to normal colour in a week or two.
  4. Thanks Steve, much appreciated.
  5. My guess would be:- Johnson Duckworth Brown Clark Binnom Williams Allen Staunton Maher Cooper McAlinden Redshaw Subs:- Sho Silva - McCoulsky - Nolan - C.King - J.King/McDonald
  6. Can anybody help me with some dates please? If we were to make it to the play offs, when would they be? If we made the FA Trophy Final when would that be? Probably wont matter but Mrs T wants to go to Filey & Bridlington at the end of May and I've stamped my foot down and told her Town comes first. Anyway, at the moment theres only 2hrs waiting here in casualty!!!
  7. Lets hope they dont star f-----g singing??
  8. Pointless this anyway, Boris will win. Rightly or wrongly. Nailed on. Unless that Scottish bird somehow takes over the whole of the rest of Britain as well as Jockland. Tomorrow the World!! It will be compulsory to paint our faces Blue with a white cross and salute her shouting Och I Tha Nuuuo Jimmy!
  9. If after all the votes are counted and theres a clear winner, if it's not the result I like, along with millions of others, are we going to discuss the terms for 3/4yrs and then try get another election? Just asking. Anyhoo, I hope that Scottish bird gets voted into power, shes a bit foxy I reckon.
  10. He ran our entire team ragged last night and scored a very good goal.
  11. Well drag him down on Saturday and tell him to bring his boots!! Excellent performance last night. Talking of local lads, I dont know why we got rid of James Berrett from last season, once his injury issues were sorted I personally thought he was very good and certainly brought more to the team than most of what we have in there now.
  12. Listen, I was there last night and took full stock of the situation. Our best holding midfielder was made to look stupid by, and with no disrespect intended, an amateur team from a level below us. Our best holding midfielder who by the way Captained England C's, was at times atrocious. By far the best player on the field who dictated everything that went on was Farsleys No10, dont know his name, but get him signed up. Within the last month we have played 2 Amateur teams from lower levels and been made to look silly, we were lucky against YA, but last night we were out classed and out played. And might I remind you, even if these aren't current first teamers, these are our subs/back up players. God help us if we get any injuries.
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