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  1. Liam McAlinden - 1836/2610 (70.34%).
  2. Now you have brought up @ITMANI will now go through every player with x/3690 model also
  3. Yeah it could certainly be done that way The way I have displayed it is to show more prominently how often someone would be substituted, an unused sub, or get injured in matches. The only reason Appleyard's got the "corrrect" number of 3960 is because he was on the bench in every league/FAs Cup & Trophy matches (playing the two WRCC matches).
  4. Cameron King - 2247/3420 (65.7%). Full Town career: 4378/7290 (60.05%)
  5. Michael Duckworth - 2844/3150 (90.29%).
  6. Charlie Cooper - 2566/2880 (89.10%).
  7. Nathan Clarke - 3391/3420 (99.15%). *sidenote - Clarke has made a total overall of 8251/8280 which, had he not incorrectly been sent off at Woking last season would have been a 100%. Never injured, never subbed etc
  8. Jerome Binnom-Williams - 2668/3150 (76.01%).
  9. Will Appleyard - 180/3960 (4.55%). 2 West Riding County Cup appearances.
  10. Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone else but I'm currently working through the minutes Town players spent on the pitch last season. I'm going to list each player in a seperate reply so if anyone wishes to quote said player to open up a discussion it would be easier than having to quote and then delete all the players bar the one you wish to talk about?
  11. Personally I would record it as it actually took place but of course note that it was expunged come season's end. Like for example if we played Chester City before they were liquidated midway through the season (2009?) I would still record the result, count the goals and appearances BUT would then record the league table in whatever way its "officially ended". Again like this season I have had to record a final season with a PPG column.
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