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  1. Well for whatever reason whether it's money or something else, you can't say our bod did not give him time to turn it round. Unfortunately give him a month too long.
  2. Greggs can you honestly say, hand on heart after we beat ironically Orient away that we would go down anyway? I certainly didn't.
  3. This is the reason for the big silence regarding Abort - if he'd got the ground and ****ed it up they weren't bothered as they'd sooner be back at Thrum Hall thinking they're the best thing since sliced bread. Despite everything going on at our club, and this really shows how embarrassing the rugby is, at least (well at the minute!) we don't just play out meaningless friendly matches with Dewsbury and Swinton every season
  4. I full expect us to line up with two up top vs Orient. Yet another bad day at the office for Billy Heath and his team Saturday
  5. Yes it was! Barrow he chipped the goalie!
  6. We drew 2-2 at home to Bromley in the 15/16 two very late goals I can't just think off the top of my head of a team Tuton scored a chipped winner versus :-/
  7. We also beat a very good side Harrogate Town before The Daggers too. Jake Hibbs scoring from. The half way line. Didn't even feature in the top 10 FA Cup goals that season.
  8. Hahaha!!! Can't help himself can he!
  9. Pfff Morgan got 4 in 2 for Town when he started out
  10. One of the few articles where they've actually got a Town players appearance number right too! Rather than lazily going to Wikipedia that says a completely random number
  11. Thanks for the goals you scored Especially this cracker, best of luck in Ireland Morgs!
  12. Oh yeah where Harry Middleton got injured I just about remember that. Slowly erasing the game from my memory ha!
  13. You know as well as everyone else that with Halifax Town it's never that simple and clicks into place like that! I have to admit (and I take full responsibility for the subsequent slump having said it) I declared when we were right up there that I believed we'd win the league. Solid keeper and back four, decent in midfield with Kosylo firing in the goals and a big man up top that defenders had a hard time dealing with.
  14. Yep weren't injured. Missed Macclesfield due to his two yellows vs Dover
  15. That would be me and every tweet I put was spot on.
  16. It looked sparse today. Just always looked like we had more in the days when the crowd got announced at between 13-1500. I tweeted about it being sparse at 2.55 and it did fill a little around me in the 10 mind after
  17. Gosh it's a really poor crowd today. Be just over a thousand maybe
  18. I want us to absolutely ****ing hammer them don't get me wrong. For a couple of reasons 1. The way they celebrated sending us down for absolutely no reason. 2. The 13/14 season I got taking to an Irish Macclesfield fan who'd moved to the area some 10 years previous. He got taking to me about Macclesfield we played Man City on League One etc etc. Basically talked down about Town so stopped him mid flow. “Can I just stop you there pal. Not only have we played Man City ourselves we've beaten them. And United too and been in the FL 80 years previous. Do a bit of homework".
  19. I really REALLY don't like being optimistic with Town. Their front two are lethal and we are I guess as always not fully fit at the back. Just stay behind the team today and push them on
  20. Heath said Clarke is out today due to his suspension.
  21. You be only partly quoted what I've said! The major point is Halifax Town currently are a glorified conf North outfit
  22. We're not Maidstone though :-/ just a glorified North team decimated by injuries and a shocking disciplinary record.
  23. Oh yeah forgot about that Chadders. Probably be Batty then
  24. Who else do we have? I just meant a midfield 4. Have Josh Mac out there. Or change Moyo for Clarke! Wilde - doubtful Kossy - injured still? Brown - suspended Tomlinson - injured Hibbs - never picked
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