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  1. Did Wild actually name those three players? As someone who reads (and in some cases actually writes/publishes) anything regarding the club these names aren't ones I can't remember being in any media.
  2. Not sure where this Earing, Hanson and Southwell are going out on loan/Wild wants to unload has come from?
  3. And there is where it would fail.
  4. Feel sorry for the clubs he's so far had a hand in. RIP to both
  5. It was because referee Paul Howard awarded it as that!
  6. Do clubs any lower than the Premier League ever get decisions overturned Les? *DISCLAIMER* I'm aware a few teams below the PL do (such as Leeds vs Millwall this year), but it's very rare!
  7. Due to the tireless work of (OT) and the club for taking on two absolute die-hard supporters with excellent media skills. The biggest factor is the management team however. Just down-to-earth guys, simple as that.
  8. Worth a watch to make up your own mind about the Clarke challenge.
  9. I found that playoff structure for our league that we were discussing earlier
  10. Live commentary: http://mixlr.com/fchtonline Match updates: https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/woking-match-updates-3/ Twitter: @FCHTOnline
  11. 15th November 2015. Town face Tamworth in the FA Trophy 1st Round. Former Town midfielder Danny Rachhi declaring that they would win "3-0 easy" - The Lambs duly lost 5-0. Crowd 439
  12. Ah perfect for us then scores loads of goals but no one will want to cherry pick him off us!
  13. So... (and I can't believe I'm criticising what is one of the best Halifax Town squads ever) Why didn't the players just wait until after the Welling match for the money? It was only two weeks after we officially won it anyway!?
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