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  1. 27th May 2020 22nd September 2012 Jon Worthington scores the 1st of his 2 goals vs Abbey Hey in the FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round.
  2. 26th May 2020 30th May 2014 Lee Gregory vs Cambridge United (Playoff Semi-Final 1st Leg).
  3. 25th May 2020 5th November 2011 James Dean's 1st vs Gloucester City.
  4. 24th May 2020 7th February 1995 another angle on the Dave Hanson goal.
  5. 23rd May 2020 11th February 2017 Matty Kosylo scores vs Nuneaton Town.
  6. 22nd May 2020 Well there could only be one Goal of The Day for today!
  7. 21st May 2020 Andy Watson scores vs Chesterfield. 24th March 1990.
  8. 20th May 2020 9th November 2014 Lois Maynard puts The Shaymen ahead in the West Yorkshire Derby.
  9. Newsletter regarding Town's 1911/12 went live the other day https://tinyletter.com/Shaymen_Stats Signup an email address to receive them
  10. 18th May 2020 21st October 2008 Junior Brown scores the 4th in a 5-2 win at Bamber Bridge.
  11. 17th May 2020 27th August 2016 Danny Hone equalises at Fylde.
  12. I'll just quickly check. Edit: no sorry
  13. 16th May 2020 Opening day of the 1992/93 season Ronnie Hildersley's 2nd vs Rochdale.
  14. 15th May 2020 28th December 2015 Kingsley James bags the second in a 2-0 win vs Wrexham.
  15. 14th May 2020 7th February 1995 Dave Hanson vs Stafford Rangers.
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