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  1. Ooh good one! Not for Tully of course, but I think he got injured at 'our' end inbetween the right of Glennon's box and the corner flag?
  2. One of the final few games before Town had pra tucally two months off due to the weather that season.
  3. Now that's another way to look at it for sure!
  4. Scott McManus is FCHT's leading appearance holder. Jerome Binnom-Williams has two goals for Town. Matty Kosylo was the top scorer in 2017/2018 with 11 goals. Bradford City drew Dartford in the 2nd Round of the FA Cup. Sam Johnson has the most clean sheets. Town conceded no goals on their way to winning the WRCC in 2013. Ryan Toulson got injured at MK Dons 6 years ago today. The first home opponents for Town in 2016/17 was Altrincham (a 2-2 draw. Jordan Sinnott was a fantastic goal at the South Stand end!)
  5. Don't worry Steve, my knickers aren't in a twist anymore!
  6. Matty Brown. A Shaymen Stats exclusive!
  7. Who (as in what person. The who gives that away) is FC Halifax Town's leading appearance holder? How is anyone mis-understanding the question?
  8. As in an appearance holder? How many games has a player played!
  9. Ps if you're using Google to find out answers, for some questions it will not be your friend!
  10. A little Town quiz seen as we don't have a match today! PLEASE ONLY PRIVATE MESSAGE ME YOUR ANSWERS AS TO NOT RUIN IT FOR OTHERS PLAYING! Who is FCHT's leading app holder? How many goals does Jerome BW have this season? Who was Town's top scorer 2017/18? Who did Bradford City draw after Town in the 2014 FAC? Who has more clean sheets for Town, Sam Johnson or Matt Glennon? How many goals did Town concede in the WRCC 2013? (clue: we won it) Which player got injured on this day 6 years ago at Milton Keynes in the FAC? Which team were Town's first home opponents in the 2016/17 VNLN?
  11. What's wrong with the scoreboard they use now and the lad that does it? Is his name Sam, or Shane? Defo my favourite part of watching the Toronto Wolkpack home match last season. To see the way (he obviously annoyed and frustrated) lashed the numbers out of the scoreboard as the doped up Wolkpack kept adding points.
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