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  1. https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-striker-southwell-could-be-in-contention-for-saturday-says-wild-1-10003741
  2. Thanks for all the feedback people Agree with what's being said he didn't get enough goals for a striker, but with the few chances he was presented with he didn't ever seem to miss or I have I got tinted specs on? With the aide of re-watching highlights warped my memory? Rodney and to to a lesser extent Duku did 'show him up' slightly but as others have pointed out they came into a side that had a "fully fit" King playing good football and James Ferry.
  3. I know someone whose moved up from London (woman) and fallen in love with following Town. Shirt the lot. And to him I say OY, NEWCOMER! NO!
  4. Anyone who takes even the slightest interest in the team. That's a fan in my opinion. It used to wind me up after matches in town when people asked how we got on. My attitude was 'if you cared enough, you'd go'. Then some were saying 'I've been at work mate and desperate to go but I couldn't make it'. Even if people ask just cos I'm wearing a shirt it's at least talking about the club if nothing else. For instance if I see a Fax/Bradford/Leeds shirt in town on a Sat/Sunday I don't ask them how they've got on cos I'm not interested. People who live abroad but still take an interest in their club (usually born here and ex pats). Anyone on this forum is a fan because we've took the time to register, or at the least read it as a guest.
  5. I know he's been discussed in a recent thread but I've lost track of where it is! Was thinking about Southwell's performances last season and the little service he seemed to receive. Would anyone else agree that when in and around the box the ball tended to end up in the back of the net? I can't think of many chances he missed?
  6. 18th September 1983 - Bury 3-0 Town Photo I'm sure will be a Keith Middleton shot.
  7. The opponents as per their Whitworths sponsership is Rushden & Diamonds
  8. Idea is to post one image a day in here if I don't have a video or something of more importance for the day. To kick us off here is Mick Norbury from the Stalybridge Celtic programme 17th September 1996. Town 4-1 winners
  9. Ps the picture is from the Telford United programme from this day 22 years ago!
  10. Two people along with Elaine's daughter Louise, Jack Haymer, Ossy & and that googly eyed bloke who still goes to this day with the dark hair. People I associate with the club I started supporting as a child pulling in crowds of 6 & 700 if lucky vs the Bromsgroves, Sloughs & Runcorns.
  11. Back when Salford played in orange and black...
  12. Yeah it's Trafford but was at Ashton I think in a management capacity before that.
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