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  1. Sorry this should have been posted yesterday!
  2. Ah yeah the 'Top 4 (2020)' clause the FA has introduced.
  3. DCFC have just put the following on YouTube
  4. 78 clean sheets including yesterday.
  5. Imagine 10 years ago saying that Harrogate would be in the Football League... Anyway heres The Shaymen giving them a tonking.
  6. Including the greatest volleyed own goal of all time!
  7. And they took the goal off Jack Earing then? Southwell's goal must go down as the 2nd longest distance scored from being now in Norfolk to Nathan Clarke's last season that he shot from outer space if I remember rightly?
  8. Subbed in the 67th minute, I was also taking note of when/if he got replaced.
  9. With thanks to @Skircoat Shed Archive no footage unfortunately of the 4th goal :(.
  10. Will never not share when it's the anniversary of this match
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