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  1. My ire at Farage is based on his notion that he's somehow outside of the 'establishment' and/or the 'political class'. He couldn't be more deeply immersed in them if he tried. And I don't think he left the Tory he was behind. He sees leaving the EU as an opportunity to pursue economic and social policies that would make many in his old, old party blush.... As for Johnson being better on balance, he's a walking disaster who regards attention to detail as a vice. It's about him and his ego, he will literally say anything, often the first thing that comes into his head. His track record in positions of responsibility is woeful. I just don't get what people see in the man.
  2. Brilliant? For lying about his deal's impact on Northern Ireland? Lying about what his own government says about opening up the NHS to US companies? Failing to answer arguably the most important question of all about integrity? Repeating his lie about 40 hospitals and then having to concede it's 6 that they're 'fixing up'? The list goes on. More dynamic on TV? Of course. I suppose it depends what you want from a PM. But let's remember up to shortly before the referendum and, indeed, beyond it, he was taking positions in Brexit he now ridicules others for stating. As for Farage, I think he's a charlatan but that's just my view. I should add that disagreeing with me or thinking he's the man for the job doesn't make you a clown, just means we have different opinions. Too much of that stuff bandied about which is part of the problem.
  3. I'm not the one fretting over European minorities and genocidal plots to destroy the white race. If you want me to consider whether there's any merit in what you're saying then, at the very least, you'll have to tell me what constitutes a European. At the moment it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that you mean white and Judeo-Christian. And that makes it hard not to conclude that some of your logic is just plain racist. Now that's a big word to throw around at folk and I would never do that lightly, even to someone I don't know on a forum. So help me, is there something else I'm missing?
  4. Does that include black Muslim Europeans? What should be the defining characteristics of the European majority? Skin colour? Religion? I'm genuinely intrigued to know how you define European?
  5. Just so I'm clear, you actually believe that there was a coordinated plot to deliberately change the racial composition of Europe, with a view to 'destroying the white race' and creating a 'populace devoid of identity' that would be ruled by a Jewish elite? You believe that?
  6. And there we have it. The Kalergi Plan. A favourite conspiracy theory of racists and white supremacists the world over. Do you not cheer the black players still?
  7. They did it because they were a racist. And anyone who couldn't see that then or can't see it now is a racist. I'm genuinely staggered that you try and defend it.
  8. I'm not sure what that response really means but you don't appear to have any difficulty with the portrayal of the person in it? Imagine being black and seeing that? That's not a poster that targets the supposed ills of immigration, it's a nasty racist stereotype, a crude caricature of a black male. And it's vile. Surely we can agree on that if nothing else?
  9. There are a few but the stopping of immigration and, in particular, the starting of repatriation stands out. This was one of their campaign posters apparently.......I don't know you Trev and have no particular axe to grind as I hope my posts have shown. I can disagree but hopefully do it respectfully etc. But really? This kind of stuff?
  10. Given that it's the 'government' that pay the various benefits and the 'government' that oversee the asylum and wider immigration systems, they're arguably the best source of the relevant information. Now, whether gobbledegook or, indeed, 'bollocks', what I posted is the law as I understand it from doing just a little research. It may not fit a particular narrative, but it's the law. If I've misquoted the position or stated something that's wrong, I'm happy to be corrected.
  11. An 'illegal' immigrant (illegal isn't a word the government would use but when addressing claims regarding payments to those who seek asylum was defined as someone who enters the UK illegally or overstays following a refusal of asylum) isn't entitled to any benefits. A refugee assumes the same benefit entitlements as a UK citizen if and when their asylum request is granted. If those who are here illegally are discovered, they'll be deported and can be detained pending the same. When you're the subject of immigration control, that is someone requiring leave to enter or stay who doesn't have it, you can't get housing benefit, child benefit or universal credit. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 means that only those with a right to work in the UK can claim National Insurance contribution based benefits like jobseeker's and employment support allowance and work-related benefits like maternity pay. Those with pending asylum claims can't receive any of the above. They are entitled to asylum support from the Home Office. This can include somewhere to live along with £37.75 a week for each individual in a particular household. The payment is loaded onto a card and isn't made in cash. Free healthcare may be available too. You can't go 'straight' onto them as you have to apply and your application has to be processed. That doesn't happen overnight. Whatever the cost, we should remember the contribution refugees have made to this country throughout our history. For example, there are 1200 medically-qualified refugees on the BMA database. That's 1200 people we didn't pay to train that are improving the lives of all of us. I suspect many on this board have ancestors that came from other countries. I know there are a few in the current squad. Were all of them legal entrants? I don't know. But I suspect many, if not all, were met with the same attitude that asylum seekers face now. Where there's abuse of the system we should tackle it but god forbid we stop being a beacon of hope for people who face unimaginable situations around the world.
  12. 'Command' of the area, or sometimes a lack of it, is the one chink in his armour. He's an exceptional keeper in many respects but you'll often see him hesitate where he needs to attack a cross, especially around the 6-yard box.
  13. I've been as patient as I can be with Sho-Silva but I just don't think he's good enough. For every time that he managed to hold the ball at his feet with his back to goal, there were two or three when he fell over under the slightest pressure. I know that he has a thankless task at times running the line upfront with no support, but the fact is he's a centre forward who isn't scoring or creating. The contrast with Redshaw was marked to say the least. His first touch was superb, he had good movement and seemed to be in the right place on almost every occasion. As others have said, his movement was a key part of both goals. Get him fit and get him in the starting 11. Staunton had one of his worst games, as did Nolan. I struggle to see what the latter brings to the team at times. Midfielders need to be able to distribute, they need movement and the ability create space and the need to read a game. He doesn't appear to any of those well. Cooper is real mixed bag, positive and effective at times and then poor. There were some positives. I felt for Hanson with the penalty but thought he was reasonably solid and showed he can get forward and worry the opposition. Duckworth must be in the lead for the player of the season, he was everywhere today, looking to raise the tempo when the team were flat. McDonald will get better and showed early on that he still has that spark from before his injury. Earing also showed there's a half decent player there given more game time. The problem is Town are playing him when they need a steady and experienced hand in that role. I think this team can make the play-offs if Brown is back soon and Redshaw stays fit and scores. Glass still half full.........just
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