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  1. Town were poor today. Lacked a spark. King was busy but at times it seemed like he was playing a game on his own and hadn't invited anyone else. Sho-Silva was disappointing. He needs to stand up, literally, and use the ball he holds up. Just being a blocker up the pitch isn't enough. If you look at what brought this team and manager together and the whole pre-season period, you can tell they're playing on spirit and attitude. Players that didn't have contracts in the days leading up to the first game of the season and a young manager who never played professionally mean here's a hunger to perform. We saw that early on. That's not been enough recently. This wasn't the best start but, if everyone reads the same script the set up Town have can work. It's the same spirt that gives us 'giant killers' and 'minnows' going on cup runs. The difficulty is sustaining that kind of momentum. Just like the fans today, it's hard to do. Though the support was outstanding today but it's hard to be upbeat when your team are second best. I still think there's more to come from this squad. And that they'll get better. Southwell coming back will be interesting. I hope he's motivated. A proper goalscorer is exactly what the team needs.
  2. First away of the season for me and my daughter (well if you don't count Farsley Celtic). Another new ground for her.
  3. Posted about it on here before, but when my daughter, then just 8 years old, said she wanted to watch 'live' football I said she should support her local team. Fast forward to what's now her second year with a season ticket (we only missed a few in the first season) and she's hooked for life. I think I knew she was a fan when we ended up at Warrington away in the cup. She was mascot for the Dagenham game and had a fantastic day (and a win). I love the connection she has with the team and the club. She's met loads of the players and feels a part of it all in a way that other kids following 'big' clubs can't and won't. Best of all for me has to be that, in a sea of Chelsea, Man City and even Barcelona shirts at her school, she proudly wears her Town top.
  4. My daughter was mascot today. Ref had a chat with her before the game and reckoned she got some 'moral support' from having another female on the pitch. Trust me, stuff like that will get you more girls watching. More cash. Better players.... As for the game today, we could pick the whole performance apart but the reality is you have to win ugly to get anywhere. Yes, Jerome got caught out of position in the second half (other players were at fault), but in the first half he was superb. Duckworth was superb but he wasn't perfect. No one is. I think we need to remember how little actual game time these players have had. 3 games. 3 wins. Ugly? Couldn't give a you know what. It's 3 games. And my kids, who I've told have to follow their local club, are very, very happy. Come on folks....'we are top of the league...."
  5. I can see the sense in extending the 'window' for a few weeks. If the sentiments expressed on here are a fair indicator of attitudes, Fullarton remaining in post was keeping a lot of people away. The change in management and very recent fortunes mean you might attract some much-needed money into the club. Imagine if the current run of form tails off. You'd still have that money. I hope it doesn't happen but if the team stop winning those who were reluctant to part with £199 are unlikely to pay on the gate. I understand entirely the sentiments you express and there should be a dividend for loyalty. I bought a season ticket (I take my daughter, the offer was a brilliant one). I just wonder whether the club is missing a chance to bank some much-needed cash that may not be there later in the year?
  6. I did wonder whether they could just knock £8.65 off per game? Can't see an issue with it. Or am I missing something? Think you'd sell a few if they win on Saturday. I'm assuming there a stack of them printed that are lying around in an office.
  7. I'll be there with my daughter
  8. I don't know that he was a target, just that some had mentioned him as a player that was moving on and that they'd like to see sign.
  9. Signed for Hartlepool.
  10. Walk out - 9th Wonder 'World Turns' (for no other reason than it's arguably the greatest hip hop beat ever made and no f***er will ever accuse FCHT of copying their club if they play it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMS5PgJxlOc Goal Celebration - Bogshed 'Packed Lunch To School' (the idea of playing goal music is no more daft than this song. Perfect) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZo4BMYzp5g
  11. McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt....
  12. East Stand makes no sound, And the council own the ground, Fax ruin the pitch with their tries And the club gets no brass from the pies..... Club end up getting f*** all Cos they're not The Piece Hall.....
  13. He's contracted isn't he? Seem to remember the chairman saying they did give him a contract for next year.
  14. Whatever rivalries there may be with others clubs, it's not a deluded one. It's very real. And f***ing nasty at times, both ways.
  15. Can't help thinking that it's all a bit contrived. That he did it because he knew the picture would be all over social media. Probably one eye on a job in the 'media' as a 'character' when he's done reffing. It'll be part of his intro when he's a on a 'Soccer Sofa' (™ Half Man Half Biscuit)
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