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  1. Considering how many injuries Town have, I reckon they're doing alright here. Draw is a good result but there's no reason they can't win this.
  2. Anyone got the actual footage? I've got the score graphic and that's it
  3. Now have commentary. It's a start I guess.
  4. Mine keeps jumping between the team lineup and the score graphic. And the fog....Had a second of commentary and now nothing
  5. Always been my biggest complaint with him. For such a big guy he seems petrified of leaving his line and committing when the ball is played into the box. Often finds himself stranded as a result. A game to forget.
  6. Having the same problem. Won't open the link....
  7. Pal is an Aldershot fan, reckons their stream is often not great quality. Still signed up. Town to win by 2.
  8. Bloke at Sparta Rotterdam got a suspended sentence for a tackle. Apparently the bloke couldn't walk properly the injury was that bad.
  9. More of a McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt man myself....
  10. Quality patchy here. A lot of pixelating at the start but seems to have settled down. Got a blank window in Safari so using Chrome.
  11. God save us, I preferred a blank screen......
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