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  1. Bloke at Sparta Rotterdam got a suspended sentence for a tackle. Apparently the bloke couldn't walk properly the injury was that bad.
  2. More of a McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt man myself....
  3. Quality patchy here. A lot of pixelating at the start but seems to have settled down. Got a blank window in Safari so using Chrome.
  4. God save us, I preferred a blank screen......
  5. Same. 'Live' pictures of the warm-up, then a short loop of the warm up and then the screen I shared above.
  6. Ta. Just wondered if they'd have any 'big match build-up'. Mercifully it seems not.....
  7. Much better distribution from the back. Made a big difference. The team created more space and used it well. Probably not the first choice 11 and some very recent recruits. A very positive start.
  8. I know there've been some teething troubles and missing the penalty wasn't great (it did the same thing for their freekick late on), but I reckon the club have done pretty well to get all of this sorted so quickly. Not like they're flush with brass. Great performance on the pitch too.
  9. I had 'The stream has ended' for a while. Had to with the Smart TV off and log back in.
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