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  1. Was at Airtime for the lad's 6th birthday party. The game been off meant no mad dash to make kickoff. Went to watch their swimming lessons instead.....probably more water in the pitch!
  2. My recollection of the meeting with Mr Bosomworth last season was that he had plans to leave the club but wanted to ensure he left it in safe hands. That was certainly what I took from his comments.
  3. What was going on with their sub and the Town fan towards the end of the game? Seemed like the players couldn't be bothered today. I'm a big fan of his but I'm struggling to see how Redshaw got MOTM. Hanson impressed when he came on. Looking to get forward and get involved. Forget about today and raise the performance for next week.
  4. I appreciate results will determine numbers to a large extent but wondered what a mid-table mediocrity season could bring. 3k?
  5. Out of interest, what crowd would people realistically expect in a first season in League Two?
  6. Bang on. Allen was clean through. No need for him to go down looking for anything. Looked as clear a penalty as could be to me.
  7. Very much a game of two halves. Punting the ball to the smallest player on the pitch was never going to work, particularly against a tall and very effective centre-half partnership. The introduction of Allen and playing the ball on the deck with players running at that same pairing showed what this team is capable of. Redshaw wasn't his usual effective self (not sure if that early knock had an effect) but I'm sure he'll profit from a similar shift in style on Saturday. Binnom-Williams was his usual self. Excellent at times. And often truly awful. I was pleased he was able to make amends for the own goal. He lost a former teammate at the weekend and we perhaps shouldn't underestimate the impact that could have had on him. I thought Williams was excellent in the second half. Also pleased to see King play another 90 minutes and stay effective for all of them. Great noise from the South Stand and an impeccably observed silence. The 25 minutes chants and applause worked too. Fourth in the table, they should get at Bromley early, keep it on the ground and kick on.
  8. Echo the comments about Clarke. I remember one of the first occasions he played alongside Hanson. He spent the entire game guiding and encouraging Jacob. And you could see it work. He's been there, seen it and done it, a real professional in every sense. Town undoubtedly the better team. Daughter was very amused by the Ronnie Pilkington Stand. Asked if they 'ran out of money' when they were building it. Reckoned it looked like harnesses would appear over the top of the seats and it would raise up and start spinning.....
  9. Can you buy tickets in advance anywhere? Tried on their website but only home tickets
  10. My brother came with us today. I'm afraid you can blame me for their first as I turned to him just before the goal and said 'Town can't defend at set pieces'..... Difficult to know where to start with that performance. Allen and King showed promise early on but neither set the world alight (King was the one that stood out to my brother, makes time and space for himself and reads the game which sums him up pretty well). I thought Brown was awful. Nyal Bell bullied him for most of the opening exchanges and it's rare you can ever say that. His distribution from defence has never been outstanding but it was really poor yesterday. There's a complete lack of urgency with them at the moment. For all of the elaborate handshakes and fist-bumps before kick-off, once the whistle goes they start to play like a bunch of 14-year old trialists who are on the pitch together for the first time. King and Allen will show a little spark but nobody seems to read it and move for them. Stockport kept it simple but always seemed to have a link, their number 2, Minihan, probably hasn't seen that much possession in a while. Osborne played well for them too. A little bit of urgency in his game, something they all had. Contrast that with the passing across the back four and midfield that invariably sees Town gift possession to the opposition via a panicked hoof forward as they get pressed further and further back. It happens so often when Town are in possession. I know Trev has mentioned this a lot already this season but I can't understand why McAlinden was played out wide and McDonald stayed on the bench, unused again. The kid is still raw but he has talent. As for TSS, he's just not good enough. Was bossed by their defence and never looked remotely like scoring. If Wild persists with one up front, he has to ensure that the midfield get up and support him. Even when Tobi won the ball there was nobody there to capitalise. McAlinden can find the net if nothing else. Set pieces were poor which, again, is becoming a theme. I think they beat the first man once from a corner. I've said on here before that Johnson is weak on crosses and doesn't command his area enough. Seemed he had an off day all round yesterday although I reckon the way he threw that water bottle at the end when he came over the fans it still probably hasn't landed yet. The only positive I'm taking from the day is that my 10-year old daughter didn't ask to go home early. On the way back to the car, she shrugged her shoulders, laughed and said 'at least I'm not a glory hunter like the Man City fans'.....well that is true!
  11. Congratulations! And Happy Christmas!
  12. Earing ran the game for a time when Town played Farsley Celtic pre-season. Not my opinion but that of Matty Brown who was sat behind me with Southwell, Odelusi and McDonald. Hanson has a lot to learn, but I reckon he has real talent. Duckworth's superb form has kept him out but with regular game time, I think he'd show his potential. I can see some merit in moving him to the right-side of midfield.
  13. Dominic Cummings said if he ever managed to get control of No.10 his to-do list would include being able to make anyone a Minister by just whacking them into the House Of Lords. Nicky Morgan and Zac Goldsmith are just the first. This will be just the start. Watch what page 48 (the page nobody read but should have done) of their manifesto actually means in real life .....
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