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  1. Totally inept and for both teams why do we get these all about me idiots
  2. get in moaning about offside on comms.
  3. Got to agree the ref was poor today he couldn't be arsed with giving the signals for things and a few times gave the wrong one. Missed loads of tugs and tiggles thought he was playing advantages then I realised he had missed them
  4. How good was that cameron king mom but a few others not far behind roll on Monday
  5. malifax


    Can we have the bye then and the prize money if we get to the first round proper......
  6. malifax


    Can they play in the F A cup?
  7. Disallowed goal in 26th min by Cameron King cause the lino not up with play and misses the fact that he was on onside e so flags and does his silly arm motion to cover his embarrassment
  8. Free car mats when you buy a BMW.
  9. Sho Silver got the tap in from the keepers spill from the header by brown?
  10. Only professionalism most care about is what the players do though. Even then some find cause to moan and go on and on about it.
  11. Old news let's move on and be thankful he did do one
  12. malifax

    Half time game

    Could do it in conjunction with the half time draw ticket winner get a choice cash or crossbar challenge for double the pot.
  13. Phew we are back with more insane ramblings, educated guesses, and drunken keyboard warriors. Shaymen till we die
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