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  1. If we finish 6 or 7 the away games wouldn't really faze us I reckon.
  2. Cooper had his best match today for me
  3. Was on ITV why we never mentioned
  4. malifax


    He is from Hebden Bridge bit last o heard he lived in Sowerby Bridge not seen him for ages though
  5. malifax

    FA Trophy

    Hopefully do a Grimsby this season or shall we be greedy and get both
  6. Feel like we robbed a point off them today looked lack lustre and not interested first half. Second half purple patch was good to watch and unlucky Josh Staunton headed their centre half and the post
  7. malifax

    Notts County

    Cant defend that it was pretty dire. Cant tell me there are only 650 men in the country deemed good to enough to be employed to score goals and toss is one of them
  8. Aye bout time he got the big money transfer at least they would get someone worth the money and of course a nice payday for us
  9. Wonder if Ronnie Moore did apply
  10. That would be just our luck that when we win the play offs
  11. putting a light up in the front room and walk the dog
  12. 3 loan players to start split the dressing room morale. Lose and lord knows what will happen
  13. Beginning to wonder if Mr Wild would let his beloved Oldham put up with the dross we getting at the mo.
  14. Sad to hear the news that long time shayman and cricket umpire Leyland has passed away. Stood near him for many a game down the shay and also at local cricket matches. True gent. RIP.
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