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  1. This saga longer than game of thrones.
  2. Surely just call it a kick about with you mates on your time off.
  3. you can now hear the straw being clutched...….. hopefully we will still do it but deffo a bigger ask now
  4. malifax


    Isn't that where the Jams Saturday kids went on holiday
  5. Going for 2 0 v boreham. 3 1 v harrogate and 1 nil to us in the final
  6. South Georgia no cases of cov 19
  7. I think a good PR move would be to offer NHS staff a vastly reduced ST or maybe free one ( NO I not NHS) I reckon the club will offer some sort of early bird ticket schemes to start cashflow and the supporters club etc normally come up with great ideas too.
  8. No surprise that Cockney Wenkers think they above the law. Afraid it will be worse today with the sun out cue BBQs etc and folk gathering. After this I can see a slight rise in taxes to fund the NHS not got a problem with that as long as they chase overseas paitents for the payments due as well.
  9. Was in the youth team with the likes of Billy Barr Paul Fleming etc
  10. I agree been on Calderfail website no plans to defer poll tax but like the earlier poster food before taxes
  11. My Mrs who comes to the games occasionaly said exactly the same, "How can he see how poor we are from standing there?"
  12. malifax


    Bad day at the office. Regroup next week and push on
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