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  1. A keen all round sportsman. A lovely gentleman,apart from on the bowling green, lol. He will be missed by many. RIP Leyland
  2. Larriden100


    What is the point of VAR when you have the same clowns looking at the screens that are out on the pitch making the decisions!!
  3. Well we made it to the top and make no mistake this team are there on merit. Last night was the best half of football i have seen in a long time, anywhere on tv even premier league. The passing and the movement of the players at times was sublime. The tempo we played I don't think as been seen by a Halifax team for a long time. Mr Wild talks about playing as team when we don't have the ball, well this team do that superbly even when in the second half we tired a bit. It was no surprise that we sat back more as no team in the world could have played a full match at that pace. It was a great team effort and hard to single out one player but Cameron King was at the heart of everything good about the first half,orchestrating wave after wave of attacks. Cameron made the first goal and scored the third somehow as he was surrounded by defenders but tricked his way through. Please get him signed up on a long deal before the football vultures arrive. This football derives from Mr Wild's warm up routines that they go through before the huddle. I know it's early days but how nice it is to see exciting football back at the Shay.
  4. We must remember when Hanson was on loan last season he got the MOM nearly every game. Then when he signed for us on a 2 year deal he didn't get in the team. This has continued into this season under a new manager. Not even making the bench. How strange!! He is one of our best players in my opinion. What a waste!!
  5. And how well did Allen do to win the ball and beat the full back to get his shot in. We didn't have a player last season who would won that ball !! Very impressed with this guy.
  6. Don't think it's him he didn't sign for town till 8 months after this photo was taken.
  7. This former town player, picture taken in 1989
  8. Hanson was awful on the bench last week!!
  9. Maher would be in the team even with a broken leg!!
  10. Fullerton should swallow his pride and get the best players back in the team. Against Salford we played football on the ground and King was the outstanding player, and a good team performance. From then on we are playing as though Denton is back in the team. King has made this point to Fullerton and has been dropped since. Don't know what Hanson has done wrong, but man up Fullerton, you may not be aware but we need the points.
  11. Duckworth was the worst player last Saturday, and that is saying something because most of them were really bad!!
  12. Yes I think you are right there. Is Tim Gregory his name? I know his first name is Tim.
  13. Strangely enough last week I started editing the video I did that this photo is taken from. Anyone know the name of the gentleman on the right? Need to put him in the credits.
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