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  1. If they’ve any pace up front I worry about that back 3. 90% territory in our half I’m predicting..
  2. First game of the season for me so didn’t know what to expect. Atmosphere was very flat for a decent occasion. South Stand nursing hangovers? As for the team, the word that summed it up for me is soft. We couldn’t keep the ball (they looked like they were playing with an extra man) and we were far too soft in getting it back, leading to lots of possession and space for them, and us defending deep for long periods. In front of the back 5, I just couldn’t see how we’d keep the ball: Cooper - weak, offered nothing with the ball and couldn’t get it back. Staunton - ok, but not enough aggression for me. Need a Matty Pearson type! C King - has quality but needs more aggressive midfielders around him to get him the ball. Reminds me of Dan Gardner. Allen - didn’t really make an impact. Redshaw - our best player but we didn’t get him on the ball enough and he was well marshalled by Stockport. J King and Williams also struggled to get forward meaning we rarely got into dangerous crossing positions. All in all, we came up against a well organised, confident team who knew their game inside out - not a great deal of quality but just shows where a well drilled confident team can get you.
  3. Chorley 0-0 Aldershot got more highlights/chat than we did. It really is quite bizarre! Grant Holt former Halifax player (albeit briefly) too! Ah well, let’s enjoy it!
  4. Performance sounds very poor, and a trend starting, struggling against 10 men. BUT for a team put together by a sacked manager, then scrabbled together less than 2 weeks before the season, they certainly deserve a fair bit of slack. 2 points off top and 5 points into the playoffs. Call a spade a spade if it’s poor, but some react like we’re struggling in the league below.
  5. A lot of players’ comments are meaningless waffle, but Browny’s words have always seemed genuine. So important at our level with all the comings and goings each season to keep players like this who seem to have a genuine connection with the fans and give the club some identity.
  6. Remember when he first played against us for Droylsden, he looked a class above anyone else on the pitch. For me the stand out memory is his part in the winning goal at Brackley in the playoff final. He could make something out of nothing.
  7. Refreshing to hear somebody talk about the club with such passion and enthusiasm! People like him are few and far between at clubs of our size - needs keeping on board and promoting as much as possible. He seems to get what the fans want. Could do with writing DB’s interviews for him..
  8. Fraser Horsfall - CB from Halifax I think who was at Kidderminster last season. Kiddy just released squad for next season and then said he hasn’t re-signed yet. Could be a target?
  9. I’ve tried the same for my 1 year old son. Went directly through Louisa and the club seem to have barely anything for babies/toddlers! Not ideal when you’re battling with the other half’s choice of team!
  10. Whether it’s intentional or not, that’s unfortunately the impression I get. On his day opposition must wonder how he’s playing for a club like us.
  11. Kosylo sounding dangerous? He had a very good game away at Wrexham. Wouldn’t surprise me if a club like them came in for him in the summer.
  12. Wrexham apparently wanted Quigley the summer after his loan spell, but he wanted football league. Nothing’s gone right for him since then. Looked a handful when he played for Wrexham. I think the Welsh Prem will be his next move - can’t see who else would want him this summer.
  13. We’ve got to establish the Conference National as our baseline. Some clubs are being pushed further down the pyramid than the level the club has played at for most of their history. While clubs like Morecambe, Macclesfield, Rochdale etc have gone one way, Stockport, York etc have gone the other. The way the club has been run, we are a becoming a yo-yo club between national and north. We’ve got to be better than that.
  14. One less game for them to gain ground on us, with a winnable game at home to Torquay as well. Can’t complain with none of the bottom 4 closing the gap. Sounds like today was the type of game Heath would’ve revelled in. Dare I say it a game crying out for a one off dose of Denton?
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