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  1. Tuton told me himself, town made 100k on him!
  2. Bosomworth has decided he’s had enough, hallelujah!!!!
  3. Stop whingeing!! You post enough shite
  4. Wasn’t meant to be news, just explaining to a poster, why I have such a bad opinion of the owner, because I know him, you don’t!
  5. Yes I did, something you’ll never do, keyboard numpty!
  6. Shaymen stats, you would cringe with the things I’ve witnessed, and heard, and know about,from that owner!!
  7. Probably not! as I’ve forgot more about the people in charge down there, and the things they’ve done, than you will ever know! And will continue to criticise when I want. Block my posts if you don’t want this to continue?
  8. Yes, and I’ll have my opinions, on any subject I like !!!!
  9. Fcbradford

    latest offer

    Great suggestion, like it!
  10. Yourself and your friend did really well there!
  11. Fcbradford

    The pitch

    How can you say that? Were you stood next to the managers during the discussion? Seriously!
  12. It really is, but won’t be taken up because it’s not there idea, it’s a fans!
  13. Fcbradford

    The pitch

    What was the fat lad doing, rolling it ? Must be desperate for the revenue!
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