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  1. Yes, you have the right game. A nice memory of the individuals that played that evening particularly Phil McCarthy who was a great passer of the ball and a top bloke! I am sure that Norman Bodell wore rugby boots at the time. Thanks.
  2. Yes - a game against Lincoln City - who were beaten 5-1 ( I think) around September 1967 with about 500 in attendance ? A game played in the Northern Floodlit League which also included Wigan Athletic first team. It was a reserve fixture but in reality all teams included a few first teamers. Hope that this will be of assistance.
  3. I played with Ivan Hampton and will remember one particular incident when the opposing winger chopped me heavily from behind. The next time that winger got the ball Ivan had timed his tackle to hit him very hard, taking winger and ball up in the air with the winger landing beyond the touch line. It was his way of saying that it was unwise to heavily foul one of his team mates. The referee did not give a free kick because Ivan was actually a very skilled and under-rated tackler. RIP Ivan.
  4. I watch both the Shaymen and Fax at the Shay so will not be slagging off either club. A few weeks ago before the start of the Fax games I could not help but notice the amount of wear in the penalty box at the South Stand end. It would be easy to say that with big Sam in goals with two big centre backs JF's over defensive tactics may have resulted in increased wear in that area which is also often in shadow. BUT we have had a complete renewal of the pitch/ soil profile with additional intense 'herringbone' drainage below the surface. I know that it all drained to the 'bottom' corner at that end and presumably this wasn't working well so the drainage was redirected to use another outflow that was found at the other 'top' corner of the South end. Has anyone considered that the drainage beyond the pitch is probably the cause of the problem - maybe the pipework is not large enough or partially blocked en route causing water to back up resulting in continuous waterlogging of the playing surface; The Council need to do some investigations - some firms send cameras down drainage systems. Its ironic that most of the surface water from the top end of Halifax flows in the main sewer/ tunnel under Skircoat Road and sweeps past but close to the South stand. Maybe the water from the Shay cannot get into the main sewer if its full due to heavy rain falling in Norton Tower/ Pellon areas etc. Food for thought! Many will know from their TV screens that our Huddersfield neighbours are presently, despite the recent the rainfall, sharing a near perfect pitch. I saw games last weekend at other shared grounds at Hull's HCOM stadium and Bootham Crescent York - also in perfect condition. Some may say that the Huddersfield and Hull clubs have had more money spent on the pitches BUT York haven't! Thankfully the supporters at those grounds don't blame the rugby league clubs which have more respect from their football neighbours!
  5. I can understand the love in for Jacob Hanson. On the face of it he looks a good footballer with some skill. He will make the easy tackle but unfortunately he is hopeless at defending in the box and a liability in defence. Have seen too many games and video replays when he has failed to mark up or position himself correctly often losing the man that scores against Town. Will have to work much harder and improve to be a better defender than Duckworth. Maybe JF knows this, and Hunsworthhound's statistics prove the point.
  6. Writing has been on the wall for some time now. Our decent players at this level, Johnson, Brown, Riley, McManus, Wilde, Duckworth, Kosylo, Denton and Morgan have been carrying the rest of the squad who despite trying their best have been stretched and found out at this level. Injuries, suspensions and non selection of the decent players was bound to cause problems for overall team strength. Coupled with a manager whose player selection, formations, and tactics have been questionable, it was bound to go wrong. Billy's survival will depend on those injuries and suspensions clearing up and Billy changing his ways! If there is no chance of this happening then the BOD must act quickly.
  7. The supporters as a collective could have done better particularly with regard to the appointment and release of managers. Exeter City and its supporters seem to have done o.k.! Relying on one man (the Chairman) and his own judgement to make key decisions can also be risky! It is his vanity project - A club living within its means is probably more important to him than playing at a higher level. Unfortunately with town's gates and to-days football finances that will come back to bite him and supporters without additional investment. Perhaps he his hoping to discovery a gem that will yield transfer income but in reality we should now expect the inevitable downward spiral for the club. For those 'disciples' of the BOD, do not moan about playing Brighouse Town (with respect) at Christmas and Easter in future. Those 'disciples' and others fearing 'bad guys' taking over miss the point. Accrington and Morecambe with gates similar to Town's are able to survive because they as league members have that additional prize of TV money as being part of the football league. We need additional investment to go higher to qualify for TV monies as a plan to speculate to accumulate as a sustainable plan for the future of the club. In any case I would not be frightened about others coming in to invest....the club with its fan base will always survive or resurrect itself as it did under this BOD, as nearly all of the professional clubs in the England and Scotland ( bar Rushden and Diamonds) have done for nearly 100 years. Stop dithering BOD, be more ambitious and go for it!
  8. The Chairman......it's his baby. There lies the problem. I always wonder if the other members of the board are really involved. Forever A Shaymen you are quite right in saying that nobody will invest unless they have a say and some input into how its run. The point is that I do not think that the Chairman is prepared to invest BUT still wants to run it. I know its silly but I sometimes feel that my entrance money is more about funding the Chairman's 'hobby' more than the club itself.
  9. The BOD did not save us from extinction. They actually took us into administration, lost our place in the Conference, gambled unsuccessfully in the High Court with the Conference about the clubs demotion and started badly in the lower league. It was probably an exercise for them to obtain control of the club cheaper than putting money in to save it before administration. It was probably less of a gamble knowing that there would be a good base of around 1100/1200 supporters with lower expenditure forecast, and they no doubt panicked when The Supporters Trust expressed rivalry to running the club. Having said that the BOD pay their bills and taxes which we should be grateful for. The BOD do want to run the club in a sustainable way which should be commended BUT this also means that they do not want to put money into the club! Some will not agree, but for the privilege of becoming directors you are expected to put some money in - otherwise anybody should be able to have a go! Unfortunately the economic forces in football means that for a conference club to have a chance to be sustainable you need to have large gates like Tranmere. Unless we are lucky in finding and playing good quality players on the cheap the BOD's vision of a sustainable club I am afraid will end our tenure of a Conference club and the club will become a yo-yo side between the lower leagues. Some will say that this is more likely to keep the club in existence but I think of it as not been reckless with money to risk the club's existence : more of a matter of speculating to accumulate - a money return in the longer run e.g. maybegoing full time to attract better players? We know that the chairman wants a safe 'hobby' and is unlikely to do this. There are still a few of us that have some ambition for the club to play at a good level, so I hope that the REALITY will sink in and that the chairman will move aside and perhaps initially let Mr. Peacock have a go and who maybe has a less naïve approach in running the club and appointing managers! Alternatively The BOD should now advertise or find others who are prepared to speculate financially without risk to the club. I am grateful to the BOD for taking us this far, despite some lows along the way, but I think that they have taken the club as far as they can!
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