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  1. I’m still waiting for my programme from the v borhamwood play off game.
  2. What a good all round team performance, time for a pint.
  3. I was going to but I couldn’t reach..
  4. Pre season hasn’t filled me with confidence plus’s a couple of injuries , ht 0 dr 2.
  5. Hi rumrunner,thanks for your advice earlier , I think I’ve got it sussed now , one last question is the £4-99 per game or a one payment only?, by the way I’ve put the stilts away & taken the bottle of rum back o the shop and got a refund.
  6. Thank you , I’ll give it a go.
  7. Hi flee , I only have a smart tv & a iPad , can I stream with these 2 devices? .
  8. Bloody hell, that must be a long cable ? , seriously what other info did they give you ? , I’m at this moment having a look at my smart tv to Try work it out.
  9. Like you rumrunner I’m a tech dinosaur, come and join me At the bus garage end 2-45 for the big kick off, psst don’t forget your stilts.
  10. Blueblood

    1000 Fans

    Aldershot fc are going to be live streaming their games, I’m sure our media team could do the the same if need be, but as things stand (according the man in the know Ollie Baylis) nothings changed for clubs at our level and below as yet.
  11. As long as your not talking from experience..
  12. No I missed that but have seen that sort of slobbish lack of respect behaviour from our MPs before.
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