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  1. Harrogate had rip theirs up up when they got into EFL at the end of last season, it’s now a grass surface.
  2. Blueblood


    Big blow regarding billy,let’s hope Pete can find another similar quality striker.
  3. I’ve watched the Crawley v Leeds ha, anyone noticed from the Aerial view of the ground ? Both car parks full.
  4. I read last week that marine were selling virtual tickets , at the point that I read that they had sold 2500 , the article also said people from as far as Australia had bought them.
  5. That was my initial thought, but it can’t be for that reason because they are MASSIVE.
  6. Tyson fury to knock out Joshua to become undisputed heavyweight champ ,and the mighty shaymen to be promoted to the EFL via the play offs beating Stockport county in the final 5_1 . And I will finally get my golf handicap into signal figures.
  7. I’m 66, I can’t run but I can move faster than Danns..
  8. Hopefully taking them rugby posts out of the ground.
  9. Just 2 points of f 7th, green was superb motm summerfield a close second , 9 pts out off the next 3 games over Xmas would be great but would settle for 7 pts, c’mon shaymen , I’m starting to get excited.
  10. Marsden = the worst ref I’ve seen.
  11. I’ve supported the shaymen for 62 years and the day and win at Wembley for the F A trophy was right up there with any other day following the shaymen , a day I will not forget, I never thought in my life time I would see the town play there.
  12. I hope he’s as good as the last Chadwick to play for the shaymen.
  13. Personally, I can’t wait to freeze my balls off on a plastic seat at the shay, A tip for you wilder bollox buy yourself some hand warmers (£1 a pair online ) put one in your pocket and the other you know where, problem solved.
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