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  1. What a great half time on the concourse singing when glory shone around with the landlubbers ,we then got back just in time to see Maca’s goal what a moment, What a Moment.
  2. Amazing indeed, does this mean mr b will be putting his hand in those deep pockets Of his ?,
  3. Yes I would, and the bonus would be that I wouldn’t be able to hear those who sit near me moaning and groaning at missed passes etc and wild out shouts, (yes you fletcher.)
  4. Can Fichte supporters club put link on here so I buy a team, thanks it advance.
  5. Leave the sheep alone & the cops will leave you alone.
  6. What a choice, is this a relagation battle, I suppose the old cock was decent in its day. The best thing about the cock & the union cross is history attached to them .
  7. I never met but I always read his letters in the courier, For that reason his name seems to have stuck in my head, don’t know why because not much else does ha.
  8. Are you thinking of Henry Culpan. I think he had a letter in most nights.
  9. Blueblood


    I’ve just ordered Baz’s book so looking forward to a good read, anyone thinking of buying it , I got it from Waterstones it’s £12-99 + £2-75 p&p with 2 to 3 weeks delivery time.
  10. if My memory’s correct, that’s the game where the Sheffield u fans were for that game and they collapsed the wall at the front of the skircoat shed ? .
  11. Pot o four what a cracking pub that was , for us of a certain age we really were spoilt for choice in and around town in those days.
  12. Had some good times in the conti, Didn’t the owners also own the Amsterdam bar in Huddersfield ? .( not sure)
  13. I believe they also had a generous donation from a Huddersfield town player.
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