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  1. Disappointed about the result yesterday, But happy with the way this have gone so far, I’m happy with our results and performances happy with our manager so far, compared with last seasons dross I’m ecstatic up the shaymen.
  2. A poor alround performance from the shaymen ( except Johnson) the best side won and the ref had a absolute stinker, We don’t half miss brown at the back and Staunton in from of the back four, I hope P w brings in a centre half to cover for brown.
  3. The way he played I he must of had at least 2 of them tied together.
  4. The cream always rises to the top , go Danny.
  5. Danny hattersley signs for Isle of Man champions st Mary’s from Rushton Utd , he might have found his level.
  6. I too think this will be our toughest test yet, 2-1 to the shaymen & a crowd 2505.
  7. Blueblood


    Me too vinnyweknuts, when I heard of his appointment I think I said who the foook is Pete wild now I know.
  8. Blueblood


    I think we have seen enough of Pete wild to see he’s is & is going to be a good manager, so i would tie him up on a longer deal first, I think it’s easier to replace a good player but not a good manager, as for the players I’d like to see C king before other clubs come sniffing and turn his head , McAlinden another I’d like to see on a longer contract also if they only have 1 year left duckworth & Earing.
  9. Yes your right Roy in what you say , I think it just seems to stand out more with bin on Williams .
  10. I feel quite confident about this season too, the squad looks good we have a decent bench, my main concern is binnon Williams he seems to switch off now and again but if we c keep performing as we are we won’t be far off come the end of season.
  11. You never know , the ingredients in the mix are looking good.
  12. I agree with Clarke m o m he had a very good game and he seemed to grow another 6 inch when browny went of, another good all round team performance long may it continue up the shaymen.
  13. I would just love it if you are right, just love it.
  14. Wow. Well done Pete wild as you say nice gesture, by the way anyone know where the flags have gone ? Only one up today and I think one last week.
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