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  1. Come on bell end give us a clue , is he a racing driver ? .
  2. Luca vichali. Not spelt right, the Guy who played for & managed Chelsea ? .
  3. Like most, disappointed ducky’s gone and not bothered about the other two, It looks like Pete might have a Big rebuilding job on his hands, let’s hope he’s up to it.
  4. Nice kits, I like both of them we just need some players now to wear them .
  5. I thought Harrogate play well and deserved their win, good luck to them , ( not sure I mean that ) , anyway have we signed anybody yet ? .
  6. Not much , & yes I hope we can do better if not we will be at the bottom end of the table looking up,I was being a little sarcastic, I feel so far we are loosing our better players, if any more go cooper will be one of better Ones left..
  7. I’m starting to warm to cooper, he’s one of the better players still on our books.
  8. No, no help a good guess though.
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