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  1. Good turn out from the pompy fans 600 on a wet windy Monday night, and good goals so far.
  2. Ive just been trying to find a photo of the old tuck shop in the skircoat, and I’ve just found that photo that you mention above ,there’s a group of kids with balloons and a couple of banners then there is 2 lads holding there scarfs up one of them is slightly obscured by a balloon , I’m a old technophobe so I don’t know how to put it on here for you but I’m sure someone else can, it’s on page 41 of shaymen till we die.
  3. Not sure but I was there, possibly v Sheffield unt.
  4. It’s funny how a few of us remember the same thing differently, I always entered the skircoat at the first opening and I can almost see in my mind the snack bar there to my right, but not sure now I’m sure someone must have some photos, I used to love it in that shed when it was heaving.
  5. Could those pies have been George’s halts ( southowram ) the oval ones were pork the round ones beef , the best pork pies ever. I also remember the turn style ( skircoat rd ) & the tunnel.
  6. Mmm, I could swear it was between 1st & 2nd anybody got any photos ? .
  7. I was at that game ( what a night which ever one it was ?) i thought it was played on a Friday night , faiding memories eh.
  8. Correct, paddy’s snax bar was in between the first & second entrances at the top of the skircoat. I used to stand near to it and you could smell the bovril etc,happy days.
  9. I was down by the dugout for the last few of minutes, a tall guy there shouted to P W you’ve been found out and your team selection was shocking, Pete did say something back to him but I didn’t hear what he said he certainly didn’t look a happy chappy.
  10. Not me , I've had my hands in my pockets all day.
  11. I don’t feel to confident, I guess that’s because of our form we don’t and haven’t looked like a team who sit 2nd in the league for quite a few games now with home form particularly poor, Torquay are in a good run of form so I’m struggling to see a town win ( I hope I’m wrong) but I can only see a win for Torquay.up the shaymen.
  12. Clean sheet now shaymen.
  13. Nothing other than a win will do tonight, let’s hope mr wild has had time to sort there heads out but I’m struggling to see where the goals are goal to come from, here’s hoping up the shaymen.
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