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  1. A strange move by Macalinden, I though he was more ambitious than that and was wanting to play in the league, His head had certainly dropped here but why ? .
  2. Yes thanks Flee, like all above I look forward to your flea tv clips.
  3. I’m a josh fan ( got a soft spot for the lad ) but like Archie I think this could be his last season at the shay , I think it’s quite clear he doesn’t fit into P Ws plans and formations, it’ll be a shame if he goes , to me a real dedicated shayman, I know when he joined the shaymen he cadged a lift most of the the time with Niel oAspin ( he didn’t drive ) an the times he didn’t have a lift he’d come on the train from the north east for training, not many would do that these days
  4. A good signing well done DB & PW ,Happy with that let’s hope Dave & jack hit it off It’s an improvement on what we have at the club,I for one won’t be booking any weekends away or any hols in May because I’ll be watching watch the shaymen in the playoffs.
  5. I hope he goes and if he does I wish him well, I’ve read many a time that Southwell is one of our highest earners just out of interest does anyone know how much he’s earning ?.
  6. They must of hired a few hundred Blackpool fans.
  7. RIP mr wild senior, thinking of you Pete at this sad time , my condolences to you & your family.
  8. I watched quite a few games from the bus garage end, there used to be a good sized crown up there for some games.
  9. That explains why I saw some strange looking Guys with town scarfs sat on top of beacon hill.
  10. That the best we’ve played since our bad run started, different formation and Redshaw instead of sho silver , let’s hope Pete sticks to how we set up today, rRedshaw King and Williams were outstanding, the rest all played Their part, onwards and upwards.
  11. I’m not saying dents is superman Riders , I’m just comparing dents & sho silver , we could compare me & you & say the same.
  12. Bloody hell my failing memory ha , was He only 5 ‘8” ? , hell of a keeper for his height.he wouldn’t even get agame these days far too small.
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