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  1. Or we could address the elephant in the room - the FA is not a poor organisation. There is more than enough money in the game that each of the 66 clubs in the National league could each be given several million (Note this is not needed) and it wouldn't put a dint into the coffers. There is no reason what so ever why the FA and those in charge could not feed 10/15 million into the pyramid to keep both the integrity of the competition, and the livelihood of so many people going. When fossils like Gordon Taylor are pocketing several millions for doing effectively sod all it is nothing
  2. Some things are more important than football. Staying safe through a pandemic that has killed millions is one of them. No club should be forced to keep playing if they feel it is unsafe.
  3. I can't see how it would be fair if a club says no to wanting to take on a loan, be it collective, or even owed to the league, for them to then be saddled with a collective debt at a later date. The first two options don't help the clubs. The first one increases debt via interest payments which will in the long term hurt more clubs, the second is pretty much the league passing the buck back to the clubs next season by taking off them then. Instead of clubs not having the means to pay bills now, it will just be pushed on 12 months. The League either need to fund the income gap loss f
  4. Well they could scrap this season for National and North/South, and go again in Aug/Sept for the 2021/22 season, aligning it with the L2 21/22 season, with no teams being promoted into the FL, or relegated into NL this summer. Id hope the Conference National clubs would then be on to the Conference for compensation for what has been nothing but a farce for the past year. They have created this mess by going back on assurances not once, but twice now.
  5. Flea

    Wild out.

    Probably a good thing we managed to get this game on tonight as its now quite wild out. With bad weather forecast in the next few days lets hope the local areas prone to flooding manage to avoid taking a beating.
  6. The only positive is it clears us of future commitments with the cup this season and trying to get games on in short notice to avoid being thrown out. Its poor to consistently be getting dumped out by lower teams in the last 2 seasons however.
  7. Anyone think Earing should have a hat trick yet?
  8. TBF I am struggling to see how the club could be blamed through any of this in the past 24/48 hours. They have done everything possible and in their power to get this game on, or to have back ups and back ups to back ups to get it played ASAP.
  9. It's looking ominous that its going to be called off. It's starting to come down a fair bit now.
  10. If the match was to fail the 4PM inspection, is it possible to still play tonight at Southport? Or even if it fails a 5PM inspection? It's down for a 7PM KO but no reason why that can't be delayed to 7.45 or 8, or even 8.45 etc.... Not like it will make much difference to the fans.
  11. In fairness, there has been a marked improvement in the past 3/4 seasons to the amount of games getting called off. It is still not great, however I think some are really over reacting to the situation every time a game gets called off. You can't stop grounds from being frozen really unless you want to spaff hundreds of thousands or more on undersoil heating. It is also a fact that when you have two teams playing on a pitch in wet/snowy weather it will reduce the quality of the playing pitch and its conditions. We are in a situation where we share a ground with the rugby club and the off
  12. Come on, we can't have any complaints about the league. When I pointed out they did exactly the same thing with their promise of the season not starting without fans (before pulling the rug 5 days before it started) I was told I was moaning. I'm torn on what should happen next. I think clubs need to be provided adequate funding that can help bridge the losses of what they would have got from a normal season, however strongly object to the clubs that have been run financially recklessly from benefiting. Maybe something like looking at the match day revenue each club made in t
  13. Flea

    Graham Hadden

    I am sure many will know him, he was always at games, always had a smile on his face and always up for a laugh.
  14. Nicky Gray Lincoln Adams was part of the youth set up of the old club, then was an ever present in our first reformed season after many years away.
  15. It is with huge sadness that I have been informed this morning of the passing of Graham Hadden. He really was one of a kind, and will be missed greatly. {Edit to add photo of Graham}
  16. Nothing wrong with a crisp butty. Not had one in years but may make a cheeky one later now!
  17. I flick through the paper as its free in our canteen, however its often nothing more than a quick flick through. I often go cover to cover in less than 5 mins. I don’t believe I’ve bought a Courier in the past 15 years.
  18. Yeah, the paper was never great, but it was solid enough until it got sold and moved to (I think) Sheffield. In the last decade or so though - and even more since it moved to a weekly, it really just needs putting out of its misery. Maybe its me getting older, however I find quite a lot of papers nowadays are following the same lines and getting worse in as far as reporting and standards go. Each of the major papers seem to be bias towards one political party or the other, or its nothing more than bullshit and shitstiring like The S*n. There seems to be a big lack of neutral, impart
  19. I find the standard of "reporting" to be shocking. The actual print paper is nothing but a waste of time. Often a week late, incorrect, full of spelling mistakes, lies, adverts, or just down right rubbish. It's not a stab at any one person, but across the board the entire paper is, to be blunt, crap. The online website is just full of ads and dodgy third party links. The Facebook page is more interested in telling us about news happening in Suffolk or Essex, or rehashing that same article on how to grass a neighbour up for growing weed. This is a paper where no one actually wants to fact
  20. Must suck to be trolled by such a small club like us. Maybe if your collective massive fan base were all able to flick that sand out of your mangina over it it could help sort the pitch out. Not sure why your so eager to return to the Shay since the worlds best team lost to the tin pot one last time. Now that is embarrassing. Imagine being as massive as you lot are and yet you can’t beat a tin pot club who use bed sheets for covers. We’d ask to lend your bed sheets but you probably need them for hanging the monkeys, right?
  21. Id hope that is just the Courier up to their usual in journalism out of The Sun’s handbook. If someone has made that comment to the press then it is really poor form. Great for the likes of Green to read that!
  22. Not a chance of us playing on Saturday now. Can we arrange to play Hartlepool again for then?
  23. Thinking outside the box - is there a National League team who has a free weekend scheduled where we could potentially arrange a Sunday game if Saturday's fails? Make it clear we will only play on the Sunday if we have no game on the Saturday etc... Use them as an example, but say Hartlepool have no game on Saturday, or by Saturday both ours and their games get called off, could we try arrange a Sunday game?
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