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  1. I was going to go for Odelusi and Lenighan as it was fecking criminal to have them in the centre of midfield.
  2. Hey, you could get a kings ransom for 50p as a kid from his tuck shop back in the day, don't knock it. If you were lucky, some of the stuff was still in date too.
  3. Kopt Verloren, a cracking song by Peter Fox. Its classed as German Reggae, however I don't view it to be reggie at all, and more urban rap.
  4. Flea


    Dave Whelan broke his leg in the 1960 league cup final you know.
  5. If a player wants an agent then fine, but he should be the one that fronts the costs of the agent. Clubs shouldn't be paying these parasites a penny.
  6. Goalkeepers are the exception to the rule. Its always been the case tbf. Maybe going forward to avoid exploitation of this rule there could be something that says any keeper coming in on emergency loan can only have played at the level or below that season for the club he is joining. It would solve this situation of running with just one keeper, then getting a de-facto ringer via emergency.
  7. No GK v Tobi Its going to pens isn't it!
  8. This is my thinking. If you go to games each week then £20/£25 a week going into a pot to me is no difference - in fact its less than Id spend normally.
  9. A potential work around for the time being - could you link the Facebook page into the registration form, telling people to post on there for access? Not ideal, I get that, but it would solve those that don't know any user who knows you or Bubba being able to get in.
  10. Flea


    I'm also no fan of the Israelis, but theres a time and a place for such things. A group wanting to promote togetherness and tolerance to then put out a tweet like that is just hypocritical however. BLM should be important for the fact that black lives are being disadvantaged. The movement however had quite clearly been hijacked now. It seems some have issues when the far left get called out, but not when the far right get called out. Both are equally as bad as the other.
  11. Flea


    Sadly I called this happening weeks ago when the nutty left started knocking statues down. Imagine the mess if Corbyn and his cronies were now in charge.
  12. The stewards are ****, but other than that, The Shay. I always enjoyed my visits to Dartford tbf, a very friendly club. Barnet, Sutton, Chorley, Aldershot, Dover etc... are all decent enough.
  13. Flea


    This is the view I strongly hold. I detest religion as I view it to be divisive and permits people to do abhorrent things or treat people differently due to their "faith". I don't hate religious people however. Its the religion itself I have a problem with. Those that want to believe in a God should be able to do so, however they shouldn't have any say in how others are treated or what we should do as a society based on these beliefs. Law and religion really needs separating more.
  14. I've been to every away ground Halifax have played at since reformation at least once. At this level, there are 4 teams that stand out for how goddamn awful they are to away fans every time we go. Forest Green, Boreham Wood, Fylde, Woking and Eastleigh are comfortably the worst. Theres been single issues at other away grounds where we haven't been treated well at odd games (Bromley in the rain this season, Nuneaton the year the dogs were set upon the fans, Macc when they tried to pen us down one side and the chavs on bikes tried to attack town fans etc...). Forest Green are just a nothing club, in the middle of nowhere, crap food, crap internet selection and have a "cult" persona of being eco friendly and vegan, despite having a huge carbon foot print due to moving stadiums every third year. Deluded owner who has to force his employees to go to home games as part of their working conditions. Bought their way into the football league. Fylde are pretty much the same, minus the vegan mantra and more the brexit mantra. Woking and Eastleigh are just full of backwards fans always looking for a scrap. Both awful grounds, often with obscured views, overpriced rubbish food and the general feeling of being unwelcome. However, we then get Boreham Wood. Its a Southern Premier League side at best, propelled up many leagues above its station by a director who loves the sound of his own voice. Someone farts in Coventry, he has a 10,000 word dissertation on it. He's thrown good money after bad year after year funding a team that struggles to get 250 home fans through the gate. When they are not playing a fellow London based club, or playing a club that has a poor away following you will often see attendance's in the 370-430 range. The Chairman however keeps moaning about the costs of owning a club and how much the big clubs have compared to his, while he continually funds them so they can outspend other clubs in the region. You go into the ground and you can't take any food or drink in - simply because they want you to buy in the ground. The away end is uncovered, so if it rains, you get wet. Its 2/3 breeze blocks on an open terrace. It feels like a training game because no one is there. The ground however is dirty - as in dust everywhere, porta cabin style toilets with doors off the hinges and cobwebs in every corner. No running water, that type of thing. You can get an over priced bovril or burger though. They wont allow anyone from the media team in for free, they want to charge them entrance. Then they want to charge them to film. Then they want a copy of the footage. Which they then want to sell to the club. Prices are always on the top end. The welcome from the stewards is on a par with how poor our stewards are. Its a fake club, playing in a league above its station, on a fake pitch, bankrollled to a local public that have rejected it. So yeah, I don't like Boreham Wood. A nothing club.
  15. Take down the statues of the players, but don't destroy anything that the Nazi's made I believe is the official chrisbo61 line.
  16. Flea

    Deluded Darren

    Im sure I recall one of the players (Glennon on his radio Leeds segment possibly?) once say players had to bring their own water and the likes to training. I can't recall his exact wordings but the impression I got was that he was less than impressed with how we did things.
  17. Cracking effort to get this card done and sold so quickly. Well done everyone.
  18. Haha, yes, tinpottory at its finest. I was drinking a bottle of water as I walked up to the away entrance, only for some steward to come running towards me telling me I couldn't take the bottle in the ground. When I asked why I was told it was because there had been a spate of acid attacks in the area and thus they were not allowing anyone to bring liquids into the ground. He said this to me, having just witnessed me open the bottle and take a good swig from it.
  19. Frank Lampard has helped Liverpool win more Premier League titles than Steven Gerrard.
  20. I’ll take Norwich please. Will pay via the address you gave me for the player sponsorship if thats ok.
  21. We cant stop and rest thinking we have enough. Lets try double the clubs original target.
  22. Flea


    It would be interesting to see what would happen if the lad and his girlfriend were to both take their employers to court for unfair dismissal. I assume both have been fired for bringing their respective companies into disrepute, however that could be a tricky defence for the companies to defend considering the plod have said no criminal act took place and no action is being taken. I don't agree with his views, however, like with you, I can see the double standards. There was footage I saw tonight on Facebook of activists burning the Union Jack in protest. They were clearly visible so should be identifiable to people who know them - will there be a campaign to get this guy sacked for offensive actions too, or does it not fit the narrative? The guy who paid for this plane stunt is obviously a bit of an idiot and its logical to assume, considering he is pictured with Tommy Robinson and the likes, that he has less than moderate views on minorities, however the act he has been sacked for was, while tasteless and un-needed, peaceful and non disruptive. Can we say that for the current protests going on up and down the country?
  23. Hmm, in that case, I might become an agent for agents. If theres money in it for agents, being an agent for them must surely be lucrative. Anyone know a good agent that would like to represent me as an agents agent?
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