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  1. A well organised and well attended night tonight. Glad I went.
  2. At this point in time Im thinking of just spoiling my vote. Might just scribble non of the above and write in Freddy Fox. A tactical vote to go against Labour, to have any impact, would have to go to the Conservatives and I simply can't tick that box. Any other vote, especially locally, is wasted really. I can't give it Labour under its current leadership and outside of the "big two" the only person talking any sort of sense at the moment is Farage - and he is a complete and utter prat.
  3. I'd love to hear the leagues reasonings on upholding the red. Surely there has to be a reason given as to why its been upheld. Its a farce.
  4. On the positive, hopefully PW and his coaching team got more out of that than what we would have done had we put 6 or 7 past them. By that I mean had we steam rolled them, it would have been expected but could also have been put down to YA not being very good. Being taken to pens like this, with the manner of the performance, even if YA were more up for it, it shows those that are currently out of favour who are either not up for the fight or are simply not up to the job. A win is a win, its a pointless game and competition, however we are still in it. Its not a commanding result or performance, however its a positive result in the fact that we are through to the next round. Hopefully its sealed the fate of a few who PW had questions on.
  5. Its shocking. Again, I think the ref has to admit to being wrong for it to be over turned however. The FA ask for respect, yet we get crap like this.
  6. Neither came out of the debate looking good, however I'd slightly put Boris ahead on the night, simply because Corbyn repeatably failed to answer the straight question of "How would you CAMPAIGN on a second referendum on Brexit?" To then say he wanted the people to decide and to put it to the vote, with no hint of irony on the fact that is WHAT HAPPENED summed him up. Yet again, he fails to take a side and nail his colours to the mast. This morning however you then get a stark reminder of why you can not trust the Conservative's with their editing of a "Fact Checking" Twitter account. I was also less than impressed with Boris's massaging of figures re jobs and money in the NHS and new hospitals. Farage is an utter bell end however annoyingly spoke the most sense out of the lot of them and I think out of all the speakers last night is probably the one that actually connected with the man on the street more than anyone else. With Sturgeon, I hate that woman and don't care for the SNP, however if I was Scottish I could see exactly why the people up there would vote for her over Labour, as they are doing everything Labour promised they would do but don't. The person with the worst night, well its a toss up between Julie Etchingham, who truly was an horrific host, and Jo Swinson, who is simply refusing to accept the Brexit vote. I'd rank performances of the interviewed as follows - Nigel Farage Nicola Sturgeon Boris Johnson Sian Berry / Jeremy Corbyn Jo Swinson I've seen opinion polls have given Boris a 51/49% victory last night. I think that is about right, which sums up how shambolic the leadership at Labour, and all the other opposition parties are. Johnson simply can not be trusted, is a proven liar and is an idiot, however he is sadly the best option on the table. My hope from this election is that the Conservatives get in, however only just, so they need another coalition. Labour take an absolute battering in the polls which means that Corbyn then gets toppled and they put in a proper leader. We then get Brexit done (which should happen as per the vote), we put up with a few more years of Tory government, then with a proper respectable leader in charge of Labour they walk into power in a few years time. Oddly a thrashing for Labour at this election could be the best thing to happen to the party as it will give them a chance to get rid of the idiot in charge and to stamp down on the far left extremists that have destroyed the party.
  7. No word on if we have appealed or not. I’d hope the club would.
  8. I really don't get how anyone connected to Romford (as in the fans, the sponsors and the other owners/those that sold) could think getting into bed with Tamplin is a good idea. The guy is a complete and utter media circus. If I was one of the sacked players I'd be seeing it as a bullet dodged.
  9. Flea


    You should try your hand at Flemish. I can speak very good German and French and decent Dutch, however I'm convinced Flemish was basically the Belgians having a laugh a lot like the Welsh do with their language.
  10. Fair comments. Yeah, Im doing this simply as retaliation to Rob doing it to me. He knew the nature of my posts yet also failed to tell people and instead presented them to be anti-semetic (and its a claim he repeated again yesterday). He also cried that I wouldnt PM after he ‘outed me’, yet what he did not say was he had blocked me from all media and is not permitting me to PM him. He also had several times to PM on the edited posts of mine he sat on for years - including travelling to away games in our car - and he never once mentioned it. However, because I called out Corbyn, he felt editing my posts to say Im an anti semite was far. Im first to admit I am far from PC. I am however no racist. The post I put up, along with the ones I plan to put up in the coming weeks leading up to the election is nothing more than me doing to Rob what he did to me. Its petty, but (like sounding like a child) he started it.
  11. You know my sense of humour, everyone does. Yeah, I like dark jokes. You seem however to not have had a problem when Pliny however edited out 8 year private convos of jokes I made, where context was lost (these, again were private jokes with friends who gave as much back to me and were not offended), then plastered them all over social media. I then get sent the link I posted up (I also have 4 other posts to be put up) of him making an un PC comment. So I did the exact same thing he did - posted it on Social Media for everyone to see. You had no issue with Pliny doing it to me, yet you are now saying its unfair because Ive posted a screen shot that was publicly available from 4 years ago, without any editing done to it. Would I have posted it up had Pliny not edited my posts the other week and posted them on all his media channels? No, you are right. However, he tried to put me on blast for un PC comments, so now I have been sent several he has made, I’ve done the same. I also respected your request to keep it off this forum, it is others that have brought it on here. The only difference is Pliny edited my posts to make them look as bad as possible, then went onto Twitter and FB asking people to report my accounts and to harass me. I didnt edit any of his posts, posted 1 tweet (that hasnt had much traction) and put one post up on Facebook about it. The post on Facebook, through no promotion however got a ton of replies from others that have had the same kind of problems from him. Yes, I am un PC with my banter. A hell of a lot of people are - however it is never and has never been with ill intent. Because I slagged of Corbyn however, this militant far left social justice warrior tried to ruin my reputation. All I have now done is post up his posts. Did he make the post? The answer is yes. Like the post where he also refers to Town season ticket holders as atavistic Ustaste. Like the spoof Britian First group he uses to mock people. Like the Negative Shaymen page he also uses to mock people. Like the post he made about North Korea being nuked. Like the post he made about kicking a puppy to death. All jokes and hardly the end of the world, however, if it was fair game of him to EDIT private jokes of mine from 8 years ago, I sure as hell dont see a problem with me posting his non edited posts up. I get you dont like or agree with me on this Hoddie and thats cool. Im trying to respect your wishes that is stays off here, which is why I didnt or haven't posted anything on here about it. I used my media channels, just like he did.
  12. Where "Magi's" used to be. If you are unfamiliar with that, its pretty much next door to the Victoria Theatre, opposite the Halifax bank.
  13. Shades of us at Wrexham last year. I'm convinced our goal was disallowed due to the ref getting mixed up thinking their keeper was one of our players.
  14. That first half is probably one of, if not the best 45 mins I have seen from a Town side. Pretty much the same players now, however we seem way off that sort of pace. We attacked with intent, got in their faces and dominated them. Now we seem stiffled, rigid and often second best.
  15. I think our tempo has dropped too which hasn't helped. At the start of the season we seemed to go right at the opposition from the off. So many early goals and dictating of the play from the off. Now we seem to be slower out the blocks and when we do play well its after building up a head of steam. Quite a lot of ex pro's have commented in the past that its often a lot harder to "create momentum" in a game or to dictate the pace of it if you start off slow. For me the problem is we have too many players that are just too similar in the middle. C.King aside, very little flair or individuality to make a difference. Work rate is high and good, however we are often nullified in midfield. Again up front, I love TSS's work rate, however I simply never feel confident that he will score and sadly as a striker that is what you will be judged on. In the past month he seems to be getting further and further towards the half way line and spending more time falling over / being fouled with his back to the goal.
  16. I wonder if the game could get called off again. Its bloody freezing atm.
  17. http://www.theshaymen.net/ipb/topic/14268-chester-game/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-230657 Page 12, comment half way down. Ive presented the post in full, no edits or anything removed.
  18. I’d be disappointed if we don’t. Add that to the Pen call in the third min that went against us... We didnt create anything of note in the game but thats two very big calls there against us. 11 v 10 for us, with 87 mins to play and a pen and it could have been a good win.
  19. Its in this weeks Courier. So more than likely its bullshit.
  20. Bollocks red card. Said it at the time, say it again now. We can appeal it however my understanding is the ref has to admit to being wrong...
  21. It is a good point under the circumstances and in many ways, however we also failed to have any sort of impact on the game ourselves. Yet again our midfield was lacklustre and in the final third we had nothing. We were good at the back and limited Woking on that front, however we then couldn't kick on and take the game to them from there. With a bit of dominance they were there for the taking. Its been a good start to the season however the last two months or so we have gone backwards somewhat in how we have been playing - and had we had that extra player or two that could hold the ball, or put it in the net, we oddly would be walking this league at the moment. There is no superb team this year that is to be feared. With a proper striker and a better midfield it could well be us. The problem we have in midfield is you can take Nolan, Earing, J. King, D. Williams, Maher and Cooper and say they don't offer anything different than the other. That is half a dozen players who all do pretty much the same thing - and that thing is often letting the game pass them by. Subbing one off for the other is not going to change the way a game is going because they are just all too similar. Then up front, I do feel we are carrying Southwell now - and whilst not knocking his work rate TSS looks even less likely to score as each passing week goes. Playing with his back to the goal more and more each week, looking more and more isolated and spending more time on his arse than in the opposition box.
  22. Another day where we never looked like scoring sadly. Woking just as bad as us but with a little more about them going forward. Still can not understand how the following is not a foul. Three mins in, last man, red card and pen and we could be looking at a different game. To make it worse a 50/50 where I thought we had won the free kick turned into a Red for Clarke in the second half. I think the foul was a yellow at most (for them). Two big calls that I feel went against us really. The pen one above, I simply dont understand what part of the ball the Woking player has got there.
  23. Not sure how we didn't get a pen in the first 3 mins of the game. Vid is on my FB / Twitter. Their guy doesn't get the ball.
  24. Im assuming we are at the stage of having to let someone exit to bring someone else in, so Wild may need to offload some he feels are not in his plans now.
  25. Of all the places we had to go to in our rise back to the National, Skelmersdale (Not just the ground, but the entire place) was hands down the worst. "Stormy Corner" was a shocking ground and we were greeted to the Chairman, who was also the PA man, thinking it was some sort of night club, blasting out dance music about twenty times louder than it should be played at a football club. The entire ground was just planks of wood with nails in it that looked like it was going to fall down at any point too. We didn't play particularly well and the locals spent the entire game trying to take the piss as they were winning for the most part of it. If I recall correctly, which isn't shown in the video, they had a lad sent off just prior to our equaliser too. My main memory of this game was a disabled guy in a wheel chair and his carer who spent the first hour of the game "humble bragging" about how good Skem were and engaging any Town fan in fake "well meaning" talk about how poor we were, only for the second Town equalised to turn quite nasty. The lad in the wheelchair got quite angry when a couple of the Town fans he was quite eager to engage 10 mins prior started celebrating, resulting in him getting out of his wheelchair and chasing one to "square up to him". His care giver would have stopped him but had buggered off to go grab a pint when the equaliser went in.... The entire area of Skelmersdale was just drab. Beige and bland, it really did feel like we had gone to the arse end of nowhere and a place that had been forgotten and neglected.
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