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  1. Flea


    Id agree with that tbf. Young/McCelland and to a degree Jemson could be excluded from the rankings due to lack of time in charge, although the latter was scheming and plotting for the best part of half a season. Only Aspin and Heath I would view as having successful spells, which is concerning overall sadly.
  2. Horrible club are Boreham. I wonder if they still try to charge away sides media teams to enter the ground and record? I dont care if they go under. Funded beyond their means, no history and bring nothing to the table.
  3. Flea

    Middle aged oink

    Is this when Barnsey travels with him that this happens?
  4. Flea


    Death Metal is OKish in parts, however a lot of it is deliberately OTT which isn't to my taste. Pirate Metal is much more fun (Go google Alestrom for an example of OTT metal thats good to listen to). Gangster rap is crap, agreed. I don't mind a bit of rap tbf, however the posturing gangster stuff is naff.
  5. Flea


    Aspin got sacked after a poor run of results. Harsh but that is the nature of the business. His past success for us counted for probably getting an extra couple of games, however at the end of the day his axing, on performance alone, in this industry, was probably justified. Would he have kept us up if given the entire season? Who knows, probably not. However, Kelly was next level bad. Not only were we losing, but we were getting our pants pulled down and humiliated at the same time. It was horrific to watch and made worse with him coming out of talks about breaking into the playoffs. Of course it was everyone's fault but his own that he got sacked according to himself. Not putting anything solely at Kelly's door, however whatever way you wish to look at his reign, he was a complete and utter disaster, always out of his depth - and if we had not had him in for those ten games it would be logical to assume we could have sneaked an extra point or two at the very least to have remained safe.
  6. Flea


    Granted this grime thing isn't my genre of music, however I have to agree. I can normally see some artistic merit in music I don't like, however the grime scene simply goes over my head, it all sounds dreadful (And if you have a spare hour to kill on Youtube, go down the Blackpool Grime Media rabbit hole to see a bunch of kids acting like "gangsters" rapping about rape and all sorts of horrific **** to see how truly daft the whole thing is). A few of my friends were losing it over someone called Dappy playing last week (apparently he pulled out last min) - first time I felt like one of those "grumpy old men" when saying I hadn't a clue who the hell he was, couldn't name you any of his work, or think of anything worse than having to listen to him
  7. Flea


    Harvey gave us arguably one of our best days ever, however I don't feel he was as good as others make his legacy to be. With 6 games, 3 games, 1 game and 45 mins to go we were safe. He did wonders to get us back out of the mess Deluded Daz put us in, however from the position he got us in, we shouldn't have fallen back down. I think he was probably out of the game a tad too long to be a realistic appointment, as football is a fast moving industry and his style was almost old school compared to the up and comings. He had also lost the dressing room which went against him. Either way, we can't say not extending his contract and getting Heath in was a mistake - as he brought us straight back up. (The one part of Heath's reign that is worthy of criticism is his dismantling of our scouting network however - that was simply inexcusable and he shouldn't have been allowed to do it and our BoD's should have stopped him)
  8. Flea


    I don't get the Heath hate. He was given two years to get us promoted, he did it in one. He didn't have the greatest set of contacts, however he got 100% out of all his players, whom respected him and would run through brick walls for him. He never once said anything negative about the fans, the club, the ground, the set up, the training facilities... His sacking probably was right on a results front when it came, however I have nothing but the upmost respect for him and would have him behind Aspin as the best FCHT manager since reformation.
  9. Flea


    I'd go as far as to say not only was Deluded Daz the worst ever Halifax Town manager, he is probably the worst ever manager to manage ANY football club ever. Getting smashed 6-3 at home to Braintree - a team so negative they have to pay extra to park the bus at every away ground - and the tool, whilst having us ten points adrift from safety is rabbiting on about Playoffs.
  10. Flea


    And of course, that certainly wasn't someone winding you up....
  11. Flea


    Think you mean motorbike.
  12. Flea

    403 errors

    The forum seems to be rejecting any posts that has a hyperlinked youtube video on it. I couldn't upload a video with my post about the match on the way back as it simply didn't like the link for whatever reason. It wasn't throwing up 403, however it accepted the post and went back to the thread where I'd last left it (as it would when a new post appears) however the post wasn't made. The post remained in the quote box and when removing the youtube link it posted the rest of the content with no problem. Even when getting on desktop, it would only let me post the link after I manipulated the hyperlink a little. I appreciate its not the worlds biggest problem and clicking the link isn't the hardest thing to do, however its something to stick on the back burner to look at further down the line
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgeiFbdCoM The board still isnt allowing embedded video's to show, however if you click this link, it will take you to the Youtube video of Today's equaliser
  14. Flea


    I suppose it depends how it is spun. I also suppose it depends on how much potential employers take attention of "word on the street" about managers. From what I understand JF hasn't got a good reputation within player circles. I'm not just talking about the one's he has dealt with at this club, but ones from others too. If I was a chairman looking for a manager then JF wouldn't even register as being a tangible option to me unless I was being backed into a corner, or was at a club that wasn't high profile. Time will tell I suppose but I feel if he goes back into football *As a manager* he will enter at a lower level of management than he has ever managed before. The only way I can see him at a FL or Conference Club within the next couple of months would be as a coach. I'd say the negatives outweighed the positives with his time with us.
  15. Flea


    Why would Macclesfield want him? A dreadful stint at Notts County A stint that won't live long in the memory here - however more damaging to JF's legacy will be leaving two weeks before the season started, plus the continual comments about a poor budget. I would imagine if he couldn't cut it with our budget, then he isn't going to be able to do much more with Maccelesfield's, who are financially in the brown stuff (Rumour is Campbell's departure is fuelled partly due to him not getting owed wages for example). I rate JF as a coach, however his CV as a manager is appalling. I think if he goes back into Management he will be very lucky to find a club higher than EvoStik Prem that would take a punt on him now. He's simply damaged stock at this stage.
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