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  1. Football (as in soccer) in the states is seen traditionally as a womens sport as the four main sports in the States (American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey) are the dominant sports that the average American is interested in. There are probably more Europeans that can name American male "soccer" players than there are American's. America's interest in our football is almost non existent. Now, imagine it is the build up to the Superbowl in February. NBC open the show with an interview with Patrick Mahomes. They talk about Kansas chances and how he always dreamed of playing
  2. I don't dislike it, I just don't want it rammed down my throat everytime I turn the BBC or SKY on. The difference in both sports are so vast that it is just down right ridiculous when they take some woman footballer and introduce her as a "Multi FA Cup and Champions League winning ex professional pundit" as if it is the same achievement as someone from the mens game. Take for example Emma Hayes (You will probably have to google her, as even though she is regarded as one of the best Female managers in the game no one really knows who see is). Back in February she was offered the chanc
  3. Really? I'd be shocked if Beacon conceded.
  4. Isn’t it something like 1 in 20 rapes end in convictions? Doesn’t mean 19/20 accusations are false though. The problem is it comes down to ‘He said’ and with no creditable evidence or witness to back it up we can’t say for certain the lad was racially abused or not. To say with certainty that the lad is innocent however is also incorrect.
  5. Is the answer Danny Racchi?
  6. Compared to - Sho-Silva, Redshaw, Allen - from the Playoff game last season!
  7. It's uncomfortable, but I do think its more than probable. Quite a few on the extreme left love to grandstand and white knight - they have made plenty of false attacks on others to try boost their own profiles and their own agendas.
  8. Agreed, but if we cut off their platform for spreading abuse it makes it harder for impressional people to be hooked. Take Trump as a prime example. Him being booted from Twitter doesn't stop him from being a thick racist orange cockwomble, but it stops him peddling his **** to millions of followers who see him as some sort of hero. Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson other prime examples.
  9. It wouldn't solve it, but it does stop it becoming easily accessible by impressionable minds. What I do feel is that each passing generation is becoming more tolerant than the one that came before it. The danger in having a huge platform like FB/Twitter etc... is that this is where the youngest generation often seem to spend time online. It has almost become a de-facto norm for abuse, which isn't on. Go look at pretty much any political figure in the UK on Twitter when they make a tweet. Within an hour their replies will be split into two camps - those that support that political fig
  10. In an ideal world, yes, I agree. Sadly it is too easy for people to create fake or second/third accounts on line to either send more abuse, or to circumvent a ban they have received. Again, from first hand experience, I know when an account that was promoting racism, threats and suicide was removed the owner of that account just created another account within the next few hours to continue the abuse. They even had the cheek to "rebrand" themselves as "undead" as a two fingers up to the platform that deleted them!
  11. We are due some luck on the injury front. I know it doesn't work that way, but we should be in credit on injuries for the season now. It also goes to show what a great job PW and Co have done this season. Tiny budget, so many injuries, an unsettled side all the time, yet punching at the right end pretty much all season again.
  12. Social media is a cesspit of abuse tbf, Twitter especially. It's a mix between racist comments, and race card players. The problem we have is that the legitimate cases of racism that should be tackled often get lost in the barrage of false flags and false accusations, (We have one race card woke playing idiot who has done it to several Town fans, myself included, in recent years, who ironically then got his Twitter account deleted for racist and sexist abuse!) or with people trying to show how woke they are that people are afraid to say anything in case they become a victim of the extrem
  13. Tad insensitive isn’t it? Regardless of which Jim Vince, its still someone’s loved one.
  14. Well I really enjoyed that match tonight
  15. It's a start but theres more than him that need to fall on their swords. Bunch of muppets running the Conference. Sack them all.
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