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  1. Good luck to him. I liked him, not the best player we ever had, but always played with a smile on his face and he gave us 100%. I will always back the players that put the effort in and I can't fault JBW on that front.
  2. Flea

    No fans

    And as has already been pointed out, we are not going to see a household buy multiple streams. It would be stupid for anyone to do so if someone in their household already has it.
  3. Flea

    No fans

    Thing is, some clubs will know they hold the cards. Charge it and pay it, or miss out.
  4. If the start is delayed then maybe a few "special" payments need to be made by the football association to help. Pull all cup competitions, however give every club the equivalent payment of reaching R3 of the FA Cup in prize money (Funded by the FA). Take last seasons average attendances of each club to get a rough estimate of how much clubs made through gate money, then the FA award the clubs 30% of that as a "crisis" payment. It may cost the FA 25/30M in total, but that is nothing when considering its keeping 50+ clubs going. Season Ticket holders get FREE access to both home and
  5. Flea


    One of the first acts PW did as manager was to extend Brown's contract. This would have been along the lines of 'paId x amount per week, with the expectation that the player "works" x days, or a minimum amount of hours in the week. If those hours then increase, or an extra day is added on, the player is doing more than what he agreed to on the contract. I don't know the ins and outs of Brown's contract, however 12 months ago it was PW that put it on the table for him. If there is now a problem with it, is that the players problem/fault or the person that gave him that contract
  6. Flea

    No fans

    Agreed. With that said, our government have been nothing short of shambolic throughout the entire crisis. So many rules that are unclear. They change from day to day, don't apply until certain times (like the virus goes on holiday and won't attack until a certain point!), are inconsistent and generally seem to lack any faith or trust. The other issue is that there are still way too many idiots that just think they can carry on as normal.
  7. Flea


    Maybe that bit is in there because Brown WAS prepared to go the extra mile but was in fact told not to turn up?
  8. Flea

    No fans

    Why don't the government try something "drastic" to break the virus. Time it with the school holidays in October and put EVERYONE in the country into lockdown. All shops, all entertainment, all towns and cities with everything shut down. You have a few weeks now to buy goods to last you for that 2/3 week period. Advance or give every person £250 to buy food for that period if needs be. The only people allowed out would be medical and police. Put the Army on the streets and anyone outside is arrested. Keep that going for 2/3 weeks. If you are outside in that period of time and it is n
  9. Flea


    Hasn’t Brown been criticised for weeks following PW’s statement at the start of Pre-season?
  10. Flea


    Didn’t, couldn’t or wasn’t allowed?
  11. Flea


    I don’t agree with this move and think we have made ourselves weaker by letting him go. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us in the arse. One thing is for sure, PW can not hide if the players he has brought in fail to hit the standard needed. This is his team, so while I hope we are singing his name in a year saying what a superb job he is still doing, if those he has brought in fail it is his neck on the line.
  12. Will be interesting to see how it swings tonight. Adams looked superb and did more in the opening game than Clowney did for Seattle all last season, however I wasn’t overly impressed with the defence bar him. Olsen looked great in offense.
  13. Think Im going to watch the Jets v 49ers instead. I feel like I’ve already had enough PL football this season.
  14. Flea

    Ha Ha Ha

    Agreed. And for years I’ve been saying the calls they get are BS. Yesterday the calls against them were BS.
  15. Flea


    Can he play CB? Good luck DJ.
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