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  1. Im assuming the National League are waiting for the pubs to re-open since they can’t organise their own piss up in a brewery.
  2. Flea

    Play off final

    They should let everyone who bought early bird tickets go. Easily fit all those in the ground
  3. I was going to go for Odelusi and Lenighan as it was fecking criminal to have them in the centre of midfield.
  4. Hey, you could get a kings ransom for 50p as a kid from his tuck shop back in the day, don't knock it. If you were lucky, some of the stuff was still in date too.
  5. Kopt Verloren, a cracking song by Peter Fox. Its classed as German Reggae, however I don't view it to be reggie at all, and more urban rap.
  6. Flea


    Dave Whelan broke his leg in the 1960 league cup final you know.
  7. If a player wants an agent then fine, but he should be the one that fronts the costs of the agent. Clubs shouldn't be paying these parasites a penny.
  8. Goalkeepers are the exception to the rule. Its always been the case tbf. Maybe going forward to avoid exploitation of this rule there could be something that says any keeper coming in on emergency loan can only have played at the level or below that season for the club he is joining. It would solve this situation of running with just one keeper, then getting a de-facto ringer via emergency.
  9. No GK v Tobi Its going to pens isn't it!
  10. This is my thinking. If you go to games each week then £20/£25 a week going into a pot to me is no difference - in fact its less than Id spend normally.
  11. A potential work around for the time being - could you link the Facebook page into the registration form, telling people to post on there for access? Not ideal, I get that, but it would solve those that don't know any user who knows you or Bubba being able to get in.
  12. I'm also no fan of the Israelis, but theres a time and a place for such things. A group wanting to promote togetherness and tolerance to then put out a tweet like that is just hypocritical however. BLM should be important for the fact that black lives are being disadvantaged. The movement however had quite clearly been hijacked now. It seems some have issues when the far left get called out, but not when the far right get called out. Both are equally as bad as the other.
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