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  1. I'd really love to have one of these tests that can apparently tell if you have already had the virus or not. Late December I was knocked on my arse for a few days with what I felt was a really bad cold / bit of flu. All the hallmarks of what people are saying is this virus. It left me aching, tired and shaky for a few days. I do think its quite possible I may have had a slight version of it if it is true that a strain of it was going around before the turn of the year. On a personal POV, if it turned out I had had it, and it was then proven re-infection was rare/not possible, it would make me a lot happier going out in it all the time - and would mean I'd be able to help those that have to isolate. It could be a game changer if we had a section of people whom we know are "safe" from being infected (again) as they could then be a sort of lifeline for those that need goods or someone to talk to etc..
  2. Oddly on the news they are saying we are seeing a decline and its a tiny sliver of a hope. Yet deaths are just under 400 and as Hoddie says, a lot of people infected are not being counted in the figures. This is going to rumble for months and months.
  3. Nothing wrong with this in my opinion. Im surprised we haven't done it either tbf. Lets be blunt, neither club are rolling in money, wages still need to be paid.
  4. Flea

    Martial Law

    I could happily never eat chocolate again. I don't hate it, however its always felt a bit meh for me. Crisps however, I don't think I could do a week without them.
  5. Whilst its scenic going up to Barrow, its not a nice place to spend an afternoon, the ground isn't the best and its simply not one of the teams that stands out for a good day. They also never bring enough to The Shay to get us a "payday", so with that in mind, I'd rather lose them than a team like Notts County, who would boost our gate and have more of an occasion when we play them.
  6. First thing is sack the scout that says Charlie Cooper is the best player at the club. Clueless that lad
  7. Tbf most Brits I know, myself included, think that of Boris. The problem is the alternative to Boris was Corbyn...
  8. In this instance the Chinese government.
  9. And as I said a few days ago, Tedros Adhanom is to the WHO what Sepp Blatter was to FIFA. Corrupt and easily bought off.
  10. I disagree. Xi Jinping and his government are to blame in how they intentionally lied and hid the dangers of this virus. They knew it could be transmitted from Human to Human but lied to the world for two months saying it couldn’t. Two months here could be the difference between a couple of thousand deaths and potentially millions. Other governments have not covered themselves in glory (Our own included with its farcical herd immunity rubbish) , however the buck has to start with Xi Jinping and the Chinese government. Other governments may have made the wrong call or taken bad advice, however their government intentionally lied and as a result put the whole world in danger.
  11. This may be my last footage upload for a while... A selection of Town highlights from the season to date. I normally wait until the end of the season, however now seems a good enough time to post something.
  12. Tbf, after a few pints and a visit to that van outside KFC.... who knows!
  13. Maybe it originated organically and the Chinese government saw an opportunity to down play what was going on whilst getting their own house in order to combat it. They then let the rest of the world struggle with it... I doubt China intentionally developed Covid as a weapon, however I am less than convinced their government have not and will not now use its knock on effects to their advantage.
  14. Take what we are being told with a huge pinch of salt. The figures we have access to are nowhere near correct. There are way more cases in the UK than documented as many are being told to stay away if they feel even slightly ill. No way they are included in the infected numbers. I also find it impossible to believe that the likes of Russia, China, North Korea and a lot of the less developed African countries are reporting so few cases. Basic hygiene in this country leave a hell of a lot to be desired, however in some places in Africa, we are talking about proper slums. Even more "developed" countries like India - parts of it are superb and well built, then you go round the corner and its slums, filth and dirt, no running water and cramped living spaces. If the virus is hitting developed countries hard then those that are living in slum like areas have no chance. I don't believe the Chinese figures of the last month. I actually think that the Western countries and America are recording deaths correctly, however probably counting anyone who has COVID who has died as a victim of it. In other parts of the World, I believe people are dying of Covid but its going down as other causes. Russia has had hundreds of extra pneumonia deaths this month for example... What concerns me is the actions being taken "for the next stage". I know the roll out for essential items is coming within the next two weeks. Basic stuff like milk, bread and cheese is now being produced in the same numbers but in a lot less variety. On Friday alone across 3400 fresh lines I saw 300 lines discontinued temporarily. That might not sound like a lot until you understand that we can only discontinue a line once it has sold out and getting more in is not possible. We lost just under 10% of our availability in 24 hours - and that space has been taken up by more of the old lines. Choices are starting to be cut down. It feels like we are in this for the long haul and it won't be a quick fix or over by easter like Trump spouts.
  15. Major change needs to come tbf. The first thing is we should not be seeing all this talk of private beds being sold to the NHS, or of a wonder drug or a test costing XYZ being produced. Worldwide now it should be - if a company/organisation has the resource that is needed then it must be used to help prolong, protect and save lives. There was a case in Italy a couple of weeks ago where some doctors needed ventilators and were able to recreate one using a 3D printer. The problem is they didn't have the patent needed and the company who did make them threatened to sue them if they made any more. In this situation, the government should be stepping in and telling that company to get fecked. The 3D printer made products cost like £1 to make, the company who held the patent were charging around £1000-£4000 for the product. Development wise, the Chinese are now making noises about how many face masks and the likes they can produce and ship out to the world. Its great they can make so many in great numbers and they should keep doing so and sending them where they are needed. They should however not be profiteering from this - they should be doing it to help prolong and save lives. If it was Germany / USA / Canada / Japan producing these masks, the same should be said then - this isn't about money, its about collective responsibility. Some are looking to profit from this. Dickheads like Richard Branson who are demanding staff go without pay even though he would make more in interest alone than all his staff would make if he paid them, who is still wanting government bailouts having sued the NHS have really shown their true colours. At the other end of the scale I know several people who don't make £15K a year who are currently volunteering to go help those in need by dropping food off, or even just picking up a phone to talk to people. The impact of this virus will be felt long after the deaths decrease (On that note, we have had nearly a 25% increase in deaths in the UK alone today). Those that look to profit from it should be judged and dealt with after the event.
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