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  1. Flea


    Pretty much this. I would assume (Note, I don't know, its an assumption) that the reason he couldn't agree a deal with Boston was due to the wage they wished to offer him. Kings Lynn however can offer more - and are spending a fair bit in truth, so become more attractive. Hypothetically, Town could have been looking for £10,000 for Southwell, whilst paying him £1,200 a week. Kings Lynn may well have been willing to match or get close to Southwell's deal here, enough to make Dayle show interest. However, to make the deal happen, they needed our club to budge on what they wanted for his services. Our club then have to weigh up if they want to hold out for a fee for Southwell, whilst paying him each week, or to "cut their losses" and say he can go for free. In this scenario, the club lose out on the £10,000 they wanted in a fee, however the 20 weeks at £1,200 they were contractually obliged to pay Dayle is now off the books, saving £24Kish. That £24k saving in wages can then be re-spent trying to bring someone in. The other option was turn down the offer to let Dayle move for free, but then still have to pay a player deemed surplus to requirements. This deal looks to be a win/win/win for Town/Dayle and Kings Lynn. All three parties seem to benefit from it. We get him off the wage bill, Dayle gets a move to a club that want him and gets a good long deal and Kings Lynn get a player they want.
  2. Flea


    I've no ill feeling towards Southwell. He tried, I respect that. I wish him well at Kings Lynn. With that said, this is a good move for both us as a club, as I doubt he would feature for us going forward, and also for him to get back to playing and hopefully showing what he can do. By all accounts a pretty heavy wage too, so its got to be a plus.
  3. We are never going to hear the end of it. Liverpool ‘fans’ are going to be all over the place crawling out of the woodwork.
  4. Maidenhead have a dreadful home record however away from home sat in 5th prior to yesterday. Lets not down play the win. The last half hour or so especially was at the bench mark we should be aspiring to play at every game.
  5. Credit to the supporters club, they put on a very good do today. It was well attended and did not disappoint. I thought Johnny Meynell did a cracking job in the warm up / opening speech, set the tone brilliantly, then Kit went around the team well to get a mix of memories, stories and well wishes from those that couldn't be there for whatever reason. Hopefully its done some good to raise the profile of the supporters club as well as bring in a bit of extra money for the club too. I would find it hard to believe that there would have been fans in attendance today that did not enjoy it. On a personal POV, I wasn't born when the game took place, so I have no memories of the day. I still found it informative, entertaining and fun, so I can only imagine how much better it would have been for those that do remember the day. Congratulations to everyone who had a part in making today happen. Can't fault it.
  6. Tobi did very well last week. However in the past 3 months he hasnt done enough to warrant starting if we are switching to a front 2 system, in my opinion. For me he should be subbed in for one of Redshaw/Rodney with those two starting for a few weeks to see how they do. He deserves a chance in a front two, however I dont think the time for that chance is now. Its not a case of having no faith in him or writing him off, but with new players fitting a new system its time to try that.
  7. If we can get in the head of the Maidenhead in the Maidenhead head thread, then we can probably get ahead.
  8. Flea


    A really odd player. His goal record stands up with the best of them however I don't think I have ever seen him play and think he was even good, never mind standout. The only time he ever stood out for me was earlier this season, and that was for all the wrong reasons. It will be interesting to see if he can step up however and net in the league, as like I say, his scoring record stands up even if he has never looked great.
  9. The local potential investor pulled out a couple of months ago. The distant potential investor pulled out over xmas I believe.
  10. Tobi works hard, he's a nice lad, keeps his head down and seems a good body to have around the team. However, he has had more than half a season with little in return in the past few months in the form of goals and assists. I am interested to see how he would cope having an actual proper strike partner next to him, instead of 20 yards behind him and am hopeful that if this happens he can show something different, however for the time being, he has been Plan A all season, and Plan B naturally looks to be Redshaw and Rodney. What I would like to see now is RnR start the next few games and at least get an hour in every game with them both on the pitch to see how they perform. They probably need at least 6 games in fairness to see if there is a link and chemistry between them. In this time I would view TSS to be the third choice option behind them and would like to see him given a half hour here and there at the end of games rotating with one of Redshaw and Rodney to see how he works in a front two. Im not writing Tobi off and saying he shouldn't be involved or can't play in a front two. I do however feel he needs time out of the team whilst we explore the front two option with Redshaw and Rodney first. Hopefully TSS can still have a huge part to play for us and he can step up to be part of a rotating front two. For now however, I feel he shouldn't be starting ahead of the other two.
  11. An odd move in all honesty. Why not stay in a settled side where he knew he would get game time and knows the players/style of play, which he had here, if his only move was to go to another club in this league who are on a par with us at the moment. If he had held out to get a FL move, then fair enough, but this just seems like a panic move and one that makes me wonder just how serious he is about being the best he can be. It felt like he had his head turned back in late October when talk about him moving on to the FL started. He seemed to have mentally checked out on us back then, which is a shame as at the start of the season he was superb. There is a player in him and if he finds the right club he will be a gem, but I just get reminded of Kingsley James with him. It will be interesting to see how it pans out for him for the rest of the season, however for the time being he has stalled and been distracted all season and not really ended up at a better club. A bit like with Kosylo, maybe he believed too much that there was better out there. Its not been a good season for Kossy yet either...
  12. Flea

    Shaymen player

    We didn't have anyone from the media team down in Torquay, so the only footage or interviews will come from Torquay. There is extended highlights of the game on Youtube which Torquay have posted up - Alternatively, there are the two Town goals in this video here
  13. No team should be taken for granted, even more so one in the National. With that said, there are plenty of, on paper, harder teams/games/places we could have got. We must fancy our chances here. Maidenhead or Halesowen, with home advantage I'd have us as favourites. That is not to say we will win, but we have a very good shot.
  14. Yeovil v Notts County is good if we are looking to win it as one has to be knocked out. Harrogate v Eastleigh also decent as it knocks out a pig of a trip or a decent side too. Potentially Barnet v Barrow is good for us too. Happy enough with that draw. Very winnable tie with other teams slogging it against the better sides.
  15. Feb 8th is the next round. Boreham Wood Away in the League will be postponed.
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