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  1. Flea


    Yeah, in fairness, under the circumstance of his ban, its not really appropriate. They did however film all the player gifs at the start of the season. Its just "unfortunate" that Kossy's is that one considering what has happened since.
  2. Thats disappointing. The one time we dont get through we see the opposition get a plum tie Should be a TV game too.
  3. Flea


    Before everyone throws their toys out of the pram - these were done by Fylde at the start of the season prior to his suspension.
  4. Flea


    It's interesting reading the comments to articles posted on social media and online news outlets when it brings up the Remain campaign. I'd say a good 75% of the comments are all saying the same thing - "We had a vote, we have had our say, time to leave". Those crying to remain and campaigning for it again are vastly outnumbered by the voices of those saying we have to go. "The peoples vote" campaign for example is pretty much chock full of people saying they have had their vote and don't need or want a second one. The problem is that so many are so hell bent on either remaining/staying no matter what that there can't be any serious discussion about it, as some are so stuck in their views they won't look at things objectively. I openly admit that I have no idea what will happen next - however NO ONE does. That means leaving or remaining could both be the best and the worst thing for us. Its Schrodingers Brexit really. What we should have been doing for the last three years however is working together to get the best exit deal possible. The reality is the spoilt little brats that refuse to accept the result have actually ****ed this country up more than anyone else by ruining our chance of getting the best possible exit deal by trying to scupper the whole thing. We must leave - it is what the people voted for and if we don't then it will quite simply be the biggest scandal to hit these shores in decades. The SJW's on this have been proper gammons. The same idiots that like to go White Knighting about being offended at eveything and gluing themselves to trains. Its about time that these spoilt little babies grew up.
  5. Flea


    It seems one of the tactics for the Remainers is simply to throw every spanner into the works so that the average person just ends up with Brexit fatigue and simply doesn’t care what happens next, as long as it puts an end to the entire circus. I have to admit, this is kind of how I feel after three years of this crap. I think we should leave as that was the original vote/result however if someone said ‘The UK will remain, no one will hear about Brexit or the EU again’ I think most would just take that now. Same, if it was the UK would leave and we wouldnt hear any more. I dont care what happens now, just get it over with ffs.
  6. Notts County away, we normally look very good on the road. Even the defeat to ten man Wrexham, there were many positives. Two away games coming up oddly may just be what we need.
  7. Flea


    Which is probably why non of the main parties ever thought that Leave would win the vote as so many are out of touch they all thought everyone was blissfully happy in a EU that works for the rich but not for the majority. Labour for all their faults however still are more "the peoples party" than the other major parties in my opinion. All they need is a clear out and a return to their roots.
  8. Flea


    They represent it more than any other mainstream party. I feel Labour have lost their way in recent years with militant SJW and poor leadership, however lets not pretend that any of the other major parties are better for the working class. The Tory's certainly aren't.
  9. Drawing a minnow would be just as good as drawing a big boy - You either want the best possible chance to get into the next round, or you want a cash cow. If they get a minnow, again it will feel disappointing as the natural thinking would be "Damn, that would have been a superb chance to get into R2 and wrack up some prize money". An unattractive league one or league two team who we would be underdogs against, probably one that would get less than 5K in attendance, is the ideal tie I want to see get drawn out for Harrogate now so it feels like we haven't cocked up so much. If we had got through for example and drew Swindon away, the chances of going through would have been slim, hardly no chance of getting it on TV, the crowd would be poor etc...
  10. Lets hope in the draw Harrogate get drawn away to somewhere daft like Swindon, Crawley or Carlisle - an unattractive away game with a slim chance of winning. If they draw a Sunderland/Pompey kind of team then it will feel like a kick in the guts.
  11. Very good! I was thinking of home games for both the questions The Kossy goal above is the last home FK
  12. 12 Jan v Solihull in the FA Trophy, Matty Kosylo making it 2-2 for the last free kick afaik.
  13. Sept 8th Southwell scored a pen in the 1-1 home draw against Orient. We may have missed one since then at home, we have scored away since, including this season.
  14. He didnt even play in Pre-Season for us! Shambles all round signing there.
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