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  1. The problem is they shouldn't have been trying to take Tory voters, they should have been targeting the floating voter, the undecided and those disillusioned with the Lib Dems. However, instead of trying to get those voters on side, they instead attacked them. The only people voting for Labour here are those that are life long Labour supporters. Floating support I would assume is at the lowest it has ever been. The undecided on the whole were put off by the negative aggressive tactics. Maybe this result will make some wake up? Its horrific for the country that the Tory's have got in and got in so easily - however its those at Labour that are to blame. Those at the top and their campaigners.
  2. It has to be the end of Corbyn. Amazing how much sterling has grown since the exit poll was announced. The extreme left are not wanted. It can't be any clearer. Labour can be saved only when these nut jobs are taken out of the party. The fear I have is that the extremest campaigners (Like Robert White) have alienated so many floating and past Labour voters with their behaviour. They also need to be thrown out of the party or need to massively change tact. Corbyn and Co have let everyone down. Its been known for years. The only difference now is his insider cult can not hide how EVERYONE in the public feels about them. The dirty tactics, the lies and the smears have not worked. Labour have been destroyed in this election by simply the worst Conservatives of all time. Let that sink in.
  3. Will they hell. It will be everyone elses fault but their own. This defeat shows what I have said for months. Scumbags like Robert White peddling lies thinking they are fighting for the people - the people have seen through them for what they are.
  4. If Lynch has lost her seat it will be the first time the Tory’s have had it since 1983. She would have lost it to a guy who lives in Oldham. If that doesn’t send out alarm bells I dont know what will.
  5. ITV news showing they think Halifax may have flipped from Labour to Conservative. I will be shocked if that has happened. Free Lunch has been horrific for Halifax, however I thought she would easily retain.
  6. Really? I take it you haven't spoken to many people on the street lately? This extreme left style of Labour has pissed a lot of people off. It is no surprise. The lies and the propaganda and the down right scummy tactics of the far left has failed. This has to be the end of Corbyn.
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