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  1. Mickey Bullock because I had seen him on MOTD.
  2. Lester

    Fan names

    Horse racing and betting on it has been a hobby since 1971. When I left the Halifax bank in 2009 I bought the Go Racing in Yorkshire passport and went racing weekdays and Shay on Saturdays. Was a great fan of Lester Piggott (watching him win the St Leger on Commanche Run would be a highlight). Moved to Leicester in 2010 and get to the Shay when I can. So I'm Lester from Leicester.
  3. Jon Shaw been a big part of South Shields rise up the leagues last three seasons. Plays as a defender these days.
  4. Lester

    Jon Stead

    A relative has not missed a game at Notts County this season. He says Jon Stead has done nothing this season.
  5. Lester


    These are facing a winding up order in four weeks. No buyers definitely confirmed as yet.
  6. I think I remember attending a league game when Johnny Hough played in goal and possibly kept a clean sheet.
  7. It must be odds on Notts County coming down. An away game at Swindon next while Macclesfield only need a home draw against Cambridge because of the goal difference.
  8. The full time model has improved us. If the same squad and manager had been part time we could well have been relegated. Whilst not pretty it's toughened us up and the stats say we have been hard to beat. So we've improved the dourness (we may indeed be the dourest side in the league), the resilience, the grinding out of results, the erm zzzzzzz.
  9. The question was would we look at Jordan Burrow for next season. Another thread mentions looking in the lower leagues for a tried and trusted striker. That is Jordan Burrow. I think he scored 18 goals for us in a relegated team and has scored about the same this season in a generally struggling team. Our single figure goalscorers, apart from the loan signings, pale into insignificance beside these stats. Jordan Burrow seems to be generally disliked on here but his record with us is good because the stats don't lie. Also, without his goals in the semi-final legs, we would have been beaten by Nantwich and not gone to Wembley. Why on earth Jordan Burrow would leave York City to come here I have no idea. I fancy them for promotion next season and he must be on decent money.
  10. I could have gone potholing.
  11. We hadn't won away with this shirt but were still going well when George Mulhall and the players got together and decided to ditch it as some players "had a problem with it". I believe it lasted till November but a new shirt was used at an away match on a Saturday at Stalybridge. I think it was an FA Cup day but we had been knocked out by Gainsborough so this match helped us go. I think, 12 points clear. I was with fans stood behind the goal when a team exited the tunnel and ran towards us wearing some green and white shirts, I think, which had a sash on it. The v signs and abuse gradually subsided as fans realized it was us.
  12. Did my usual thing when looking at the results. Blocked out the right hand side of the screen with one hand and worked down to Eastleigh then slowly moved my hand away. What a relief. I wouldn't mind seeing the clean sheet stats over all the leagues and seeing where Sam Johnson is.
  13. Trouble with these must win six-pointers is they are actually must not lose games. I hope we don't play a must win game this season cos it might be the final game of the season and the stats say we won't win.
  14. Roy Hodgson, as shown yesterday, also a better manager than some fans think. What would be interesting is if the next manager does not rate Jamie Vardy.
  15. Surprising what this forum does for dredging up snippets of memory which have been forgotten for about 60 years. Hendrie's hammer sinks City was I think the headline from Mr Carter who I read avidly. I think I must have been a child when, leaving the Shay, I heard an old chap say "he knows nothing, that Jack Dunnill". Hope I got the name right.
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