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  1. Scott Carson Keith Curle Joey Barton Kevin Davies Sorry
  2. I wonder if we know what history our children/grandchildren are being taught in school. A relatives grandchildren came home from school - "what did you learn today?" We learnt about WWII and the start when Britain declared war on the Nazis. "We declared war on Germany, there was a broadcast which said that." They wouldn't have it. How could we have declared war on Germany, it's ridiculous. How could Granny know? They had been told the 'truth' at school and that was that.
  3. Looking forward to England Colombia this afternoon. One of my favourites.
  4. It seems that we have the highest death total in Europe. We have been told for years that our NHS is the envy of the world and there is no doubt that people have travelled here in the past to take advantage of our facilities. Can it be the case that the NHS has been managing to keep alive many people who, in other countries, would have passed away? Is having the NHS the reason why so many have lost their lives?
  5. I know this is a football forum and many may not be interested but earlier today Paris police gave permission for horse racing to start next Monday and this at a Paris city track. This will, as far as I know, be the first outbreak of professional sport within a few miles of our country. It's outdoors, it's sport and it's dangerous. It could turn out to be like the first domino in the pile falling because it will lead to pressure to start English and Irish horse racing. Then football will say, look they are doing it, we need to get some matches on.
  6. Mickleover Sports (where Shaquille McDonald was leading scorer last season) have launched a fund, they need £15000 to save the club. Doesn't sound much does it but it brings home how these little clubs are going to struggle now.
  7. It's worth remembering that we are only here because our ancestors managed to survive worse than this . Some people lived through WW1, the Spanish flue and WW2. This is unprecedented (sorry) to us but I don't think they would have used that word. Now it's time for some Dickens, why not. Lockdown means I can continue reading his novels in chronological order. I've reached Little Dorrit and it was interesting to read about Mr Clennam's arrival in Marseilles and his annoyance about being forced into quarantine ("I feel like a sane man in a madhouse"). Dickens tells us that the reason for this is that he has been living in "the plague country". Yes you've guessed it, it was China.
  8. An interesting article. Not sure about the government hating football, I think they have been using football for a while to put across various views. I'm sure players in the lower leagues will be looking for alternative employment and, if football does come back, they will think twice about returning to the game full-time. Once bitten, twice shy.
  9. On the Racing post website 14 March 2020 Dr Richard Newland, Grand National winning trainer, former GP, who is now chairman of a private healthcare business said “In general, I think there has been an overreaction to the illness and there’s been a general hysteria; there were 19,000 people who died from flu last year.” I mention this because this article is the only one I have seen from anyone with medical qualifications which goes against the usual views. That's why I remembered it. He may have different views now however
  10. I worry about what will happen if the virus doesn't go away or returns in the autumn. Away support may be banned completely. Also if you are an older guy who's been isolating for much of the year are you going to go and sit in a stand with people?
  11. Favourite album is Commoners Crown by Steeleye Span. I had to think about that one. The favourite single always comes straight to me and it is Sugar Town by Nancy Sinatra. It's probably about drugs and could be sung by someone in lockdown. Nancy might have been expected to do Vegas with Tom and Englebert but joined forces with Lee Hazlewood and released some pretty weird records including a single which was banned.
  12. If you are desperate for football, really desperate, I understand the Belarusian Premier League is being streamed on bookmaker's websites.
  13. Just got today's post from the Halifax bank. Changing the terms of the current account. Without going into the complicated details I think it will cost the not so well off money. They can do what they like I suppose and may need to but it seems like bad timing.
  14. We still use the milkman, remember them. We've been customers for years but milk and cream only. We don't do online shopping and so I rang them this morning and somewhat nervously asked if they could add things to our delivery next week. Basic stuff, bread, eggs, orange juice, butter and cheese. They do provide many other things. Was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't a problem and got the impression that they could get their hands on these items quite easily.
  15. Too many ifs and buts at the moment. No income for 2 months might sound good with hindsight. What happens to the rugby club if there's a ban on gatherings? It's the start of their season. What about the rental income to the local authority? What happens if one club folds? How do we get out of contract players to complete the season in summer or autumn? Have we just watched the final FC Halifax Town game played with full-time players?
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