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  1. National League LIVE commentaries & scores - Live - BBC Sport
  2. I agree with you. People accuse me of being a leftie but I would like nothing more than to see such people publicly flogged. We've reached a point where they don't fear authority, mostly because authority is nowhere to be seen it has to be said. I actually meant Farmfoods not Iceland, but it doesn't surprise me to hear Iceland is as bad.
  3. Broad Street should work in a Town of Halifax's size, but the cost of car parking is so prohibitive that many won't pay it out of principle. Even if you walk there, or swallow your pride and pay the parking cost, you have to negotiate a plethora of beggars and nesbits in order to patronise any of the restaurants. It's just not worth it. Halifax suffers from too much poverty and deprivation, which countless governments and councils have failed to adequately tackle. When I was a lad, being poor didn't necessarily mean you were a prat, but it seems the two conditions go hand in hand these da
  4. What do primary aged kids enjoy these days? Would something like a gaming console club before the match work? String a few PlayStations up to TVs and have a FIFA knockout? Pretty sure most parents would be happy to get rid of the kids for a couple of hours!
  5. V's choice: Albert Valentine Arthur Vallis Jamie Vardy Tommy Veitch Jos Veitch Kevin Verity David Verity Roy Vernon Kieron Vesey Andrew Villermann Couple of 'hall of fame' entries from so few.
  6. Pretty sure that's it, at least he's the only one coming up in a line-up in my database. Played against Uptin and Unwin and some others but U's are few and far between. Gus Uhlenbeek.
  7. Hoddie


    Did I miss how this happened? Was it during the Hudds game?
  8. A bond isn't that type of investment. The club would be duty bound to exchange cash for the bond upon reaching a pre-agreed date. The amount is typically (though not always) the face value plus an agreed additional amount. They're normally more secure than shares but not when the bond issuer is a privately-held company with no assets - as they could seek to avoid paying by engineering a CVA or by simply liquidating. There is - to my mind - no possible way to invest in Halifax Town in exchange for any tangible concrete return. And that's probably how it needs to be if the majority of
  9. Indeed, share dilution - while morally dubious - is perfectly legal in a number of ways. The most common way for privately-held companies is when shares are created in return for new investment. In terms relevant to us, the more owners/investors that come after supporters are issued with shares, the smaller the stake - and thus influence - those shares control. End of the day shares in a football club are worthless unless the club is a PLC or there are enough shares held collectively by various people to make them count. I was once a proponent of issuing shares in return for direct i
  10. FC Halifax Town: “It was a really good exercise” says Wild on behind-closed-doors friendly with Huddersfield Town under 23s | Halifax Courier
  11. Nice in principal but they would be next to meaningless. In fact, I'll stick my neck out and say literally meaningless.
  12. It wouldn't be relegation or promotion in the normal sense, rather expulsion and an invitation. There's no elegant way to complete this season now, but they can't give a free pass to Dover or any other club who simply stops playing. If the National League signals that Dover will escape with a slap on the wrist, I fully expect more clubs to follow their lead, especially as they individually fall away from contention for the play-offs.
  13. How about offering those clubs in North/South who wanted to continue their season the chance to take up Dover's record in the National, effectively swapping positions, with all that it entails?
  14. To the same level as the teams promoted to replace them were previously at. A points deduction would be okay with me, but I think it's a relatively painless way to save yourself a fortune while many of your peers decide to honour the majority vote and carry on.
  15. Absolutely. But not a good character trait unless it's backed up. Hope he's fantastic.
  16. I haven't seen such self promotion since Tony Abort. If he doesn't change our season after all that guff he'll have to make a quiet exit.
  17. If we dropped out mid season I'd fully expect the club to be expelled by the Conference. Extraordinary times or not, Dover are being asked to deal with the same circumstances as every other club. All were given a vote. Brexit means Brexit.
  18. I think the alternative is that the National League admits it has lost complete control. All clubs must abide by the league's rules, which presumably include implementing any decisions arising out of votes. I realise this season is special and no club should be forced to put their future at risk, but the way out is to accept you're unable to take part and accept the previously agreed consequences (sanction resulting in expulsion).
  19. They should be expelled imo.
  20. Not many at all, Pat Quinn Johnny Quinn Adam Quinn Scott Quigley Syniell Quashie Conner Qualter Brian Quailey Think most mentioned already.
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