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  1. Possibly. They're not in the best quality though, and might not fit on the crappy scanner I have. I'll give it a go with this one.
  2. 2. Why were Halifax Town the subject of a conference at Keele University in 1987?
  3. We used to have a 125 year lease on a peppercorn rent, didn't do us any favours. Didn't stop property speculators from getting involved with the club for their own ends. The only safe solution is public ownership and constant scrutiny.
  4. That actually conjured up an image of your dad shaking his head
  5. The award for the longest url ever pasted to the forum goes to.... The category has now been retired.
  6. So, for those who are interested, under the Sunday Observance Act 1730, it was illegal to charge for admission to any place of entertainment on a Sunday. As Sunday football was a thing at the time, clubs got around the law by various means, some would allow entry for those who purchased a programme, or for taking out a day's membership to the club, etc. But most were still in fear of the law and secretly provided a 'free gate' through which those who insisted on free entry could be allowed admission. But they didn't publicise the fact for obvious reasons. The People did an expose on a number of clubs, Halifax Town being one of them, and we were found to only allow 'free' entry for people who purchased a 45p membership. Other clubs adopted even more underhanded methods. Bury would change which one of their gates was the 'free gate' multiple times, as quickly as every 2 minutes. So whenever you asked an official which gate was the free one, you would be pointed in the direction of the right one, but by the time you got there, the gate had changed again. Barnsley used to make those wanting free entry wait outside a big wooden door, letting them in en masse to chants of 'pay up, you bastards!' from those already in the ground. Incidentally, the Act was only finally repealed by the Licensing Act 2003, which became notorious in Halifax when the Zoo Bar became the first licensed premises to be closed under the new Act. Another question tomorrow. I'll make it a bit more recent hopefully, there's plenty of material to go through here.
  7. Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Good job.
  8. I came into possession of a lot of Town press cuttings the other year and finally had chance to take a look through. Thought I'd take the opportunity to test the memories of our long-time fans. Maybe no-one here knows but perhaps you can ask the older fans you know. Just one question for now but I'll pose a few more if this one goes well. 1. Why did Halifax Town make the front page of the Sunday People in February 1974? The headline begins... "EXPOSED!"
  9. Hoddie

    Just amazing

    Knowing you it will probably need a good wipe first.
  10. Hoddie

    Just amazing

    I can see the novelty value of these cut outs but they should have no material effect whatsoever on the outcome.
  11. The UK can apply special VAT rates on anything they like, providing such rates were grandfathered into the EU VAT treaties by at least one other EU member state, and subject to the UK notifying the EU. For example, we charge a zero rate of VAT on what we consider to be essential food. That means every other EU member state can do likewise, providing they notify the EU of the change. Likewise, at least one member state doesn't charge VAT on sanitary products, so the UK could do the same on condition they notify. I'm assuming that the 5% rate on hospitality already exists elsewhere in the EU and the UK is taking advantage of this, otherwise they could well end up paying a fine, as although we're no longer members, we signed up to be bound by the rules until the end of 2020.
  12. Yeah it was a league game - Dag & Red springs to mind, but I could be wrong. I was just out of the main shot, thankfully, but the two lads I used to go down with made it in. They asked supporters to go back for more crowd shots during the week, for free the cheeky buggers but still loads went and everyone ended up getting paid, I think my mate got £20 or something like that.
  13. What was a 'soccer blue' (in relation to army service)?
  14. For supporters with more money than sense™
  15. Good job you didn't say the same to Flea and AFCH, otherwise we might not be quite so near £40k.
  16. I wasn't having a go at the BoD, but the thing is, no-one's asking them act on every suggestion. The problem is the ridiculous reactions from those already 'in the circle' towards people coming up with their suggestions. It's like they're talking about treason or heresay. You know how it looks to me? That some fundraising ideas haven't been as successful as expected, then some Johnny Upstart comes along and dares suggest another idea. The bloody cheek. Go on, throw in another insult. I mean, how dare he suggest ways of raising money while the club has the begging bowl out? FFS.
  17. People are offering ideas but everyone who's already involved is getting super defensive, and the usual "well why don't you offer some time" nonsense hasn't worked this time because someone did offer their time... I wonder what happened there. Let me guess, "we'll be in touch." This is the difference between Halifax Town FC and FC Halifax Town. The former would have been grateful for all ideas, all volunteers and all donations. The current club belongs to one man and his select circle, and woe betide anyone who tries to encroach on it. Look at Flea's virtual ticket idea, an incredibly simple thing that's ended up raiding a few thousand? I bet the club expected to shift a couple of dozen at most. If there's a good reason why - other than the lack of the free 30 seconds it would take to set up a "buy a pie for a quid" - then explain rather than slag the person off. The club and the current volunteers do not have a monopoly on good ideas. But to see all the defensive reactions, it would appear they seem to think that.
  18. Halifax Town once had a player called Orr, with a first name beginning with E. If his nickname wasn't donkey then something's very wrong.
  19. But they're not from the right supporters.
  20. Why are you getting so annoyed because someone else is having different ideas? Egos and enpires. Tread on either at your own risk.
  21. I don't know much about it, but I bet it has about 4 members of staff, something like that.
  22. I think people are being a bit unreasonable here. I imagine the Conference needs to make arrangements with referees and BT, who could themselves be dragging their feet due to existing broadcast commitments, and all clubs will need to speak to local councils and the police, not to mention staff, medical personnel, etc. I don't suppose any of this takes too long in normal times, but all organisations are operating with reduced personnel right now, and most of those involved will have extra responsibilities despite that. Throw in the additional Covid-19 considerations on top.
  23. I really hate the fact that they ignore us all season, but once we're in the play-offs they're all over us like flies on shit. I really hope the BBC's reduced funding sees massive cuts to Radio Leeds sport - while other BBC local radio stations do a fantastic job covering the lower-league sides in their region, all Radio poxy Leeds do is cover the teams that are already well-served by by national media. Let's be honest, would anyone actually miss Radio Leeds?
  24. Haha what? You don't accept what anyone says is the truth unless you agree with it? For what it's worth, you do seem to be blind to the fact that your attitude does betray you as racist. That may not be fair but it's how your views sometimes come across.
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