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  1. We know that the announced number of infected is much lower than the true figure. We know that most tests are being administered on those who are hospitalised, therefore there are thousands, perhaps even millions in the UK who have the virus but haven't felt the need to visit a hospital, and are thus not counted in the official stats. Anecdotally, two of my cousins have experienced the loss of taste/smell symptom so are assumed to have the virus. They are otherwise fine. This means the death rate is far lower in percentage terms than the official stats would have us believe. That's not to say that the numbers dying aren't high. Clearly the NHS is experiencing a surge in demand and is expecting this surge to increase far beyond anything seen from seasonal flu, hence the scramble to increase capacity by 10,000s of intensive care beds (as the early stats from Spain and Italy said we would need to do). It's emerged that the official death count includes anyone dying in a hospital who was confirmed as infected by the virus. This seemingly means that even those dying of other ailments are being included in the figure, though the virus could have accelerated the death by some time - frankly we'll never know. It's also emerged today that many deaths that are possibly attributable to the virus are not being included in the official count, because they have occurred away from hospital in care homes, hospices and family homes, and no test was ever administered. Some of these may be included in the figures at a later point but many will not. In fact, it has emerged today that some patients presenting with the symptoms are being given the option to return home in order to die in comfortable surroundings, surrounded by family rather than alone in hospital with a tube down the throat. Those claiming this policy exists say the option is given to those who clearly aren't going to survive, the very elderly, those with fatal underlying conditions, etc., and that if they choose this option they are given drugs in order to self-administer some sort of palliative care as the end draws near. In such cases no test is administered and some/all of these deaths will not be included in the announced figures. So people can offer up conspiracy theory, alternative facts, strong evidence-backed opinions until they're blue in the face. Does it really matter? People are getting infected by this. People are dying. The authorities are so scared that they've jeopardised the very future of the country. Those working in the healthcare industry are scared. They risk everything just by going to work. They risk catching the virus themselves (55 doctors in Italy have died to date), and even if they survive, they risk being hit with PTSD when they come out the other end. The UK - hell, the world - is going to be a different place in 6 months time. Whether that's because of Covid-19 or because there's a Chinese conspiracy to triumph over the west. Frankly, it doesn't matter. It's already happening. We're living through a pivotal moment in history, and the last time this happened was after WW2. We thought Brexit was gonna be a rollercoaster.
  2. Hoddie

    Martial Law

    They're opening the jails up yet they're threatening to jail people who exercise outdoors more than once a day. It's things like this that make our politicians look like muppets.
  3. Hoddie

    Courier Quiz

    Won't load for me, must be geo-blocked. I hereby award myself 20 out of 20.
  4. Malta's immigration laws at the time were harmonised with EU treaties due to their upcoming ascension.
  5. We've had the argument about the EU many times and I don't intend to have it again. You believe in goblins that peddle myths, and fairies that promise treasures. For the record, I'm retired. Have been since before you left Malta. Remember that? When you were suckling at the teat of the EU"s Freedom of Movement?
  6. He didn't win the election outright, he was appointed Chancellor via a coalition. And his popularity was after a long-orchestrated campaign to subdue any and all meaningful opposition, and on the back of decades worth of anti-Jewish sentiment in the country. You have a looser relationship with facts than Trump does with reality.
  7. So when facts prove you wrong, your opinion suddenly counts for more than facts. Gotcha. Speaking of communists and fascists.... Lenin, Hitler and all the rest used to get huge crowds too. I suppose that made them great leaders.
  8. It's far from perfect, what's your point? You were wrong about Trump being popular with most Americans - he isn't and I doubt he ever has been. It's just the quirks of their system that got him elected.
  9. That's not true at all - he got 46.09% of the vote compared to Hillary's 48.18%, some 2.8m less. It's only because of the convoluted way that US elections work that he got enough electoral votes to become President. And the latest approval ratings from his favourite news organisation - Fox - gave him 48% approval against 51% who don't approve - they've been hovering around 50/50 for a while now, which is considered very poor because Fox viewers usually show bias to Republican presidents.
  10. Yeah but Suter played before Matthews, so held the record at the time?
  11. Hoddie

    Old threads

    The database is complete back to 2010 I believe, with some threads dating from 2008 still here (those with replies in 2010). Only spam threads are deleted, the rest are retained.
  12. I was in there for the Cheltenham game, can't remember if that was before or after Southport.
  13. Touché. But you get the point.
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