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  1. There was an active boycott in fairness. I have no idea what's gone on there other than what I've just read from spending 10 mins over at the fans forum, but it looks a bit like another 97/98 Doncaster Rovers, where the management is completely detached from the supporters. If the players don't get paid soon, they'll be able to look for new clubs, which could see Macc playing kids for the remainder of the season.
  2. Silent fireworks get my vote. Unless I'm supposed to be getting my jollies off the sounds of gunfire rather than the pretty patterns in the sky. Perhaps that's just me
  3. The signs for the economy aren't that great but I suspect most of those signs are Brexit related and will clear within a couple of years of Brexit actually happening. This last week, Moody's credit ratings agency signalled that the UK was at risk of defaulting on its debt. I don't think anyone seriously believes that. When the country spends £800bn/year, debt interest is high at £50bn but clearly not unaffordable. The Tories are critical of Labour's plans to renationalise some services. Let's say Labour win power and go ahead with their plans to buy back the rail services. Say it costs £20bn to do so, that doesn't necessarily make it a £20bn gamble. They've borrow £20bn but also have an asset worth £20bn. If the worst happens, they can re-privatise, even with a small loss. The Tories waste much more cash without even going to the trouble of privatising. Look what they've handed out to CAPITA and ATOS in relation to benefits. It's cost them more to bring in and sustain Universal Credit than it was supposed to, on paper, save the country. Look at the last thing the Tories did privatise - the probation service. Now set to be re-nationalised at considerable cost because they've finally admitted it should never have happened. The real challenge will be bringing the debt down to reduce the money wasted on interest payments. But I don't see anyone even talking about that. Even under Cameron they only ever spoke about bringing the deficit down, not actually reducing debt. Under their plans, austerity would have had to be the policy until the end of time in order to pay off any debt. The last chancellor that actually paid off some of the country's debt was Gordon Brown, the man people think of as economically illiterate. Neither party has a monopoly on pissing about with the economy. It's safe to ignore any and all claims about the economy in the run up to the election. Truth is, whoever wins, they'll contrive to bugger it up.
  4. Tories spend £1tn in 8 years = prudent, austerity-driven government. Tories claim Labour will spend £1tn = will bankrupt the country. You simply cannot take the Tories or Tory-supporting media seriously. Politics in a very strange place right now. We've always been aware that politicians will bend the truth but we've now reached the point where they will outright lie, with a smile instead of a hint of shame. Trump was right when he said it was time to drain the swamp, but who knew he was talking about the Houses of Parliament and Fleet Street?
  5. Thought this was quite good, though I got a measly 5 out of 10.... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50288939
  6. Refugees cannot legally travel to any country other than where they've claimed asylum. If granted asylum, they can move within Schengen of which the UK isn't part. Therefore those refugees accepted into Germany cannot lawfully travel to the UK whether or not they've been granted asylum, and if the UK adequately protected its borders, which is far from the case as the recent TV documentary showed, it would be near impossible for them to get to the UK. Again, the UK at fault, not the EU.
  7. Well if Islam is your issue, why has it taken until p48 to mention it? EU migrants are overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian, not so those from outside the EU - those the government could stop today if they were so inclined.
  8. I can't see past a Labour minority govt propped up by the SNP, Greens and independents. If Tories did a deal with Farage, they'd probably walk it.
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