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  1. Says UK only. Better bloody not be!
  2. Agree, and it's cost us points. Whether it's Clarke to blame or Wild changing tactics because Clarke is back I don't know.
  3. I agree with Nick to some extent - if, indeed, this is what he means - that footballers are expected to be beyond reproach, model citizens if you like, when it comes to racism. Yet we allow them to get away with violence, sometimes extreme violence, and cheating as though they are normal and acceptable. Racism is abhorrent, but violence and cheating are not exactly misdemeanours, and if we're expecting footballers to act like role models for the youngsters who idolise them, perhaps we should be encouraging them to not be so selective in the virtuous behaviour we want them to show.
  4. I did clubcall for the club years ago and commentary did not come naturally to me. And in my head there was an audience of 1. These guys do a great job considering they know 1,000 people are listening to every word, and that they don't have all the tech and instant replays that professionals have access to.
  5. Knobheads using Brexit as an excuse to return their birth right of perpetual violence. I don't think it'll ever end there, too many people enjoy never growing up.
  6. Well yeah. Some people believe that some others have a different personality when they go online. I don't believe that, I just think that their personality shines through.
  7. All social media does is amplify your personality. If you're a dick on Facebook, you're a dick in real life. If you're racist on Twitter, you're racist in real life. The only way to break the circle is not to close social media, but to educate the next generation to be better than us.
  8. You want to hand your identity documents to two of the most breached companies in the world? You might as well just stick them on as your profile pic and invite people to steal your identity.
  9. You cannot be serious. What next? Barcodes on arms?
  10. A report the previous week said the club's first game would be against Normanton, but turns out they played Altofts at Normanton.
  11. The Bradford club here is Bradford Park Avenue, back in the club's northern union days - they ran a soccer club which played whenever the rugby side was away. This season - 1895/96 - they shared the West Yorkshire League title with Hunslet, who might have won it outright were it not for Halifax beating them 1-0 late in the season.
  12. Halifax Evening Courier 25 July 1895 (and they did later merge, so it did eventually go wrong)
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