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  1. It's all about brand recognition, keeping the brand in your psyche. The whole world knows about Coca-Cola, it's pretty much everywhere, and whether you drink it or not, it's the adverts that keep it in your brain - the same reason why they insist on having a whole aisle in the supermarkets, that kind of thing. Betting companies like to advertise not because it gets new customers - because you're either a gambler or your not - but because it keeps their brand in your head. Ban the adverts, problem gambling would massively reduce. Same as taxing sugary drinks has reduced the consumption of said
  2. There's a reason why coca cola still advertise.
  3. Belgium's approach to online gambling is much better than the UK's - all online sites must be affiliated with a local physical casino, and they must share the legal burden if/when things go wrong. All other online casinos are blocked. In addition to this the gambling authority keeps a central register of players who are barred from playing, and those who elect to self-ban, which means they simply can't register at the online sites or go into the physical sites (ID must be shown) - punishment for allowing a banned player is punitive, and players who successfully bypass the ban (by using a relat
  4. Hoddie

    No fans

    Almost 1 in 1,000 Brits have died since the pandemic was declared, over and above what would normally have been expected for the same period. Not all have been ascribed to Covid-19 but this figure represents the 'excess' deaths. I'm not discounting the notion that it would be better to carry on as normal and accept that some people will die, I can't in good conscience argue either way, but I do wonder at what figure of excess deaths does everyone accept that a lockdown is necessary? 5 in 1,000? 10 in 1,000? 50? 100? I just wonder if we'd be having the same discussion if excess deaths had reach
  5. If streaming is a short-term thing then, to use your example, more Dover fans may choose to pay for it than the number who would have normally travelled to the Shay. But if streaming goes on for the entire season then numbers will drop unless Town or their rivals on any given day are involved in a promotion push or relegation battle. Let's assume its £10 per game, I doubt very many will pay to stream all 44 games. That's some wedge to pay out.
  6. Hoddie

    No fans

    Not much of a risk if you expect your cake either way. Indeed, but I won't be paying it.
  7. Hoddie

    No fans

    I wouldn't pay £15. It's too much imo.
  8. Hoddie

    No fans

    They are climbing, albeit slowly. It's a classic no-win situation for the government. If they lock down and successfully prevent a return to the large number of deaths we saw earlier in the year, they'll be accused of taking unnecessary draconian action (difficult to show success); or if they keep opening up as was planned until this week, only to then see a spike in deaths, they'll be criticised for not taking the warning signs seriously. The issue with this government is that they can't seem to make up their minds. It's one step forwards, two to the side, three back, another forwards, e
  9. Hoddie

    No fans

    Your first sentence may be correct but that doesn't make it acceptable. If everyone over the age of expectancy started dying off, the age of expectancy would come down pretty rapidly. Deaths are low in comparison to the recorded number of cases, but they are climbing and if it follows Spain the trend would remain upwards without further restrictions. I'm all for the Swedish model actually, life must go on and all that, but it relies on people using common sense and taking measured approaches to risky situations. Sadly there's a distinct lack of common sense everywhere you look, so I'
  10. Hoddie

    No fans

    If they award that to Serco we're all f****. Researching a vaccine is a specialised task. Testing is not, at least not anywhere near the same level of complexity. They're hiring people with no previous medical or lab experience to do it. I personally don't think we'll see a vaccine, at least one that gives permanent immunity like most.
  11. Hoddie

    No fans

    The fact they awarded Serco the contract says it all. It's been reported more than once that the NHS has spare capacity, but Serco won't pay to access it. We're in a pandemic - testing should be government-led, not done for profit imo.
  12. Hoddie

    No fans

    Ah yes, the Labour recession, not connected in any way to the global banking crisis. Funny how the Tories will get a free pass with the Covid-19 recession, just as they did with John Major's and Thatcher's, and Ted Heath's and Macmillan's, and Eden's and MacDonald's, and Disraeli's and Gascoyne-Cecil's, and Smith-Stanley's and Disraeli's other one. Truth is, you like most people have fallen for the Tory lie that you can't trust Labour with the economy. The media repeated it so often you didn't really stand a chance. I'll remind you again, even before Covid-19 was a thing, the Tories, sinc
  13. Hoddie

    No fans

    I'm exactly the same. I thought that they were initially acting based on what little was known about the virus, and with an eye on what happened elsewhere, albeit it a little later than they could have done. Since then they've increasingly pushed the science to one side while at the same time misusing parliamentary procedure and ignoring their own rules and guidelines as it suits them. There's very little about BoJo that is statesmanlike in the way he likes to think - I doubt very many currently have any faith in what he says, if only because he changes his mind every few days.
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