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  1. Was I? Doesn't sound like me. I may have said the atmosphere feels much better because we're playing to win, not to draw. To answer your question, because this is the second defeat in difficult-to-swallow circumstances, and the next 3-4 games will show us whether or not Wild can marshal his players to deal with that or not.
  2. This result has certainly knocked the confidence a bit. County may be a big club but they're suffering right now, lots of new players (think BBC commentary said 14 players signed within last couple of weeks), poor run of form and ill disciplined. Again, opposition down to 10 men at 0-0 yet they're the ones who come out on top. I think the next 3-4 games will tell us how good Wild is.
  3. I think I'm right in saying that Halifax Town is 108 years young today.
  4. I hate playing Yeovil, never seem to beat them. Still, this will show us what kind of team we really have. Remember the Conference-winning side lost 4-0 to both main rivals.
  5. Exactly. We watch football to see our team try and win. It's not rocket science is it? It was so depressing seeing people defend JF's indefensible performance as manager.
  6. I disagree. As I said before, the change in atmosphere alone is incredible. This 'top of the league' feels so much better than either of the 'top of the league' situations we were in over the last two seasons. The mere fact that Wild has his players trying to win games rather than setting out to pick up a point is evidence enough that things have changed for the better. Can you seriously have imagined JF going to Chesterfield and seeing his side race into a 3-0 lead? He'd have had them go out, sit back, soak up pressure and hope for a point.
  7. So long as reserves exist to cover any shortfall not filled by those windfalls you mention, then yes I am. I'd certainly be much rather spend £100k too much and be in this position than spend £100k too much and be struggling to reach 15th.
  8. Those clubs may have the cash but the players have to be available, and be willing to step down to the Conference. The type of character tempted by this may not necessarily improve the dressing room even if, on paper, they should improve the team. I don't think the club will surpass 97/98 until and unless they get to tier 3 again. At the time it was that big a deal. This BoD doesn't have a crumbling stadium, skeletons, bad debts, shareholders sniping from the wings, bad juju in Calderdale, low support. They don't face having to build two new stands just because the manager has delivered an unexpectedly good start to the season. The boardroom doesn't look like the inside of a badly maintained portacabin. The entertaining facilities don't look like the inside of a badly maintained social club on a cheap coastal caravan site. The club in 1997 performed a miracle. People forget that the Conference in 1997 included Woking, Kidderminster, Stevenage, Southport, Hereford, Gateshead and Morecambe, all strong, competitive clubs with reasonable crowds. Most remember Rushden and Cheltenham because they were our rivals for the title, but it has to be remembered that 17 of the sides in that league had finished above Town the previous year, one had been relegated from the League and was expected to mount a strong challenge, and three had been promoted into the Conference and had the potential to do well. As I said, it's all relative.
  9. Yeah they would if they had surplus in the bank to cover any losses. Which we know they have because the season ticket offer was supposedly covered by surplus in the bank. DB has predicted a controlled 6-figure loss, but getting an average crowd of 2,200, or a good cup game or other windfall, could easily mean a break-even season. It's only a risk if you don't have cash to cover the worst-case scenario.
  10. Argh. No it's not. FFS Erik how many times need we have this discussion? It's all relative. Not to mention that back then you had to hit top spot and now you need only get into the top seven.
  11. Oh come on. If I want better than mediocrity I'm either challenged to find funds to help us push forward, or otherwise called irresponsible for wanting the BoD to be more ambitious. And then when a new manager comes in and is much more successful without spending any more than the previous manager - which I've always said was possible - I'm asked if I'm happy that this success comes at such a cost. Where were you asking JF's disciples if they were content to watch such dross at such a high cost? Maybe I'm not understanding you but it seems like a cheap shot that I don't deserve. Am I happy the club is making a 6-figure annual loss? No. Do I think it's possible for the club to not make a 6-figure loss. Maybe, but without knowing the club's income and expenditure it's not possible to be certain. Am I sure that getting back into the Football League will solve all our financial problems? Yes. Especially with a budget-conscious BoD like we have now. My point with this thread was to say, "Wild is achieving what so many people said was impossible. Or at least impossible without spending enough to compete with the moneybags clubs." Remember this, enjoy it, and next time we have a JF in charge, remember it's reasonable to demand better.
  12. Clubs tied up a lot of players trying to contain Horsfield, leaving room for Bradshaw, Hulme, Hanson, Paterson, Thackeray and all the rest to work their magic. This time around, I'm not sure it's possible to contain a team that is already scoring goals from all over the field. Can we repeat 97/98, I sincerely think so, always have. Will we? I don't know, there are so many variables it's simply not possible to be certain.
  13. We were making a 6-figure loss last season according to DB, and had nothing to show for it.
  14. Can we now stop this utter nonsense that Halifax Town can't compete in the Conference? That we should accept mediocrity because it's all we can afford and all we deserve? Even if this fantastic start doesn't continue, the last month has shown that it's possible to bring together the right players, coaches, manager and tactics and be able to push ahead regardless of the club's limitations. I've always accepted that money helps achieve success, but at the same time doesn't guarantee anything and often brings other problems. The next time we have a manager like JF, dragging the club backwards - or, charitably, succeeding in only treading water - can we all agree not to embrace such a level of dross ever again? I don't recall John Carroll or Mark Lillis enjoying such blind support as JF did last season, and in Carroll's case at least, he had much worse budgetary constraints (relative to the other clubs at the time). We deserved better than last season. I'm not actually sure if JF walked or was smothered in butter and pushed out the nearest fire exit, but I hope the BoD have realised that sticking with mediocrity isn't always the cheapest option.
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