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  1. People are offering ideas but everyone who's already involved is getting super defensive, and the usual "well why don't you offer some time" nonsense hasn't worked this time because someone did offer their time... I wonder what happened there. Let me guess, "we'll be in touch." This is the difference between Halifax Town FC and FC Halifax Town. The former would have been grateful for all ideas, all volunteers and all donations. The current club belongs to one man and his select circle, and woe betide anyone who tries to encroach on it. Look at Flea's virtual ticket idea, an incredibly simple thing that's ended up raiding a few thousand? I bet the club expected to shift a couple of dozen at most. If there's a good reason why - other than the lack of the free 30 seconds it would take to set up a "buy a pie for a quid" - then explain rather than slag the person off. The club and the current volunteers do not have a monopoly on good ideas. But to see all the defensive reactions, it would appear they seem to think that.
  2. Halifax Town once had a player called Orr, with a first name beginning with E. If his nickname wasn't donkey then something's very wrong.
  3. But they're not from the right supporters.
  4. Why are you getting so annoyed because someone else is having different ideas? Egos and enpires. Tread on either at your own risk.
  5. I don't know much about it, but I bet it has about 4 members of staff, something like that.
  6. I think people are being a bit unreasonable here. I imagine the Conference needs to make arrangements with referees and BT, who could themselves be dragging their feet due to existing broadcast commitments, and all clubs will need to speak to local councils and the police, not to mention staff, medical personnel, etc. I don't suppose any of this takes too long in normal times, but all organisations are operating with reduced personnel right now, and most of those involved will have extra responsibilities despite that. Throw in the additional Covid-19 considerations on top.
  7. I really hate the fact that they ignore us all season, but once we're in the play-offs they're all over us like flies on shit. I really hope the BBC's reduced funding sees massive cuts to Radio Leeds sport - while other BBC local radio stations do a fantastic job covering the lower-league sides in their region, all Radio poxy Leeds do is cover the teams that are already well-served by by national media. Let's be honest, would anyone actually miss Radio Leeds?
  8. Haha what? You don't accept what anyone says is the truth unless you agree with it? For what it's worth, you do seem to be blind to the fact that your attitude does betray you as racist. That may not be fair but it's how your views sometimes come across.
  9. I refer the honourable gentleman to my earlier answer on this subject:
  10. He means when we go for the hat-trick of relegations back to the Conference after first comfortably winning the play-offs
  11. Good idea, might mean fiddling with the template but I'll check it out when I get chance.
  12. Innocent days From the Courier, 22 Sept 1911. Plans for a grandstand for the Halifax Town club were before the Improvement Committee of the Halifax Corporation this week, and were duly passed. These came before the directors, last evening, at a specially convened meeting, and tenders from local firms were likewise considered. The matter was fully gone into, and it was decided to proceed at once with the erection of a stand on the Sandhall-lane enclosure. The tender of Messrs. H Bancroft and Son, joiners, Back Clarence-street, Halifax, was accepted. Messrs. Medley Hall and Son, Harrison-road, Halifax, are the architects. The stand will be a wooden structure, and will be placed facing the centre of the field on the side of the ground that abuts on Sandhall-lane. In all, there will be 13 tiers of seats, with accommodation on each tier for 39 persons. Roughly, it will be seen that 500 persons can be seated on the proposed structure. A portion in the centre of the stand will be railed off and reserved for directors and committees, both of the home club and visitors. The new club are to be congratulated on their enterprise, and they are certainly showing that they mean to leave no stone unturned to capture the patronage of the public. This latest venture should prove a valuable asset to the Town club. The new erection will be put in hand at once.
  13. Yeah, I don't understand what's wrong with that Tweet either. It is in no way anti-Semetic, and if that's the only one you're on about, you should withdraw your criticism Bubba.
  14. Hosteroid have prevented the forum software from sending out email due to a massive increase in spam email sent by fake accounts. I'm going to improve the site's detection of spam accounts and take other available measures to reduce outgoing email, and hopefully persuade Hosteroid to turn the feature back on. Until then, it will be impossible for new members to register to use the site unless an existing member contacts us. The new user should register as normal but would then need someone else to message @Bubba or myself to manually approve their account. This is a pita so hopefully only a temporary measure, Additionally, email relating to private messages and other opt-in notification subscriptions won't be working either.
  15. Any club would have appealed. Relegation affects every aspect of the football club, from player contracts, sponsorship to ground requirements and future budgets. It's at least a million less in terms of income, and they're absolutely right imo, relegation should be determined across a season, not part of it. Unprecedented times and all that, but they have to make at least a token attempt to retain League status and that million, otherwise they're stupid. I'd expect no less from Halifax Town in their position.
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