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  1. Two poor teams imo, Southport took their chances, we hit the bar 3 times from memory. It doesn't help that the side is necessarily changing all the time but such is the risk you take by relying on loan players. Happy to take that risk this season especially.
  2. That's as good as they could have done to be fair. Kudos to the club for having a backup plan to get to Southport in time.
  3. I'm really conflicted by this lockdown. I feel that hard-fought-for personal liberties are conceded at our peril. That people are bring fined because someone thought they were walking their dog too far from home is absolutely abhorrent to me. This is marching on Downing Street territory. It is making more and more people hate the police and that's very dangerous. On the other hand I really detest those selfish pricks that refuse to take even basic precautions and who are putting the lives of other people at risk every single day. I think we are reaping what we've sowed in a way, beca
  4. 5 goals from 7 appearances with Gloucester. Not to be sniffed at.
  5. This is what I have (15, not 17). I'll take a look at the other names mentioned to be sure, and if anyone else has someone to add, let me know and I'll do likewise. playerID playerSurname playerFirstName htafc fcht 2651 Ainge Simon 15 64 2445 Gedman Paul 2 24 2624 Gray Nicky 25 80 2647 Harban Tom 10
  6. Not at home so can't check right now. Will put my list later today.
  7. 17 I think. Part of the reason for asking though is I wanna check what I have is correct
  8. Name all the players who have played for the first team of both Halifax Town AFC and FC Halifax Town.
  9. 29th just ahead of Jamie Paterson. 1 Bobby Davidson 21 Ryan Toulson 22 Tom Morgan
  10. Bonus question: which two players, who made their first appearance for HTAFC and their last for FCHT, would be in positions 21 and 22?
  11. Which Town player can lay claim to the longest period between their first appearance for Halifax Town, and their last? The player was not with the Shaymen for the entire period. The top 20: ? Bob Suter - first against Chesterfield on 6/9/1913, last against Darlington on 24/4/29 (5,709 days) Maurice Wellock Mick Leonard John Thomas Jimmy Moncrieff Clifford Binns Bill Allsop David Evans Gerry Henry Bernard Massey Dean Martin Steve Thornber - first against Chester on 14/2/84, last against Stalybridge on 5/3/96 (4,4
  12. Oh fair enough. I thought this was one of the games where fans were allowed after lockdown was relaxed, before being abruptly reinforced again.
  13. Anyone have an attendance for this game?
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