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  1. I remember it well ,probably the best 20 mins. from any town side ever. I spoke to Brian several years ago and ask him if he remember scoring the goal. "Not half, get in he replied" with a big smile on his face. R.I.P. Brian
  2. Don't worry he will get his chance when Duckworth gets injured. If Duckworth manages a season without injury it must be a first, but I hope he does because he is on top form at the moment.
  3. The supporters club are running a coach to Ebbsfleet for our opening fixture of the season.Lets see if we can fill it and give the team a rousing start.
  4. Brighouse have no game this Sat. But I guess we have burnt our boats with them.
  5. I keep saying get the thing turfed. It's the only way to ensure it will be ready to start and complete the season.
  6. shaycrazy


    I hope we have paid the rent and not being barred from using the pitch by the council . Seriously though the only solution I can see, is to re-turf it the same as Rochdale did mid-season before playing Tottenham in a cup tie.
  7. What's the verdic on the pitch, will it be fit to play on this Sat. If not what are the long term plans for the season. There over a thousand season ticket holders they won't want messing about playing home games away from the Shay. Answers please mainly from the people responsible Calderdale Council.
  8. Appoint the right manager, we could see a late surge to take us to 900
  9. If Clarke had retired at the end of last season, there would be no question of who we would like to become manager. An experienced General manager to help with other associated things would be a big help to him. I think there will be a feel good factor if he is appointed.
  10. Only one thing to do now, that is to relay the pitch with turf. Expensive procedure but the Council has caused this and must pay the consequences. It is the only way to have it ready for the start of the season.
  11. It's interesting to note that all these great players were signed during the Aspin years. We have had no one of note since.
  12. 100% David Bosomworth. There is only one share issued and he owns it.
  13. I think you are right Trev is DB going to bale out with the money, then say he has left the Club debt free
  14. I can see Tues. Game being called off because we can't raise a team.
  15. Ecstasy of Gold from the same film, rousing tune ends in a crescendo.
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