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  1. I want to watch the team when they are playing. The only way I can do that at the moment is to pay for streaming, unless I wear a hi-vis vest and carry a fork. I would also like to think the £9.99 is helping the Club during these difficult times.
  2. Earing seems off the pace today.
  3. Chadders is the pitch fit ? or is there a planned inspection.
  4. I thought Summerfield had his worst game for us today and that's why we struggled. With injuries and suspensions we will struggle on Monday too. Weather permitting.
  5. Picture looks good, hope all problems are sorted.
  6. Players today who need to do better, Johnson, King, Bell, Allen. They can and must do better next match, they need to step up to go the extra mile.
  7. Two seasons ago Sam would have got to those two shots and turned them round the post. His reactions seem a little slower these days, but he is still a good keeper. Some nice approach play last night, but again it broke down when we got to the edge of the penalty area, we need to shoot more and make sure they are on target. Scour the lower leagues for striker on fire at the moment, they must be some somewhere and take a chance.
  8. Graham Alexander a good shout. I thought he got short shift with Salford.
  9. Stupid from King, will he ever learn
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