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  1. With 4 Kids he will need the money.
  2. I see league 1 & 2 Clubs have voted for a salary cap of 2.5m and 1.5m to start immediately. Where does that leave some players at Clubs like Salford on reported wages of 4K per week.
  3. Anyone who thinks leaving the Shay will benefit FCHT is bonkers.
  4. Harrogate to play at the Shay until their ground is ready.
  5. How about getting his brother Tom in at the side of him ?.
  6. Time now to get the retained list out, we need new players in all areas. Send those still with us on holiday for a fortnight, then we go again. We played well first half because Boreham Wood were poor.We only had two efforts on goal both from Sho Silva who had a good game first half. Learn from this experience, there should be some quality about looking for a club for next season. We have to be stronger.
  7. We are looking weak now, time to make a change.
  8. I don't think we will score a goal. But our record from penalties is quite good so you never know. Hers hoping for the best.
  9. He also opened the Golf Driving Range at the top of the North Stand.
  10. Still not heard from him, I hope he is OK.
  11. The Pitch is probably not marked out yet. If Oz is not working full time, they won't want to bring him in just yet to save money.
  12. shaycrazy


    What will today's announcement regarding the reduction VAT mean to our Club. If prices are kept the same it will mean a nice little much needed bonus for the Club.
  13. Just bought ST and Virtual Ticket.
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