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  1. When they were practicing shooting prior to the match, TSS was the only player to consistently find the back of the net, the rest more often than not found the back garden.
  2. It's bugger all if you are a Billionaire.
  3. shaycrazy

    Game off

    Only 3 Games surviving now, Ebbsfleet, Notts County and Stockport.
  4. I think they have already started to get the jitters, one win in the last four. Have they been over achieving?.
  5. We owe Southwell nothing, he was out a long time with an injury and still got paid. I hope he appreciated that and just moved on
  6. Rodney has to start, you don't bring a player in like him to sit on the bench. Tobi did well last week but Rodney should be better. There is competition for places now up front, if you don't perform you will be out.
  7. Dan Gardner has been without a club since July last year. He is a bit like Redshaw coming back from a long term injury. He wants to stay in league football. If he is fit, that's the big question is he worth a punt to the end of the season. Pete Wild must know him from his time at Oldham .
  8. I agree if the players picked just go through the motions we will loose (probably hammered), if they play with some desire and right attitude we might get a draw. If they go with in there faces style high tempo game with good shooting and passing and a will to win the fight then we might actually win. It is down to the players selected (the right ones) and management to get us out of this slump or clear off in January into oblivion.
  9. Bring someone in to help him. Aspin, Harvey or similar short term.
  10. shaycrazy

    Notts County

    Yesterdays defeat goes down to one man in my opinion, the manager. When I saw the team sheet my heart sank knowing what was to come seeing who was in the starting eleven. In the match against Wrexham, Redshaw was the star and when he had to come off we were able to replace him with Cameron King and keep the momentum going, King should have started yesterday because Redshaw was unavailable. Macdonald should have started and so should have McAalinden. I am beginning to doubt the ability of our manager after all he really is inexperienced, he hasn't a clue what his best starting eleven is and does not seemed to know how to motivate his players. He may be a nice man but that will not win you football matches. He needs to engage with his senior players Brown and Clarke to find the best way forward from here. According to todays NLP Brown was the reason we signed Redshaw after alerting the manager to his availability.He has a contract to January 1st, I would be extending that to the end of the season fit or not.
  11. As one of the 71 who went on the 550 mile round trip yesterday, i would just like to say this. If any of the players on show say they gave it 100% then they are a liar. We were slow at moving the ball, we could not pass to a team mate, we could not head the ball cleanly and we never had a shot on target to call a shot. What did the manager do to try and rectify the situation, he waited 60 mins. before making a substitution and the new striker he brought in gave him 6 mins. The management now have a hell of a task on their hands to lift the squad before it becomes too late. No bullshit about over exceeding so far because that does not wash with me. I agree with a previous poster on here, I would play the strongest team possible against Farsley on Tuesday and use all 3 subs. and tell them all they are playing for a place against Wrexham on Saturday.
  12. A Sowerby lad, I remember him catching the bus to the shay over 60 years ago with his Father , a true shayman. RIP
  13. What about our players donating a days pay for Saturdays showing ?.
  14. We need a big dominant experienced defender from somewhere on loan for Tuesday. Tom Clarke Preston or Peter Clarke Fleetwood would do for a month, neither are featuring for their clubs at the moment.
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