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  1. As an incentive to by a season ticket, I think the time is right to include the subscription to Shaymen player for free for the length of the season. If games have to be played behind closed doors to start with, these could be streamed live, subject to approval by the relevant authorities. Or if this is not possible you would get the highlights content as usual and maybe extra revenue could be gained from perimeter advertising within camera shot.
  2. What are you going to do when furlough comes to an end and you have bugger all and will have to manage on social security.
  3. The way I read it, it is not new money, but an advance from next season. What happens next season to make up this shortfall ?.
  4. That picture is as good as any Lowry.
  5. shaycrazy


    Unbelievably poor today, there is no excuse for that performance, every player should be ashamed of themselves. I bet none of them dare come out with an apology for such a pathetic display. I also include the management duo in this also for not doing anything to try and change things quick enough. We are in a false position and all of us have got our hopes of being in the play offs, but play like we have the past month we have no chance. If the players read this if you think we are good enough then go out and prove it.
  6. Today's Ref in 12 games in the National this season he has issued 50 yellow cards and 5 reds. We have had him 4 times.
  7. When they were practicing shooting prior to the match, TSS was the only player to consistently find the back of the net, the rest more often than not found the back garden.
  8. It's bugger all if you are a Billionaire.
  9. shaycrazy

    Game off

    Only 3 Games surviving now, Ebbsfleet, Notts County and Stockport.
  10. I think they have already started to get the jitters, one win in the last four. Have they been over achieving?.
  11. We owe Southwell nothing, he was out a long time with an injury and still got paid. I hope he appreciated that and just moved on
  12. Rodney has to start, you don't bring a player in like him to sit on the bench. Tobi did well last week but Rodney should be better. There is competition for places now up front, if you don't perform you will be out.
  13. Dan Gardner has been without a club since July last year. He is a bit like Redshaw coming back from a long term injury. He wants to stay in league football. If he is fit, that's the big question is he worth a punt to the end of the season. Pete Wild must know him from his time at Oldham .
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