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  1. shaycrazy

    FA Cup

    Am I right in thinking that if a match is called off because of covid, the Club involved forfeit the tie.
  2. Ii think a lot of people are expecting a lot from Hyde when he returns, I hope he delivers. It is up to others to chip with goals also. Wild should get the forwards some shooting practice on Monday, first aim hit the target and get a shot away when they can Video quality today was poorest yet.
  3. Looks like we are in the pink kit today.
  4. We need to score goals today, the half chances we have created up to press need converting. We have scored 3 goals in two games, a penalty, a deflection and one decent goal, we have to do better. Hopefully we will get in our stride and convert those half chances.
  5. There is an apology on the D&R site from Pixellote the suppliers of the equipment, worth a read. There was the expected abuse from their fans too just like ours. Despite the teething problems I thought the coverage was good.
  6. Just set up an account and registered with my code sent to me as a season ticket holder. Everything seems fine, but we will see what happens tomorrow when I try logging in again.
  7. So what are you saying, up the price to £15.00, no, If they include any cup games we have at home for free and any balance to be deducted from next seasons ticket, most people should be happy.
  8. Mr. B used to cite Macclesfield as the model we should be following. I wonder what his views are now.
  9. shaycrazy

    No fans

    If the Government aren't prepared to stump up some financial help, the least they can do is open up stadiums to the agreed social distancing numbers that all clubs were working towards before the total ban. If it's safe to go in pubs, then safe to attend a football match in limited numbers.
  10. A great player for the club and a good manager, why he was sacked we will never know. We had one of the best away records at the time and in a comfortable mid table position. I asked John Crowther the Chairman at the time why he was sacked, he said he knew nothing about it as he was away on holiday. That was the demise of the club and relegation to the fourth division and eventually non league football. R.I.P. Johnny
  11. The chap I thought was Senior looked more like Ian Hellwell than that photo.
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