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  1. It is not the commentator at fault, the lad is doing his best. But the camera work is awful so much so that people will be demanding a refund. Get the people back who installed the equipment and tell them to fix it.
  2. I thought we were rubbish today. I thought the streaming was double rubbish. If we want to be involved in the play offs we will have to do a lot better than todays performance. Big improvement required for next match, now is the time to stamp your authority on games.
  3. Those dropped points today are entirely down to the decision of the management. We did not need to make a sub when we did, we had them worried every time we attacked. If the match had gone on another 5mins we would have lost. Very disappointed with management decisions. .
  4. Really poor today no quality in mid-field or attack. In all honesty that performance was coming in the last two games where we scraped a win. I think we will struggle to make the play offs if today is anything to go by. Surprise me now by beating top of the league.
  5. I hope the camera is going to move, it's just been in a fixed position so far.
  6. We are crap so far, we are lucky to not to be 2 down
  7. Our stream is a joke, finally got it.
  8. If PW wants a pay rise, which is deserved in my opinion, then he will have to have realistic expectations. If he is after over a six figure sum then I think he has no chance. DB is in a difficult position, with the team going well he won't want to upset the apple cart if negotiations break down. The answer has to be get us promoted and then we can start talking much improved terms.
  9. For all our first half dominance we only scored one goal, I thought we were going to pay the price for that when they managed to score, but we rallied and Campbell scored a thunderbolt to give us a well deserved win. I thought Chadwick's introduction did not pay off and he looked what he is a young academy product, but I have faith he will come good again for us, we lost momentum on the left hand side once Senior went off. I thought the stream was well worth the £12.00 charge and was as good as any Sky/BBC/ BT presentation. Well chuffed tonight
  10. If senior is out, I would play J Benn, he proved pre-season he's good enough.
  11. We are too slow both in approach and decision making, there is too much dithering on the ball. I think confidence is low at the moment and we miss players such as Sommerville, Chadwick and Bell. We need sharpening up to take our chances when they come along. As for the stream it's average at best, I think we must have gone for the cheapest option.
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