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  1. I've no idea why when a front two pairing was dropped from favour by the elite clubs, Conference level clubs also started playing a single target man up front. At this level a decent quick front two always causes more problems for defences. Hope Rodney and Redshaw are played that way for the rest of the season. RAR.
  2. It's........Rebekah Vardy.
  3. I did. Most of the travelling fans were familiar faces and Halifax accents.
  4. Nearly a hundred went to bloody Yeovil on one of the busiest Christmas Shopping days of the year and not in the middle of a holiday.
  5. The inability to string more than one pass together is a disgrace. Too many players adding nothing and giving the ball away constantly. We are 12 points from the drop. If something doesn't change we could be a couple of dodgy results away from relegation by February. Sounds negative but I've seen nothing to suggest this team can currently compete with anyone in the National League. No pace, can't keep the ball, no goal threat. Depressing.
  6. Surely we don't still get a sell on fee if Vardy moved on. He completed his first contract with them which famously had a sell on clause for us but he signed a new one with Leicester in 2018. Surely there was no compulsion in the new contract to copy across payment back to Halifax.
  7. Yeovil 2-2 Halifax Sho-Silva, King C Att. 2900 This will be my furthest ever away game (previous being Gillingham).
  8. Come on. Let's try and get Big Tommy D back off them. Bet the bugger would have nodded us an extra 5 or 6 points this season. A much needed Plan B.
  9. Disappointing result in the end. We've had a shocking month or two now. No matter how we've been playing though we've been unlucky not to pick up at least 4 or 5 more points from the last ten games. That would have us clear at the top. Strange season....again.
  10. Harrogate 0 - 3 Halifax Town I read somewhere that the odds were 33-1 but have slumped to 5/6 for a 0-3 Halifax win. Redshaw hattrick. Attendance: 1540
  11. And all the time Rodney is slumming it with Stockport. Let’s hope something can be turned round. Im starting to get uncomfortable with the return of being surprised when we score feeling from last year.
  12. Have I missed something? Not heard of him since he signed. Had to Google as thought I might have dreamed it.
  13. I remember Jamie P out-jumping Gary Pallister for a header in the Milk Cup Old Trafford game back in the last century. Such commitment. What a (short) player.
  14. I know it was at home rather than away but remember this heart-stopper.....
  15. Bromley 3 -1 Halifax Clarke Att: 2210 Jonathan
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