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  1. To be fair my grandad was good at shooting Germans but I wouldn't know one end of a Smith and Wesson Model 10 from the other.
  2. Me too. Nice to know I share my birthday with all these illustrious people/events. Macy Gray and Chairman Mao too apparently.
  3. Spiltdown Man

    Pete Wild

    Let's not get too carried away. Seven of our 9 opponents to date are in the bottom half. Games will start getting harder from here with a tricky run of 5 or 6 games into October. It will be interesting to see how we hold our nerve if we lose a few of those. I think Wild should be better at keeping the morale up.
  4. Took em for £36. £4 on a win and £1 on 3-1 which I cashed in with 10 mins left
  5. Bet365.com currently have Chesterfield Evens and us at 11/5 to win tonight. Gotta be worth a tenner.
  6. I'm channelling Chesterfield 1-3 Halifax tonight. Sho-Silva, King C, McAlinden
  7. Remember their old Black Death vodka shirts? I was always jealous of those.
  8. Spiltdown Man

    Pete Wild

    Really impresed so far with Wild. So far so good, but the real test will be how he gets the team/crowd to respond if they lose 3 or 4 on the bounce and end up bottom end of the play off places. That will be the real test. From what we've seen I do have confidence Wild has the belief and personality to be a steadying influence should that happen. We had a very similar situation last season. A very easy start playing 4 or 5 awful teams in the first 7 or 8 games and were near the top. Then came a run of a few hard games that we lost, JF went full defensive mode and we never looked like we'd win a game again until about March. That won't happen this time round.
  9. If he got 10 months as the stories say he won't be out in time. January at best for good behavior. He'll be pulling crackers with Fred Talbot this year. EDIT: Ah. Just saw it was ten weeks, not months and he's out already. Where do I get a ticket for his Big Night Out at the Shay? Top bantz are in order.
  10. 2-0 Allen, Johnson (Isn't he the only one without a goal so far? His time must surely come).
  11. An annnoying, yet probably astute analysis.
  12. Kosylo away at Woking in March 2018? [I have a spreadsheet. Tragic I know]
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