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  1. It just feels a very similar approach in the basement of the FT transfer market to last season. Strikers I expect to fire blanks, and there's no Kosylo this year to sneak a few more league points. Will Bosomworths loanees save the day this season?
  2. sidscoop


    How on earth you can be a full time professional and be so effing poor? I'll give rugby league their due, if you're half decent, you might earn a full time contract.
  3. Jesus H Christ. Fullarton. You might not get a Rodney and Duku to replace the 2 goal a season strikers this year.
  4. No way of checking whether cards are for this season neither
  5. Them hybrid pitches aren't cheap neither, but would stop the need to dig up every year.
  6. If they're with the wife and not wearing team colours, that option is available
  7. sidscoop

    The pitch

    Heaviest round the footy goalmouth by the South Stand
  8. Full time a failed experiment. The absolute worst of the worse FT mercenaries to choose from. As a manager I suppose you can only use the methodical approach.
  9. sidscoop


    Nailed on Conference football next year. Directors throw of the dice gives the club at least a year at this level.
  10. The Skircoat is definitely open. Whether Macclesfield bring 300, I suppose it's open just in case they bring more.
  11. And... The Billy Zero charade carries on. Wonder how much patience the board will show this time of asking?
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