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  1. Never a red card for me, but can understand why a ref would make such an 'unintelligent' decision these days. Just enough stud action, sadly, for the ref to stand behind his call. We should appeal however, even though it won't make a difference, if only for the sake of the game of football as a whole.
  2. Like judging Emile Heskey's England contribution by his goal return alone.
  3. From memory... It then stitched us up with having to use Matty Pearson at right back when he was having a storming spell in the middle of the park.
  4. Anything looking like a possible new league fixture for the 30th? Probably a bit short notice I guess.
  5. 8 - Carshalton and FGR (think I've blanked those bastards out).
  6. With raucous chanting including the old favourites of: "WHO GIVES YOU EXTRA???" "THERE'S ONLY ONE HOWARD BROWN!" "ISA! ISA! ISA!" and "WE ARE THE NATWEST HATERS!"
  7. Think he kept on cutting in from the left
  8. Clayton Donaldson, Bradford - Jamaica
  9. Think he's French born
  10. Anything with character (Clitheroe, Rossendale, et al) absolutely fine by me.
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