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  1. Super Scotffrey Quigley!
  2. Plenty rain due overnight
  3. They'd be wanting free entry. DB wouldn't have it!
  4. With the army en route to the Calder Valley, I don't think there's much of a debate about today's game being on or off.
  5. I'm usually an ardent "get the game on" person in all weathers, but it's forecast to absolutely bucket down constantly from mid-day tomorrow. For once I'd happily admit defeat for this one. Also secretly thinking about how I get back to the far side of Hebden after the game!
  6. This is our 2nd 2nd, not 1st 2nd. Or 1st 3rd if you prefer.
  7. Would like to see white shorts back with the home kit.
  8. Thought these were for our 2nd away kit?
  9. But what about the other important factors including... - Selling your soul to Rupert Murdoch - Bankrolled overseas clubs - The ssssshhhhhhhh! factor Surely these are all important for referees too?!?
  10. Nathan still has a good shift in him
  11. Agree that we are cutting it a bit fine in a number of positions. Feels like we need quite a few to be regularly on top form at the same time. However, despite Ducky having been superb this season, in a 5-3-2 we have plenty cover in that area with J. King, Hanson, and Josh Mac.
  12. Regardless of the seriousness of the competition, an away day north of the border, or across the sea to the EU, would have us wetting ourselves on here.
  13. We aren't used to playing a team (relatively) low in quality, yet high in confidence. Classic cup upset.
  14. We need to breed them good, just not that good.
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