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  1. Agree. Will be nteresting to see if width becomes an option again with the high turnover of players and possibly a different system.
  2. Limiting in the short term, yes. Clubs going to the wall and not paying players isn't exactly a great way of boosting member income.
  3. Raising their head above the parapet to announce that they will be promptly burying it in the sand.
  4. Never been keen on the cheap single colour badges on away kits (I know loads of teams do it). Saying that, I boycotted replica kits after the club crest was disrespected, so not sure my opinion counts!
  5. We don't, and won't, play with width. Sad for those of us who like an old-school out-and-out winger!
  6. If, as rumoured, we have one of the lowest budgets in the league, then that gives us a clue as to where we'll most likely find players! Bottom of our league, leagues below, unwanted players, FL rejects, relocaters. ...albeit using a smaller than average squad to bump up the average wage on offer.
  7. We could potentially boost our crowds with some spillover from the League clubs if Calderdale show some bravery with the Shay capacity.
  8. Seems to show for me - odd. It's Ollie Bayliss on Twitter.
  9. He seems to be pretty sharp on getting updates
  10. Planning for 3rd October start
  11. First game of the season one year?
  12. Maybe all this talk of Pete's need for a Plan B has got the league a bit confused.
  13. He was being a Billy Big Bollocks for some reason.
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