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  1. And an unprompted stop off in Greenland when the tacograph gets into squeaky bum territory
  2. Never seen in the same room together...
  3. Would be an interesting away day
  4. Speaking of football competitions in far flung places... Congratulations to Peter Butler for his Liberia side's dramatic win against Sierra Leone yesterday in World Cup qualifying.
  5. You can't beat a bit of Bully
  6. Or trying to get Solihull or Boreham Wood to move north
  7. Knew he could go on to be the best in the land
  8. Move back from your screen
  9. Exactly none, but won't stop top brass trying to rid the game of it.
  10. Pretty sure there's instruction from the top to blow immediately for a free kick against anyone trying to hold the ball in the corner. Happens now at all levels. Suspect it's now considered an 'ugly' part of the game that needs to be sanitised.
  11. Said during the game that there are some parts of the game that refs really need to understand to help the game function well, and one of those is contact between Centre Forward and Centre Half. This ref just didn't quite get it and it really disrupted the game and the two teams.
  12. Shaymen1984

    540 days.

    He probably should've done, but either should have put it away.
  13. Shaymen1984

    540 days.

    I thought Jeff King nicked that one off him. Might well be wrong.
  14. Agree, but I do think there is something to be said for 'mini' season tickets covering a few games which would help get some more casual fans to buy into the idea of committing to a full season ticket in the future.
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