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  1. Man City's Hyde Road ground?
  2. It was rash. It was clumsy. It wasn't assault. We'll be locking up boxers before we know it.
  3. Refund requested. I missed all the bloody goals! Fuming.
  4. Comfortably the worst stream so far. Will ask for a refund if it doesn't improve.
  5. See you all there as 'home' supporters!
  6. Maybe they count multiple STs linked to the same email address.
  7. Not sure if Summerfield scored the pen, but he's gained 3 A levels and a BTEC in Food Technology.
  8. What the **** was that about???
  9. We're in! I've skipped back 10 minutes so please keep quiet on here, cheers.
  10. Not here sadly! Must be filing in one by one.
  11. Thought it was too good to be true! Turn the camera on guys!
  12. Well that was a bit of a surprise. Good luck lads!
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