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  1. Memories for life. Thank you Macca!
  2. An expungement away from going into the record books as a season top scorer for us.
  3. I'm guessing some will be waiting to see if they have a job to go back to. Or how secure a job seems that they continue in. Or what family finances look like more generally. Others, myself included, will be waiting to see when games with spectators will return, what league we'll be in, when fixtures are scheduled (dates, days of the week, kick off times), etc. Loads of uncertainty around unfortunately.
  4. The article doesn't give the impression that they need the cash now so probably best to wait until we know what next season is going to look like. No rush. Disappointing that poor sales last year aren't considered in the light of the bad place we were in at the time. I never thought we'd ever do a cheap ST deal, so it's a shame we couldn't do it properly (not that 20/21 gives that chance either).
  5. Shaymen1984


    If we want a zero risk approach then we'll have to say goodbye to any sport for a year or two. There will be a degree of risk whenever things resume unfortunately. Same with work, socialising, travel, etc. I know many won't agree, but I think the Germans are doing the right thing. Happy to disagree with others on that. Players will be quarantined, but if we can't accept that then we'll have to write off football for a couple of seasons. In terms of finances, I wonder how sustainable we could be with behind closed doors games, no stadium costs, pay per view streaming done on the cheap with mobile phones, and cheap youth player contracts to plug any gaps? One thing is certain, we have to think outside the box, and challenge the existing way of thinking. P. S. I do still value human life.
  6. Shaymen1984


    I like their confidence!
  7. Shaymen1984


    I'd throw Fylde in the mix too (or in the bin).
  8. Shaymen1984


    In the few times I've seen him play, it is obvious he is the kind of player who always wants the ball, and seems to make space to get the ball and to move it on. Rarely seems to be under pressure. Michael Collins was similar. Clearly there's room for all different types of players in the middle of the park, but we have had quite a few in recent seasons that don't fill me with confidence that they really want to receive the ball (other skills aside!).
  9. Shaymen1984


    Suppose there is no guarantee that the EFL "£1m" is secure?
  10. Shaymen1984


    I'm sure we could make something work behind closed doors for a while. No need for a stadium and the rent whilst we can't attend. Add to that subscriptions for streaming games online. Possibly also a shift towards a younger squad on lower (PT?) wages. It wouldn't be easy, but we do need to think outside the box a bit.
  11. Maybe some kind of 8 week play off system with all teams playing each other home and away. Then ranked.
  12. Whatever happens will not be "fair" so we can all stop thinking about that one. Every option is unfair to someone so we need better arguments here. Luckily for us most of the scenarios aren't likely to be acute other than the threat to football in general. Decisions should prioritise protecting football for the long term.
  13. At least it wasn't Giuliano bloody Grazioli
  14. Interesting development in the world of rugby union where it seems players will be able to move clubs on 1st July even if the season ends up being extended past then. Could see something similar if we ended up with some kind of summer playoffs.
  15. As my teachers used to say, don't leave your homework till the last night. Want to get promoted? Best get yourselves at the top of the league. Want to avoid relegation? Keep yourselves out of the relegation zone. 1/5 of the season left, but I wouldn't have much sympathy for those that lose out (obvs assuming we make some form of playoffs of course).
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