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  1. The "unproven at this level" brigade wouldn't have it!
  2. If cashflow is an issue then the club should get an early bird season ticket offer out (£199 probably). Unprecedented times, and this could raise a six figure sum.
  3. Agree about King. A couple of months back, on one of the 'where will we finish' threads, I said that there is a big risk if we lose just one of a number of key players - Johnson, Brown, C. King, Rodney (all current form aside). Feels like we almost need all of these firing well.
  4. Plenty ups and downs for Wild so far, but I really want a season where the manager has had a good run of time to prepare properly (virus permitting). Not had that for the last few seasons.
  5. Please get this called off
  6. Find it difficult to be too worked up about that game. Four near-identical displays at home. Don't look like creating anything. Lack of confidence in possession. Forced backwards and then long. Same approach, same quality of players, same results. All too predictable to be honest, and as such the defeats become somewhat numbing. Not a lot of learning apparent of late. Can't work out if we are a decent side on a bad run or an average side that have had a couple of purple patches. It may seem like a knee-jerk reaction, but I'm struggling to see much changing with 3-5-2 unless we get Cam King back on top form.
  7. BT millions surely have to be pumped our way this weekend instead of the Prem clubs. Only fair.
  8. Shaymen1984


    Better unlock the Skircoat for tomorrow. Although the bogs are Calderdale's own Wuhan Fish Market.
  9. I'd give an arm and a leg to be ambidextrous
  10. Plus cover for Browny
  11. Yeah that's what I meant. Clarkey still doing a commendable job, but next season could be one too many to rely on his ever-presence.
  12. Brown to take over in the middle from Clarkey if we stick with 3-5-2?
  13. Suspect the agents are very good at selling the "big money" as being just around the corner, especially to the younger lads, and obviously they would need an agent for that #proballerz
  14. Seriously struggled for quality today. Only Rodney and Cam King had any kind of cutting edge. Obviously 3-5-2 has done us some good, but when it's bad it's awful to watch.
  15. Agree with the above posts. It was more than a high foot. Dangerous, wreckless, missed the ball, took the man. Accidental, but a clear foul, not just a technical offence.
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