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  1. I see what you saying steve,but i'm in the concentrate on the league brigade,we need to keep players fit,extra games takes its toll and risks injuries we dont need at this time in the season. Whats more important a wembley appearance of fighting for promotion? for me its the eyes on league 2 that takes top honours. We have been to wembley so its been done,nice as it is for me promotion is top priority
  2. Although Wembleys nice,the league is way way more important,a short bit of money now wont compare to playing in league 2
  3. Rip fella,none of us are promised tomorrow,sad sad news
  4. If we lose its getting us nearer the drop zone! 3 or 4 straight losses and its a battle at t'other end,Not happy as i'm sure most of you guys are thinking the same
  5. A game of fine margins says wilder
  6. stewards only if this crap carries on,its pathetic it is
  7. And people wonder why? Fans new and old think Feck it,can't be arsed going to watch shaymen,Why bother they will lose. Same old crap,do well,do crap,build up expectactions then dash them. I just WISH we could sustain the momentum and do well.Like in a previous post Groundhog day appears yet again. You just can't keep the fans interested season in and season out performing like this. You just can't ffs its depressing being a town fan its really really is
  8. Thats just too much to ask for us matey! Its not in our DNA
  9. Its just like the film groundhog day with us except its groundhog season!,Same old same old,start well,get the fans excited,geered up,coming down/back and having fun,then messing it up,dropping like bricks from a hod on a building site.Why the fook can't we carry it through for once instead of being at six's and sevens's every season.
  10. we're dropping like flies,shame shame shame
  11. ysb

    Amazon TV

    never tried to look for football as i just watched some old stuff that i hadnt seen like supernatural,and i watched em all,was great for that kinda stuff
  12. ysb

    Amazon TV

    i had it a few times the free trial ,it takes months n months but they offer it again eventually lol
  13. ysb


    you installing a bar
  14. Exactly! Thats what its about,this being a golden oppertunity to get out of this league,our hopes were high and now not so,its good being optimistic but draws and losses dont make ya win promotion,Do they?. Up to press we have been so so lucky to be still in the race,but thats simply down to others results and not our own play. We all want to win and to have any chance of promotion we have to get back to that form that we had at the start of the season,otherwise we'll end up out of the play offs and finishing the season around 12 or worse.I want promotion and i'm sure you guys do too,and we have a right to firstly BACK THE TEAM and MANAGER but we also have a right to QUESTION them and him and his tactics as we are the butter on his bread. Nuff said
  15. ysb

    Leyland Smith

    Was such a gentle bloke for a headmaster,kind,caring and like an adorable grandad,not what you expect in a a school,but his ways will be remembered by many who look back with fond memories of childhood
  16. ysb

    Leyland Smith

    was my head from 77-81,a gent he was
  17. Wish i could call it,but games these days i just canny do it
  18. just hope its not too late before cam and matty are back tho thats the issue erik,you'd of thought that the boys would be pulling out all the stops to carry them over the line whilst we are where we are.A point off the leaders at mo,but we should have been points infront with plenty to spare had we won the games that we didnt. I'm not sure where we'll end up and thats me being honest,from on cloud 9 to down in the old dumps at mo is all i can say.
  19. Had high hope as champions,but with injuries i'm not that confident anymore,at mo we are extremely lucky to be in 3rd extremely lucky,but if this form carrys on it will be like a day at blackpool on them mats where we slide waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the table so fast that the dream start would be a distant memory,and thats a sad sad state of affairs after the all its been the perfect oppertunity to get out of this bloody league.I just cant see us sustaining our position up top for much longer if this carrys on,so im sadly going for just missing out on play off's.
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