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  1. I don’t think the play-offs are beyond us. Every club will have their wobble we just need to keep going and see where it takes us.
  2. He’s a winger plain and simple, that could be his downfall players like Allen are more versatile.
  3. Got to say when we played Cambridge in the play-off second leg watched it in a pub in Leeds city centre with some family. When a couple of foreign lads asked for the tv to be turned over to the Arsenal game loads of lads other than the family kicked off and demanded the Town match he put back on and they were all cheering for the Yorkshire club.... a few bought me a beer after we lost as well so their not all bad.
  4. We need to keep Redshaw worth a gamble with an 18 month contract. McAlindon I would also keep does offer something as he showed at the beginning of the season. Cooper and McClouskey get rid, bring back Earing from loan he’s a better player than Cooper and McClouskey is Edwards in disguise. Get rid of any other deadwood like Southwell and use what money comes from that to strengthen were we actually need it.
  5. All attacking players on the bench
  6. Can only think it’s 3 5 1 1? Unless Cooper and Staunton are playing at full back.
  7. If Hanson is out for Saturday why wouldn’t you try MacDonald at right back with Allen in front of him. Or even play 3 centre half’s with wing backs would possibly suit MacDonald with Duckworth on the left
  8. Never been good with his feet, the rest I guess his confidence is low as the rest of the team, goalkeepers firm thrives on confidence
  9. Swapped Maher and Staunton as had to many in team, still attacking tho
  10. Johnson. Hanson Brown Clarke Duckworth Staunton MacDonald C. King J. Allen Redshaw McAlindon If all fit that would be my team for Saturday. JM and JA could swap wings as and when they wanted and with Redshaw and McAlinden up front it would force us to keep the ball on the floor.
  11. The last 3 seasons have all gone exactly the same, this surly can’t be a coincidence. Big question for me is how much is Bosmanworth getting involved in the team rather than leaving it to the managers? Could this be the recurring problem. The first sign of difficulty and he starts interfering? I think it’s worth giving PW a chance, he’s got us into this and he deserves to be given the chance to get us out of it. We cannot keep changing managers at the first sign of trouble because that is clearly not working either. If PW can come though this then this will hopefully make him a better and stronger manager which will undoubtedly benefit us and himself
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