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  1. Most of my mates are Leeds fans and they’ve been through some crap over the last 16 years, the premier league will be better with a club the size of Leeds in it...,, All my Leeds supporting mates are also cheering for The Mighty Shaymen to get promoted so good luck to them
  2. If Stevenage win an appeal then surly Macclesfield go down, this would be so much simpler if the EFL just relegate both, job done
  3. A few are thinking TSS is the man for the occasion after everything that’s gone in with him this season. Your right when you say football has a funny way with the fickle finger of fate
  4. I know it’s great. We go up and stabilise for a while more than happy with that. Accrington and Rochdale are the models we need to follow
  5. Despite a couple of disappointments Town have good experience of how to do the play offs. We have as good a chance as anyone, remember Huddersfield won their way to the Premier League without scoring a goal..... It’s a lottery and the so called best teams don’t always win, we might just have the winning ticket
  6. LeedsShaymen


    We got in this position without Rodney, we can make it without him as well. My prediction is if we beat Boreham then we’re due a win against Harrogate and I think we’ll turn them over as well. Remember the saying footballs a funny old game, after all the stick he’s taken and all the poor performances you watch TSS score the winner to take us up......
  7. Free beer and a barbecue, I’m in
  8. Will any of our play-off games be on tv??
  9. That’s my point in we wouldn’t keep McDonald then we certainly won’t miss McAlindon
  10. Don’t think he is as good a player as Josh McDonald and would give him more of a chance but that’s just my opinion. Had a good spell at the beginning of the season but was lucky in that everything he hit went in, after his luck ran out he was in and out and never really offered that much.
  11. L1 and L2 merging into a North and South is a non starter as the Championship clubs will never agree to 4 down which they would have to to make promotion from the leagues work, add to that that every team currently in L1 would be reducing their ability to get promoted to the Championship the fifth richest league in Europe I believe and one step away from the promised land, because of less promotion/relegation from each division, makes it a non starter for me. Everything below the National League is regionalised so this would be the next rational step to merge L2 and National Leagues, the big problem would be the Southern based L2 clubs, as they know the better supported National clubs are in the North so I don’t see them agreeing. For the Northern based clubs they may well agree as the increased crowds could bring in much needed cash especially for clubs such as Oldham, Mansfield etc etc and the northern based National clubs such as ourselves. I don’t see it happening though as all the clubs down south will vote it down for the reasons the northern clubs will vote yes, why would Cambridge vote to play Bromley and the money they would get from that rather than playing say Bradford City. Good idea but destined to fail and go nowhere.
  12. When the fans of these clubs raise the money themselves probably
  13. If non-league clubs couldn’t do something like this they would probably scrap the entire season as they could not afford the expense of games with no income at all, therefore I think BT Sport would be forced to let clubs put games on for supporters or possibly the government would intervene, if they didn’t every non-league club and possibly leagues 1and 2 would all not play as they would quickly go bust without paying fans.
  14. This money will have been spent taking us full-time I would think. I would think the ins and outs of players over that period would roughly balance themselves out. i would say that although I have questioned Mr Bs ambition football wise he has run a pretty good tight ship that will probably see The Shaymen survive this season financially better than most clubs at this level of the pyramid.
  15. LeedsShaymen


    Exactly right. You only have to look at good traditional clubs that have come into money recently like Everton, they went out and spent hundreds of millions of pounds on players from across Europe. Newcastle are about to be the next and they’ll plunge Europe’s top leagues for players with little thought for players anywhere in the EFL.
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