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  1. Paper boys/girls still operating in Leeds, my daughter did one until she was about 15, not from the local shop though, papers where delivered by van to our house
  2. Big chance in this competition, with Town more than capable of beating anyone left in
  3. Great player, frustrating for us he hasn’t stayed until the end of the season, good luck to the lad, I’m sure a few Town fans will keep an eye on Hulls scores to see how he is doing
  4. PW needs to find quality not quantity. It’s pointless getting bodies in the door that are bench warmers. Bring in less but with more quality
  5. It would seem that apart from Leeds who have the premier league millions at their disposal all the games in West Yorkshire are off, there’s not much you can do about the weather unfortunately
  6. Whatever the team, it’s a must win match
  7. This season especially the points in the bag have never been so important, come what may the season must be finished on time and all the powers that be are saying it will not be extended, this could mean teams having to play games every 3 days or so towards the end of the season, inevitably that will mean dropping points as clubs of our size cannot sustain that kind of fixture congestion while keeping up a level of performance you would need to push at the top of the league.
  8. Leeds United the gift that keeps on giving
  9. The big plus from today I now know how to steam the match to my TV
  10. Dropping 2pts today makes Tuesday a must win game now
  11. Let’s hope we don’t live to regret this score today
  12. This is going to end 1-1 points dropped today
  13. Their going to get one soon if we’re not careful
  14. Allen on try and get in behind them now
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