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  1. Good hope they write us off all season to the end then we can finally give them the finger they will deserve
  2. So another week goes by Town still holding steady in 2nd, on the basis of 2 pts a game has you there or there abouts at the end of the season, played 12 25 pts 1 pt ahead of where we need to be, and more importantly looking back down the table 7 pts clear of 8th. At what point do we start to believe we’re in this big time?
  3. Mrs 50th so on me way to Tenerife unfortunately, but will be keep up with the match, 2-0 Town and wishing I was there. On the bright side when we win I can celebrate with 1 Euro a pint beer, happy days
  4. They say if you win your home games and draw away you’ll be there or there about, that equates to 2pts a game and means we are 2pts ahead of that equation with 22 from 10. We are 5pts clear of 4th and 7pts clear of 8th with a quarter of the season gone already, we’re playing some decent football with the team playing well, not may fans around me complained went we went 1-0 down yesterday because most will have thought, it’s ok we’ll get one back. All this for me is positive and I am enjoying myself watching us more than I have for a while. The only point I’d make is my beer on Saturday nights does taste that little bit nicer when we’ve won lol.
  5. As soon as we get any injuries to go straight out and loan someone doesn’t show much faith in the players we’ve got or breed any confidence. You stuck with what you’ve got juggle the pack THEN if it doesn’t work you look for loans to help, for me PW has done that unfortunately it hasn’t worked, I’d have liked to see if Duckworth alongside Clarke and Hanson in a lt right back might have worked, you don’t know if you don’t try.
  6. Just checked still 7 points clear of 8th do nothing lost. Bad day at the office but we’re never going to win every game and if when we lose results go our way happy days. Onwards and upwards
  7. I hope so...... Going Town win by the odd goal.
  8. There should be 3 up, 2 up and 1 up via the play-offs by now, to fall in line with all the other leagues promotion and relegation spaces.
  9. Could see him moving to Bradford, didn’t look too interested against us but then we were the better team and didn’t let them play. Maybe he took a long hard look after playing us and thought we won’t finish above them so I’m not staying here to play in the National league next season.
  10. Hahaha rar rar rar
  11. The trouble was when Brown got injured they also scored which really set us back, but we re-grouped well and held on. Might be a bit risky but why not try Hanson in there, he can defend and would add pace both going forward and back?
  12. Woking have got 2 tough games this week Torquay, then they go to Hartlepool. If we can get wins this week I think we’ll be top by next weekend. #ItsTimeToDream.
  13. That will come, the crowd is getting bigger week on week. It was fantastic to here everyone singing especially when it was backs to the wall, that visibly lifted the players, long may it continue. The word is spreading the Mighty is being put back into the Shaymen....
  14. Bring back the lass who refereed earlier in the season......
  15. Just looked 6 points clear of 8th after 8 games, the team played well today, had we gone 3-0 up god knows what the score could have been, they are among the favourites to go up and we beat them and it could have been comfortably. Again all the team played well, Clarke was immense after Brown went off. We dug in and battled away and got a deserved win and this team is getting better as each week passes, let’s not forget how long they’ve had together so hats off to them. Things are still looking good, over 2000 crowd as well happy days.
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