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  1. A neighbours lad has been recalled to Catterick along with everyone else, at a briefing on Thursday they were put on 24 hours standby to be deployed onto our streets. He’s told us that the army has cancelled a major joint operation which was due to take place with many other countries in Poland and they are readying themselves to move onto the nations streets.
  2. Would have started Earing at least he’s a creative player
  3. Aspin picked the club up off the floor and restored it to where it at a minimum should be. The seasons we had climbing back up the pyramid to the conference where good days out and winning games became the norm were great, and he came oh so close to getting us back up at his first try. Yes it all went a bit wrong at the end but that shouldn’t cloud what Aspin did for our club and the achievements whilst he was here. Since we reformed Aspin is the best manager we’ve had, but hopefully PW can take us that final step back to the football league and achieve what Aspin just fell short of.
  4. 74 points was good enough last season to finish 7th, win the next 3 and we’ll have 69 with 9 left to play, to make the play-offs is definitely achievable for us, get there and it’s one off games where anything can happen. You’ve got to be in it to win it and we can definitely be in it.
  5. However still behind us in the form table were I believe over the last 5 games we’re first
  6. After the weekends result winning the league is probably gone, this could work to our advantage as the pressure is off to chase Barrow down (only possibly Harrogate can do this). Teams always seem to play better when the pressures off, however the closer we get to the end of the season and still being in the play-offs the pressure will undoubtedly mount. There’s no point in getting to down over one bab league result. Onwards and upwards put it behind us and move on
  7. By definition part-time means occasional. Someone who attends every home match and most away games is therefore not a part time supporter. In my opinion for what it’s worth anybody who just attends every home match is not a part-time supporter either, but that’s just my opinion
  8. Another day and Rodney is still here, surprise surprise, he’s not going anywhere people
  9. Rodney will be going nowhere. He knows if he stays here and is pivotal in us getting promoted he’ll possibly get the opportunity of a league 1 side if not he can either choose to stay with us or go to another league 2 side whilst Stockport and still in the National League, he’ll also being a free agent command either a decent signing on fee or a bigger wage
  10. Tv or not if we're playing like we are now and winning then people will come regardless of tv, Ebbsfleet wouldn’t have brought many so the extra money from tv will make up for their absence. The other positive could be that the Halifax people who watch clubs higher up the leagues who’s clubs are either not playing that day or at home, with the late kick off may make the journey to the Shay to get behind their local side. This I know for a fact happened when Leeds Utd busses dropped Halifax Leeds fans off at the Shay to attend the Chorley play-off game after they’d had an earlier start at Wigan that day. All in all only positives can come from this in my opinion.
  11. It’s always better to be the chasing team rather than being chased down. The pressure is always on the leader and increases every time the gap closes, were the chaser will always say it’s in their hands nothing we can do. Football is notorious for having teams with big leads chased down and when caught never recover.
  12. There are a lot of experienced managers being mentioned for the job with most currently unemployed so I don’t see a rookie manager like PW getting the job despite how well he's doing with us, add to the fact that compensation would need to be paid where the others won’t and I don’t think PW will be leaving.
  13. We get one and it’s game over, results are now that we need to win to keep in touch
  14. Town the only team in the top 6 in the league winning, we need to get this result and if everything stays the same it’s all to play for. C’MON TOWN
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