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  1. When are we all expecting the link to buy this streaming to be put out to buy? And will we buy all our streaming through Halifax Town?
  2. Started promisingly but it all went horribly wrong unfortunately.
  3. This is the best idea I’ve heard for season tickets and similar to what Leeds Rhinos are doing. Keep you ticket and it’s transferred over to next season with no additional cost even if next seasons tickets are more expensive.
  4. Midweek games are a good example of how we can benefit from this, there’s plenty of people who work on an evening but they still might get streaming, watch the game in their breaks on their IPads or phones at work, thus putting more cash in the coffers.
  5. Get the season under way, get the streaming under way and you never know we might actually not be as bad off as what people think we might. I know it’s all a bit crap not being able to go to the game but on the bright side there are plenty of Shaymen that live far and wide that can’t travel to games because of the distance and cost involved, but they may well pay for streaming and this could give us an unexpected cash boost, you never know. For me it’s onwards and upwards, the hopes for the new season starts here, and now we have streaming, no shopping or anything else the family think I’ll b
  6. I personally don’t think the premier league will keep putting their hands in their pockets to subsidise the lower leagues however much money they get, they are already moaning about the money they are going to lose because of no fans in the ground, and lets be honest do the fans of Chelsea, Man City and Utd, Liverpool or Everton really care about what happens to the likes of Halifax, Hartlepool or York, no is the answer.
  7. But surly fans who haven’t got season tickets will have made the conscious decision not to get one knowing they will have to pay £20 for the games they are planning to see, so surly if the club charges £20 to watch them regardless of how that is you’d pay the £20. Or maybe the club could do a streaming season ticket
  8. Get that..... Hopefully now that the effort of travelling is being substituted for pressing a key on a laptop or whatever hopefully all clubs get better attendances
  9. Not according to the government, there saying no one in at all, all games must be behind closed doors or they don’t take place
  10. Most bring no more than a minibus full, barring possibly 5/6 clubs the rest would bring even less. I agree opposition clubs shouldn’t benefit financially for bringing little or no fans to the Shay. It’s our job to support our club not to help others stay afloat that’s the responsibility of their fans
  11. Is it just me that thinks this could be a massive opportunity for the club (I know it’s not an ideal situation), streaming games will give all those fans who live to far away to watch the club the opportunity to watch the club and in the meantime the club get extra money in the coffers. The better the team does the more people will watch the games the more cash we get.
  12. I know we don’t have the biggest home gates in the league but I’ve always thought our away following is up there with everyone in the league? No
  13. If we have fans that can’t go to some or all of our away games but would watch them all via streaming, why should other clubs benefit financially from those extra pounds raised by our fans, maybe more of our fans would pay for streaming if they new the money they paid would go to our club.
  14. Why would you get home and away games for free or a refund??? Surly the club stick to their pricing structure and all season ticket holders get the home games for free and anyone buying the stream pays £20 as they would if they’d gone to the turnstiles
  15. They shouldn’t be, why would Halifax Town subsidise the clubs with bigger season ticket sales by letting them watch the games at the Shay for free instead of charging them. For me it’s simple, all our season ticket holders get anything over £230 returned and get the home games for free, the away games are all paid for. Another thing why if a club has done an offer for say £150 per season ticket, why should they get to watch their team at the Shay for free
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