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  1. Magic ! Well done PW and the Board.
  2. The news from Grimsby is that Pete Wild applied for their vacant managers job ! He obviously therefore does not want to be at the Shay and now if he gets the job or not his position obviously becomes untenable with the BOD and the fans ? The performances over the past two months have been absolutely dire and all in all Mr Wild may have signed is own death warrant by his actions !!
  3. The Last Post After the Match Last Post.mp4
  4. Greggs Not head in the sand my friend - what happening now is **** but behind the screens idiots who don't go to games pisses me off even more !!
  5. Hey Shay Spot on my friend !! Idiots who don't go to games who are bitter about their failed bloody trust (which by the way was a f--ing shambles).
  6. Good set of young lads on the train enjoying themselves. We have some doom mongers on here - if you don't like singing and a bit of banter after a good away game on the last day of the season go in first class !! The support on the day from young and old was magic and what we have missed all season.
  7. Sorry duff information from my son ! 09.23 change in Preston in Kirkham for 11.00
  8. Gents 11.24 from Halifax gets into Kirkham and Wesham at 1.00 current numbers 100 ish
  9. Hail Hail Hoddie the saviour !! Failed? You mean the one that helped save the club once and would have saved it again? You have a strange idea of failure. I remember you as a blithering idiot at the time please do not insult us !!
  10. Yes Hoddie 25 years in your case not going to the games and being bitter about your failed supporters trust. Don't throw stones in glass houses !!!
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