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  1. Bogey side, too soon after Tuesdays efforts. Dirty tactics by Woking, another inept referee who only cottoned on to their cheating when it too late. Forget it, move on and focus on Ebsfleet. Some players lacking a bit of belief and unwilling to take the game to Woking. Need to sort that in the dressing room.
  2. Sutton had done their homework. As soon as either Dave or Redshaw got on the ball they were surrounded by three players. The pitch made dribbling almost impossible although Redshaw nearly managed it just before he went of.
  3. Thought Danny Williams and Jeff King were excellent in their roles today. Defensively we were brilliant, can’t remember Sam having anything to save all game. Think the pitch played its part today, awful surface. As for the referee he was shockingly incompetent, but aren’t they all. Well deserved win. Need the same effort against Woking, but expect Cam King to start that game.
  4. shaymenRup


    Wonder what hes thinking now. Unused sub last match and his team now second bottom after a 5-1 trashing.
  5. What’s the beef. Got back from hols today and caught up with match highlights of last three wins prior to today’s match. Product is great. It’s worth the wait to see all different angles and celebrations round the goals.
  6. shaymenRup


    Exactly. How many teams have failed in other competitions by playing weakened sides. Staunton is key, Redshaw should replace Rodney. If the game goes to plan rest them during the game using subs.
  7. That’s harsh , first half he got in some great positions and their keeper made some good saves. At times he had three defenders plus the conditions to contend with. If he scores goals like he did today when having an off day then I for one am very happy.
  8. shaymenRup


    Need a full strength team out. Take it serious. Totally disrespectful to Halesowen by suggesting that team would win. Got a week to prepare and a week afterwards.
  9. Conditions today were difficult with a swirling wind. Second half with the wind was a lot harder. Thought Nolan was outstanding when he came on and made a big impact in midfield. Demonstrated our fantastic strength in depth particularly with Redshaw also on the bench. Very good first half with Daves goal a treat.
  10. Jordan was a great player for us. Will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family.
  11. Wishing Southwell all the best. Never really hit the heights with us.
  12. Needs to be given a chance now with Redshaw and Rodney at the club. His delivery could make the difference particularly with quality finishers like those two. Saw the frustration from Redshaw again from the delivery on the right just prior to the 1st goal. Poor defending led to the goal.
  13. Well done good result. Games like that breed a lot of confidence. Nice to hear TSS had a good game.
  14. Thankfully not the case now. Tom is usually first with his match reports and will speak to the new signings or old players of note and publish many an interesting article. I’ve been impressed with the quality this season.
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