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  1. Need to start playing players in their natural positions Johnson Tear. Bradbury , Clarke , Senior Maher Summerfield. earring Allen , Hyde , Bell Tear needs a chance at natural RB, Earring needs to start in midfield to create and get forward. Mahers best position is in front of the back four disrupting and pinching the ball. A front three will give the team more strength up front. Byrne and Woods make way but can easily slot in as replacements defensively and in midfield. Alongside Danns.
  2. Seems to have some good qualities, good skill, strength and can score goals. With a bit of pace added for good measure. Happy to see how it goes with Nyal and I would like to welcome him to the club. Score a hatful lad.
  3. Agree the system doesn’t work. If we effectively play with a five man defence then we won’t create anything with the team we have. Too many mistakes in defence. We get overrun in midfield as a result and teams dominate possession. Why put Givaro on when he has done nothing since arriving. You’ve signed Danns for what reason? Why not give him the last 10 mins poor poor decision. Torquay took their chances and deservedly won. PW needs to redefine what he means by the extra mile - in training? Because it ain’t in matches on current form. Get a striker who can score goals.
  4. That has to be one of the worst free kicks I’ve ever seen. Followed up by two garbage corners. I will ask again what do we practice in training.
  5. For a businessman DB hasn’t grasped the online audience at all. No advertising, no highlights, no fan engagement. Why nothing pre-recorded to play at halftime. Other clubs are far far ahead. Should be a pre-recorded manager interview , chairman interview , a fan spot where fans can upload their own messages ... birthdays , anniversaries etc . Just nothing but going dizzy with camera farting around. Poor. If I was a sponsor I wouldn’t be impressed.
  6. Desperate for some creativity none on this pitch. All very flat and uninspiring.
  7. Difference is when Torquay have the ball they attack , move off the ball , play balls into space and play the ball forward. We do the exact opposite. No one confident on the ball, nothing incisive and just abysmal passing. And an extra mile behind the ball.
  8. Looked the better side then a stupid mistake to lay a goal on a plate. Up hill battle now
  9. It’s what we as fans love about him. No long silences , wears his heart on his sleeve and gives as much detail as possible without revealing too much. So refreshing, keeps the fans engaged and informed. You can’t fault the communication since he landed. Credit to Tom Scargill he is straight into him with the topical questions as soon as he can.
  10. Oh what we would give for another Lee Gregory on loan with a view to a permanent signing.
  11. Well done Nathan. A very good player who rarely puts a foot wrong.
  12. For me there is no urgency in our passing. Our passing needs to be slicker and quicker. Our control in the final third must be better. We do have players who can hurt a side. Allen with his pace and Hyde will score goals. Defensively we need to stop hoof ball, use the midfield. Earring is our best passer and alongside an industrious Summerfield we have played our better games. Givaro needs a goal. How he missed his chance last night I don’t know. Jack Senior good defensively, but his crosses didnt beat the first man- that’s basics. Good opportunity now to bounce from t
  13. You just don’t improve. I’m critical but constructive you are just critical. At least see the game out before you peddle your bile.
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