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  1. shaymenRup

    No fans

    Bitterly disappointed. Time to write/ email your MPs this situation is fatal, however well the club is run non league football cannot survive without fans.
  2. Interesting commentary. First half we sounded in complete control. Jay Benn is clearly in PWs plans and getting a lot of minutes. New signings all doing well and Jeff King sounded impressive today.
  3. Everyones entitled to their own opinion, however i think PW does a good job. He has helped bring the fans closer to the club, involved us more and explained issues a lot better. Communication has previously been a major factor. This has changed considerably for the better. The media team will interview him after every event, there will be cliches and soundbites its the same for all managers.
  4. Yep i agree. Going to be very reliant on Stenson and Hyde
  5. Dreadful second half. No urgency going forward and noone capable of putting their foot on the ball and taking the game to Clitheroe. Dreadful marking for Clitheroe winner. Cant imagine PW was impressed with that. Too much tippy tappy nonsense that achieved nothing. Outmuscled as well in many areas , need to be better and stronger. Cup final for Clitheroe but we at least matched them first half.
  6. Big difference in quality between the two halves. Defence a bit shaky at times.
  7. Definately Jay Benn as 1st half RB.
  8. shaymenRup

    1000 Fans

    Lunatics are running the asylum. It’s about time WE as fans were allowed to be treat as adults ( it seems to have worked in Sweden). The stadium is out in the fresh air. We will have masks on. Bar/ shop is shut. All we need to do is socially distance going to loo and going in and out. PLEASE let this lunacy stop. I don’t need a luminous Neanderthal that can’t string two words together telling me where I can sit and measuring two metres. Trust is a massive issue and we as the public are being treat like idiots. It would have helped if we had some consistency across the country, b
  9. Videos show him scoring with his left.
  10. They haven’t announced capacity yet ..... 150 plus a dog.
  11. PW worked a lot last season on sussing other teams and nullifying their threat. This season we need to make other teams do that, but make it more difficult by being more than one dimensional. We have good depth and skill within this squad. Playing to our strengths and having goal creators and goal scorers all over the pitch will help. And every player being capable of defending one on one with his opponent. However the X factor is the gel within the squad, the motivation to run the extra yard when knackered, to close down that shot in the area and making those last ditch tackles. Tea
  12. The guy was in his first full season as manager. He was bound to make mistakes. However he admitted his mistakes and learned from them. Brown is a fabulous player and had the opportunity to stay and see out his extended contract, however he couldn’t do it. Can’t afford to cater for different attitudes to training.
  13. If Wild hasn’t already proved himself by getting a team of relegation favourites into the play offs then I don’t know what else he has to do. The way the guy speaks, motivates and coaches has brought the best crop of players in a long time. The club should be thinking of negotiating a longer deal with PW and at least talking about it. Success this season will be dependent on how the players gel in matches. The quality is there, fitness is being worked on, can they create and score goals and can they defend. Time will tell.
  14. So going off the stats we look like we will suffer a 16% reduction in season ticket sales as a result of price increase, Covid and financial circumstances. I don’t think this is too bad considering. Be interesting to see how the club will implement a non-cash turnstile.
  15. Can’t understand the situation with Hanson. He is talented going forward , but made a couple of errors in defence at times. Nothing earth shattering. However if he’s not bought into PWs vision then I understand. I would hope if nothing materialises move wise that PW could work with him. Also got Jay Benn who could do a job if Jeff King isn’t going to be used as a wingback.
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