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  1. Needs to be given a chance now with Redshaw and Rodney at the club. His delivery could make the difference particularly with quality finishers like those two. Saw the frustration from Redshaw again from the delivery on the right just prior to the 1st goal. Poor defending led to the goal.
  2. Well done good result. Games like that breed a lot of confidence. Nice to hear TSS had a good game.
  3. Thankfully not the case now. Tom is usually first with his match reports and will speak to the new signings or old players of note and publish many an interesting article. I’ve been impressed with the quality this season.
  4. Class act is Jay. Very skilful and played a lot up front. Can score goals. Good signing by the club just make sure they give him a chance in the first team.
  5. McAlinden is going, he was tapped up weeks ago and has been trying not to get injured since. Unfortunately the risk we took when allowing him to sign such a short term contract, however if it helps him get back to a higher level of football then I wish him all the best. He has a very good left foot and deserves his chance. Some great goals scored.
  6. What was important today was not to lose. We didn’t and four points from 2 home games is better than expected. We rode our luck a lot first half but as the game went on we imposed ourselves more and more on the game and had the better chances to win the game second half. Stauntons header hitting the inside of the post shows the fine margins in games. I think both Williams and J King in their wingback roles did very well again. Back three of Maher, Brown and Clarke dealt with everything thrown at them particularly on corners. Think the midfield had less time this game and passing at times could have been quicker and more accurate. Enjoyed the game it was very open at times and good commitment from the players. Cam King demonstrated his influence again, but tired quicker today. Its important now to get the three players whose contracts are up this month sorted out. We need all of them. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Great game today. Was particularly impressed with Williams. Read the game extremely well and covered running back all game. Redshaw showed his class, so impressive on the ball. Cam King ran the show at times and worked his socks off. Thought the team as a whole worked hard for each other. Took the game to Chesterfield and played football not hoof ball. Fantastic to get the win, but need to build on it. Time to concentrate on our game forget about the opposition. Looking forward to Stockport should be a good atmosphere.
  8. Why isolate Redshaw in place of TSS. He should play either behind him or as a pair. Pointless having smallest man on the pitch up front on his own.
  9. Merry Christmas all. Dear Santa, please can you help our Shaymen Team. Provide Sam Johnson with a telling pass or ten from his boot each match. Give JBW the confidence to drive through the opposition and score a lot more. Make Clarke and Brown invincible again with no injury at all (ever again) Add barnstorming runs and top corner finishes to Duckworths repertoire. Remove the illness that plagues young Cam King and make him the best there ever has been. Restore Josh MacDonald to his fabulous best and give him some game time to show us he’s best. Make Jamie Allen run 25% faster , beat his man, score goals and just fitter, faster and stronger. Elevate TSS to a superhuman confidence level that knows no limit, that lad is a true gent and deserves to score loads of goals, have outstanding strength , control and passing ability. Encourage McAlinden and Redshaw to commit their futures to the Shay and then double their confidence and impact on games to send the Shaymen from losses and draws to win, win and win. Give Staunton and Maher the belief they once had to control the midfield and let nothing get past. Cross field passing and ball winning tackles, the speed to get back and some goals to add. Give the rest of them confidence fitness and positivity to get behind the team and add value when needed. As for PW make his decisions the best , the ones that win games and keep crowds on an upward trend. He’s done it few times, make him consistent. Give us a season we will never forget, that we look back and say to our grand children that we were there, we watched , supported and never will forget and then not that I’m greedy but follow it up with a few decades of success. yours in sport A Shayman till I die
  10. shaymenRup

    Notts County

    Needs to replicate Nigel Pearson’s new training regime at Watford. I don’t think our players are fit enough. Neither do they work enough on effective possession. Keeping hold of the ball in difficult positions and bringing players into the game. Too many ball watchers and too many too scared to be in possession of the ball longer than a few seconds. Both goals came as a result of a player driving forward with the ball at his feet.
  11. shaymenRup

    Notts County

    It’s difficult to get behind a side who just repeatedly give away possession many times under no pressure. Notts County had something to cheer about we didn’t.
  12. shaymenRup

    Notts County

    Wouldn’t blame him. But he’s being playing to avoid injury for weeks.
  13. shaymenRup

    Notts County

    At a complete loss after watching that today. We were absolutely dreadful. If we managed to string five passes together I would be surprised. We don’t have the players capable of keeping possession of the ball. We don’t have players strong enough to win the ball. We don’t have the desire to get to the second ball. Rather than being bereft of ideas, we were incapable of doing anything constructive whatsoever. The first goal completely flattered Halifax and no doubt meant the hairdryer at half time wasn’t unleashed. We were a complete and utter clusters&£k. The second half was always going to happen as a result with PW thinking his non existent tactics were actually working. The side have no consistency at all, chopping and changing and playing the likes of Williams who do nothing and two clones up front who run around like headless chickens with no balls they could actually do anything with. Got to accept we are just another sh!te Halifax side destined to finish near the bottom of the table with the usual worries come April. Its going to be a long season.
  14. shaymenRup

    Notts County

    Really looking forward to this game. Hope we can create a really good astmosphere and lift the team to a good win.
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