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  1. A lot better Hoddie. Sorry thought you'd stepped back from sorting website. Thanks
  2. When a team get relegated 3 seasons in a row there comes a point when they have to bounce back. I would have expected a blow up porn doll could have motivated Hyde to promotion at that point.
  3. There are two distinctions here. In your view it was not offensive. Others present think differently. The police have said the flying of the banner is not against the law. It is possible to be offensive , but not criminally offensive. Not being criminal doesnt make it right. As for him being sacked the company who employ him need to consider their reputation too. If the him and his group had explained their actions, apologised or been less confrontational then maybe that wouldnt have happened. But thats a matter for them.
  4. He is at his level. Doesnt matter how many qualications you have , to be a good manager you need to be able to get the players bought into your vision, style of play and ambition. Kelly had no personality and if the fans dont find him approachable then why would the players. He is the only manager alongside Fullerton who didnt achieve anything with FC Halifax. The rest Aspin, Heath, Harvey and obviously Wild got us in the playoffs and/or promotion or won some silverware. (I dont count Jim Vince as it was too much to expect instant success from scratch). Compared to the old club, the new set up is 100 times more professional and to say otherwise is disingenuous. As the saying goes " its a bad workman who blames his tools!"
  5. Great Captain and leader. Would be an outstanding achievement and put him up there alongside the heros of 97/98. Confidence in ourselves is key. Winning the personal battles all over the pitch.
  6. There is no cure for stupidity if people refuse to acknowledge they are stupid. Neither can common sense be taught, you either have it or you dont. The Burnley stunt was stupid, because the people doing it knew there would be a reaction. Common sense would tell you that. The reaction was something they sought for notoriety or to just stoke the flames of an already inflamed subject around racism being experienced by BAME members of our community and being within the fabric of our society. As football fans we should be thinking about how we can demonstrate equality / togetherness and fairness with our BAME players and fellow supporters.
  7. Don’t often agree with Adrian Durham on Talksport but today he perfectly summed up how ignorance is clouding the BLM issue. The Burnley “fans” who paid for that message are ignorant of the whole issue. This isn’t about creating a huge wedge between black or white ethnicities. It’s a fight for equality. To be seen, treat and valued as equals in society. Prejudice is everywhere and in many people. Subconscious acts are just as relevant to purposeful acts. The racist attitudes of parents , passed onto children. A lack of integration or acceptance of culture. We need to start with education, individually taking responsibility to be more inclusive and accepting of differences. Start seeing the person not the colour of their skin. News reporting is important to analyse too. Why was the news about two black females being murdered in a Fryent Park in Wembley London in June seemingly less important or news worthy than 3 white men murdered in a park in Reading two weeks later. Every facet of life and society needs to examine itself. We need to change.
  8. Even better if a local company are involved and local workers. Would definitely support that. Wouldn’t be my picture though probably pay for a lucky omen like Sir George Mulhalls image on one.
  9. Not sure who administers site nowadays, but just wondering whether links at bottom could be tidied up. Some are absolete - SDS and AFC Some have changed - conf Some are dormant - HRLFC Could we change to our twitter , our BBC website linked page or even our shaymen stats stuff.
  10. shaymenRup


    Rodney has been a great signing, helping the club survive last season and keeping us in the playoffs this season. However these players got us to the top of the league without him. (Accepting McAlinden played a huge part) We need every player to play their part. The fittest team with have an advantage and if we can share the goals around like we did at the start of the season we have a great chance. Project playoff is achievable.
  11. We started the season without Rodney and Redshaw. We were also top without their input. Players need to go in to these matches with same belief. Like Wild says, treat as a cup competition. You never know what can happen.
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