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  1. Maher needs to slot back in defence. He was too negative against hartlepool. Woods is more creative and also a free kick specialist. Dom Tear had a shocker in his last match. Not sure, I know Jeff King can play on the left which would open opportunity for Benn to make his first start.
  2. Agree. Quality and deserves an opportunity this season
  3. I’m going to buy the stream now following the Chadwick signing.
  4. Well done Pete and well done DB. Fans should not expect Chairmen to put their hand in their pocket at every verse end. There is certainly no shame involved. We are lucky to have him. I seem to remember a similar thing happening with a certain Jamie Vardy. Looking forward to his partnership with Jake Hyde up front.
  5. It took me 15 minutes to log in yesterday. But that’s due to internet TV being slow and my son having helpfully deleted the history. The positive was all I saw was a Town goal. Spoken previously about the stream. When you compare Barnet’s to ours for £2.50 more it’s like Premiership and Non league. Instant highlights, good quality footage just the commentary was typically biased. Weve been suckered into buying Betamax when everyone else has bought VHS. (One for the oldies) I think it’s down to only one member of staff and a lot of volunteers. Club cannot afford the outlay f
  6. Great goal by Green. Williams took one for the team. Great saves at the end by Johnson. Happy with a point.
  7. King is just stifled at RB. Allen just isn’t getting past his man. Allen repeatedly having to be told where to go. With his pace he should doing better and reading the game better.
  8. Missed the goal, but must say we look dangerous going forward. Earring unlucky hitting the post. Bradbury at the end just needed a firmer touch. For some reason we don’t seem to be pressing as much as hartlepool. Jack Senior has had far too many wayward passes. Need to pick up the tempo and take the game to The monkey hangers. Fancy Campbell to score.
  9. What a cracking effort. Love to see the enthusiasm for the Shaymen from someone so young. Really insightful and confident. Very watchable. Keep it up young man.
  10. Could I make a suggestion for the forthcoming Hartlepool grudge match. To give the club a boost increase your contribution for the live stream. Im a season ticket holder so get a free stream but will be sending another £10 to the supporters club. roger_bottomley@hotmail.com for payment details.
  11. The issue here is by accepting loans the clubs would also be breaching the National League rules. All have requested grants but had no information about the success or not of those applications. Dont think the League will win even if they do punish.
  12. PW has recruited well with the budget allocated. Certainly better than Fullarton. It’s the additional fitness that has reaped rewards along with the extra days with the squad. Altys season is flash in the pan in an otherwise very odd season. There is a massive excess of full time players available as teams trim their squads and leagues finish early below us. It’s about recruitment and making sure we get the right players. Nyal Bell - should be one - manager has changed now and still out of favour. Midfielder in the same mold as Summerfield another.
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