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  1. Under the radar. It’s how we like it.
  2. Fantastic game today. I think we have to accept that we will concede. Finishing today was excellent. I think substitutions today were spot on. King when he came on created an extra potency up front. TSS took his goals well, really pleased his effort was rewarded. We looked a different side. Some great build up play. Top result. We are halfway to survival and still in September how awesome is that.
  3. Confidence is key. Take the game to Barnet and play to our strengths. Improve the passing in the final third and make sure we are first to every second ball. We have shown we have goalscoring ability throughout the team so create and score.
  4. We really need an attacking option different to TSS he has done a good job, but is ineffective against big physical sides particularly when referees give him no protection. Delivery in last third of the pitch has nosedived as well. Its not just the lack of goals in the last two matches but the lack of real chances. Just two today and thats abysmal with the so called third most potent attacking line up. Im sure PW and Matty Brown will sort it out. Would like to see Southwell and McDonald on the bench against Barnet.
  5. Then you revert to a 442 and shove Allen up front. Could have done that with our top scorer McAlinden. Dont rate Danny Williams at all contributes nothing.
  6. Town need to learn to handle strong aggressive teams . Twice in two games we’ve been outmuscled and found wanting. Not good enough in midfield or attack.
  7. Was hoping to see Southwell on the bench. No Josh Mc either.
  8. Hopefully like McAlinden another shrewd signing of a player with higher league experience who can do a job for us.
  9. Looking forward to Notts County. Will be an exciting game.
  10. Exactly , not poor management . It’s about testing the depth of the squad unfortunately the number of games, match fitness and inexperience found us out. Up until that game Yeovil had used 24 players in 9 matches. In contrast we have used just 17 players (one of them has now left - Odelusi) PW knows what he is doing. We should also not look to scapegoat Earing who was playing in an unfamiliar role when not match fit or confident. It worked against a weaker Chesterfield side, but not against a stronger and more experienced Yeovil side. 1 point of top spot and in 2nd place after 10 matches who wouldn’t have taken that. We need to assess after the Barnet game after a quarter of the season has gone. If we are over 25 points then we are on play off form.
  11. Found his level then. Good luck to the lad.
  12. Can’t argue about the result today. Yeovil stronger , first to the second ball and a few not up for the physicality today. Probably not the game for Earing today, hope it doesn’t effect his confidence. Missed Brown at the back and a CDM in the middle today. Probably time to get a loan signing as I imagine Notts County will follow the blueprint of Yeovil. We had our chances hitting the woodwork twice and two great chances for Josh Staunton that he couldn’t put away. But we can’t win every game. Time to regroup, dust ourselves down and start again. As for the referee, it’s the National League they are sh!te. Move on.
  13. I agree. The brand of football Wild is playing is enthralling. However much of it is down to confidence and allowing players to express themselves on the pitch. 7 players from last seasons squad, but an entirely different mindset and determination to succeed. I think the gathering of players with potential, but who have never quite realised it fully is a factor. Long may it continue.
  14. Yeovil are on their own run. Probably our thoughest test yet. We need to be at our best defensively with a focus on keeping a clean sheet for the first time in a long time. I have every confidence we can score with goals throughout the team.
  15. 12 games is the benchmark to test what the potential is. Too early to think that far just yet.
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