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  1. I'll be there deffo for the day bit, not sure about the night bit yet. Will let you know
  2. I should be available, hopefully lol
  3. Shotgun, I need to be back in Halifax for 2 at the latest as I have a half time game to sort out.
  4. Definitely up for the 3 peaks but I think I'm away for the York 10K
  5. Paid my deposit on the first Saturday when we should of paid. Was a late decision to go and I thought with me name being on the paid list it would show I was available.
  6. What's gonna be the petrol cost??
  7. Robbo assisted my first and Adam Probets my second
  8. Hey up guys, Seen as though I have been away for the last month so have missed all the action. First, I would like to say a massive well done to all the lads that took part in the Yorkshire 3 peaks and the Leeds 10k and a special well done to the guys that took part in both of them. Having done both I know how hard they can be and to do both of them over 2 days is a brilliant achievement. I'm not sure what amount has been raised for Macmillan but it deserves to be a big total for the effort that has gone in by everyone and I will make a contribution to the total . Secondly, A huge
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