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  1. Availability thread for the upcoming game this Saturday. Please can you post your availability. Details to follow shortly. Ben Matt Cas Luders Andy James Hembers? Adam Martin
  2. I'll be there deffo for the day bit, not sure about the night bit yet. Will let you know
  3. I should be available, hopefully lol
  4. Shotgun, I need to be back in Halifax for 2 at the latest as I have a half time game to sort out.
  5. Definitely up for the 3 peaks but I think I'm away for the York 10K
  6. Paid my deposit on the first Saturday when we should of paid. Was a late decision to go and I thought with me name being on the paid list it would show I was available.
  7. What's gonna be the petrol cost??
  8. Fawkesy

    Chorley Goals

    Robbo assisted my first and Adam Probets my second
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