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  1. We've ignored the overlap on the right a couple of times, which is fine if we can create more problems by going inside, but if the ball goes to Earing's right foot, we have to go back again to go forwards.
  2. 'Fanfare for the common man' on the tannoy just prior to the minute's silence.
  3. I came on here thinking it was a thread about coverage of the royal death.
  4. ColU have, by and large, been struggling ever since they left Layer Road.
  5. Bromley are showing up well at Stockport so far. Still no goals after an hour, but could go either way,
  6. I suppose the argument is that they are not going to get experience unless they play. It might be argued that coming on at 3-1 at home against a side towards the bottom of the table was an appropriate opportunity. There's plenty of energy and some vision in Spence, from the brief cameos I've seen him make. He'll gain greater fluency and better judgement-making the more he gets onto the pitch.
  7. Uh-oh. Jeff King off, Allen at right wing-back?!
  8. I've lost count of how many soft ones this ref has given 'Weymuff'.
  9. The list is endless. I also wish he'd give up with the sharp intakes of breath.
  10. I remember seeing that a hundred or so years ago, and treasuring it because it was the only time I'd ever seen Town on television, despite the fact that we lost without much of a fight. A very good finish by Franny Firth. The silence when his lob hit the back of the net was deafening.
  11. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/signed-and-sealed/
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