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  1. Game rescheduled for 2 February at 7pm.
  2. Could Dom Tear feature in some forward role now? Still no idea why we've seen so little of him.
  3. Bell and now Chadwick. Particularly annoying as they were both settled in the team and played significant parts in our recent improvement. Got to start from scratch again now with similarly inventive signings. Not easy.
  4. That doesn't sound implausible, Steve. I wouldn't have thought he'll have his contract terminated, just that we will need more cover throughout what remains of the season. I think Clarke said after the play-offs that he was looking for one more season, so maybe this one will be his swansong. I still feel he has something to offer on the coaching side if there's room.
  5. Despite the fact that he was unfit, overweight and only lasted part of the game, he still had more ability than anyone else on the field that day. I remember him receiving a ball on the right, buying himself space and time with clever, minimal movement and effortlessly aiming a perfectly delivered cross- weight and pace - straight into the danger area that had my heart in my mouth and caused panic in the defence.
  6. If we could bring the inevitable meltdown on their social media forward by a few hours, it might thaw out the pitch.
  7. Williams not having his best game today.
  8. As surely as night follows day, a booking for Jeff King
  9. One down, apparently. Kiwomya scores on debut. Southwell having a good game, predictably.
  10. 'Very much a game of chess being played on a board we can't see much of.'
  11. Enjoyable commentary from Banjoland. This must be what The Archers is like: 'corner dooties; Toosdy; 'pooter; chick'n'; etc.
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