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  1. I've used this site when I've been abroad and needed a UK IP address: https://windscribe.com/
  2. I don't think Maguire, Mings or Coady have anything like the quality required in central defence to compete against the best teams.
  3. And all achieved on a shoestring budget. Ingratitude knows no bounds.
  4. Sholing v. Torquay and Leiston v. Barnet are other possibilities for the televised tie. If we're not all shut down again by Saturday week.
  5. ‘We’re Geordies, divven’t ya knaw.’
  6. They’d be the perfect fit for Ipswich Town, but unlikely to happen any time soon given Marcus Evans’s stewardship.
  7. Maybe it was the distance between the camera and the pitch that made the players look lost on the vast, green canvas, or maybe the lack of atmosphere, but we did seem frequently pedestrian when in possession. It almost feels as if our first instinct is to slow the game down. The only fluency seemed to occur when Jamie Allen or Jeff King were on the ball. We played like an away team, with players often isolated in possession, and it seemed to take ages for us to construct a flowing move, even when there seemed so much open space in which to play. There was a lack of zip, too, to some of the pas
  8. I started the stream, left it on pause, went to my local FA Cup game, tore home afterwards, and watched it ‘as live’.
  9. It was 9-8. They beat a side featuring two ex-Town players: goalkeeper Russell Griffiths, and midfielder James Hardy.
  10. They were battered 0-5 by second-placed Cambridge in the second game of the season.
  11. Just seen ITMan’s comment above, so maybe not.
  12. Expect Staunton to play a blinder.
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