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  1. Friends of mine who saw Leiston play there last season, when Halesowen were relegated from The Southern League Premier Central, said their fans and the atmosphere there were among the worst in the league. Objects were thrown at some players, and others received verbal abuse, some of it racist in nature.
  2. https://www.chorleyfc.com/2020/01/17/adams-cardwell-duxbury-join-on-loan/
  3. https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/sport/football/afc-fylde-defender-scott-duxbury-makes-chorley-loan-move-1-10207915
  4. Apparently, they made four signings last week, but I think two were substituted through injury in the first half at Aldershot on Saturday. One was called Harry Cardwell, but the line-up and substitutions in the NLP didn't make sense, so couldn't work out who the other one was.
  5. We did have a man called ‘Lois’ play for us not that long ago.
  6. To bring up an old point, perhaps we could start by having some more photographs around the place - bars, foyer - of players and matches down the years?
  7. No 7 is a massive Essex derby.
  8. I think it was one of the 'eleven blokes from Enfield'.
  9. Well done, Shaymus, for tracking down so many of the ex-players and family. Looking forward to this trip down Memory Lane.
  10. This does seems to be the revisionist view. I don't know why he started so few games over the last few months, other than Wild feeling he couldn't find a role for him in his then system. McAlinden certainly offered less when playing out wide, but I don't agree with those who say he effectively downed tools. He was getting 15 minutes per game, scored at Stockport with a typically incisive finish and created at least one golden opportunity for TSS in his brief cameo at Barnet. I would have liked him to stay, but maybe he wanted more football and/or Wild wanted a different type of forward. I hope he doesn't become another Quigley.
  11. ...by Kezie Ibe, who was reprieved despite being as guilty as sin.
  12. Tucked away in the outer East London/Essex margins, in the Rainham/Upminster/Ockendon triangle. More rural than Dagenham. They have a ‘plastic’ pitch in a revamped stadium.
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