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  1. I’d say Patel’s chances of being promoted even further than her already ludicrously elevated position are less than eleventy thousand, six hundred and three hundred and five percent.
  2. He’s also built a successful political career out of demonising ‘unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats’.
  3. I think many Brazilians would have something to say about this. Jair Bolsonaro is giving Trump and Johnson a run for their money.
  4. Whether the leagues are regionalised. I have bought a season ticket over the last few years, though only attend between half a dozen and ten home matches per season. Whilst I completely understand the feelings of those who, for reasons that correspond to their own travel plans and costs as well as those of the club, see regionalisation as a positive step at the moment, I am not sure such a move will give me sufficient motivation to, in effect, donate a larger chunk of money than last year; I will probably pick and choose my games instead. Then again, as the end of the month looms ever closer, and if the prospect of actually seeing some competitive football does become clearer, I might just bite the bullet and pay in instalments. Keeping a watching brief.
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