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  1. Well done thank you. Will be great help to identify with the players.
  2. Congratulations to all involved in the production of the program. very impressed with the detail in Meet The Opposition which not only showed photos of the Hartlepool players but detailed information of their careers. would it be possible for the Town players to be featured in the same way. It certainly would help when looking at the team that features many new players.
  3. The lead up play was sublime, Kings pass across the field to Allen, Allen’s persistence in running the ball down, beating his fullback, cross which was parried by Killip in goal and calm finish by Staunton. Brilliant well worth entry fee alone.
  4. Great match, played as a team with Hartlepool also playing good football. Well worth the 400 mile round trip from Suffolk.
  5. I didn’t realise I’d miss it so much. Thanks for return of normality
  6. I have it 3.00 Saturday at the Shay
  7. The next few days are vital to the club. New manager, signing new players and release of season tickets and count down to kick off. We all ready know about pick up of tickets and Salford match. What a shame we haven’t organised an open day at the Shay for a meet the players and a further opportunity to sell season tickets and items available from club shop, shirts etc. Two/ three hours could work wonders for the club.
  8. Totally agree, no I’ll feelings towards the club or supporters. Holds his head up high and achieved what he was asked to do. Appreciate what he’s done for the club and for going at this time.
  9. Does Nathan have the qualifications to coach and manage if offered the job?
  10. Bought my season ticket in May and must admit have been wondering ever since why in view of lack of news on new players and communication relating to season 2019/20. The news on Monday surprised me but in last 24 hours my enthusiasm for the new season is back and am starting to feel confident. let us as supporters continue to get behind the Powers that be, get a manager that will communicate with us the paying public, sign some more player and get the season of to a flying start.
  11. At least Frickley heard from FCHT which is more than town’s supporters. whats the odds that the next we hear is that it’s all our fault as we haven’t bought 1500 season tickets.
  12. As been said before VAR will kill the game. wait till Premier League players start appealing for revues on everthing
  13. Hxmitch

    On the Cusp

    Love your enthusiasm Well done
  14. Know of supporters of other clubs that treat them as their main club and have season tickets with that club. They are waiting for towns fixture list to ensure not too many clashes and if ok will buy a town season ticket as well.
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