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  1. WOW who would be a financial director? love throwing figures around, indeed did it all my career. At the end of the day it will all depend on the teams performance and results, the weather and the big unknown the VIRUS.
  2. Yes but when retired, choice of staying here or returning to Halifax After 20 made right decision
  3. Very sad for all concerned and caused through no vault of there own. All supporters of lower league clubs have got to be concerned. Be interesting to hear of how DB sees the position fo Town and how signing players at a time when there is no income and no sign of the situation improving in the next six months, if as predicted a second wave of the virus will hit harder when winter arrives.
  4. Hxmitch

    Retained list

    Have any of those offered a new deal actually signed?
  5. Harrogate played way above the level I expected and in the games I’ve seen in the past year we couldn’t have lived with them . good luck to them next year but more importantly I do hope that all that make the decisions at Town take note and produce a team next season that we can get behind and take us back into the football league.
  6. Sorry to say it but I agree. with everything that’s going on if I was in charge of town I would not be spending money on new signings at the moment
  7. If they have I hope they have not gone to Spain for a fortnight. To then spend 14 days in isolation would beggar start of training
  8. Don’t see a problem with 2500 in the ground by opening up 3 sides, the concern will be half time, full time when wanting to use facilities and exiting the ground.
  9. And you could get from behind one goal to the other without being hindered.
  10. Hxmitch


    North Norfolk has many interesting places to visit. Do as we do and avoid peak holiday seasons.
  11. I’m sure a scheme based on the above would give the club a steady flow of regular funds. my only change/suggestion would be that the Premium membership be a MINIMUM of £10.00. This gives individuals the choice to choose the level of support they wish to give to Town and those that are able may wish to select a higher amount, whilst still receiving the same rewards available to all.
  12. Do we have any sponsors for new season lined up. Is Ben back working for the club? Does Ben like any of the fund raising ideas mentioned on here in the last few weeks/days?
  13. Don’t know you but you talk a lot of sense
  14. Bad spell for ex Leeds Utd players RIP Jack. lets hope you are all watching present team gain promotion
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