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  1. Well done to Matthew Rowson and all involved with the under 19’s F C Halifax Town.
  2. Hxmitch


    New striker in for 1 month from FGR
  3. Great article and shows hard work in getting Youth to progress to potential first team. it will produce soon and can only benefit The Shaymen long term. keep the faith
  4. Has Redshaw signed? Where do you get information from
  5. Hxmitch


    Despite the loss the lads have done well and the experience will do them a power of good in the future.
  6. Steve we’re obviously the same era, do you remember Town playing Bradford P A away. I’ve a memory of getting there for evening match and pitch covered with a foot of snow. Snowploughs were used to clear pitch and match was played. Happy days
  7. Don’t remember a Worthington being a keeper, possibly you mean Downsborough. Knowles and Downsborough vied for the first team don’t remember a Queensborrough lad.
  8. Hxmitch


    Well done the U19s. Be good if one of this years team (at least) could make the break through and sign pro forms with Town.
  9. Agree Binnom-Williams had an excellent second half and could have scored after showing great control but his weak shot was straight at the keeper. The team play the type of football that is far superior to anything we have seen at the shay for many years. My concern is that at home we have failed to score in 3 of the last 4 matches. No doubt this is a problem Pete Wild is trying to correct and let’s hope the answers is found quickly
  10. 400 mile round trip and taking the next two home matches. Only draw back staying at mother-in-laws. seeing the table toppers will make it all worth while
  11. Hxmitch

    Anyone able?

    Read Wild’s article in Courier, what a manager we seem to have gained. Positive on progress of injuries and suggests all three ready for action. Happy with squad, knows any team can beat others in the league but sees us maintaining our challenge Looking at squad with aim to offering new contracts to those he feels can form the basis of the team going forward. well done Pete certainly in the few weeks he’s been with us one of the most positive managers Town have had in the sixty years I’ve watched the Shaymen.
  12. Update suggest Brown not yet ready, Maher and Allen possible.
  13. Hxmitch


    Well done to the team, convincingly beaten Buxton 5-1 to progress into next round
  14. What do BT pay for showing a live Vanarama match. used to be £6000 for home team £1000 for away. Has it changed?
  15. The fastest right winger you could see, only problem Archie had was stopping before the dead ball line to get his cross into the centre.
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