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  1. Agree Binnom-Williams had an excellent second half and could have scored after showing great control but his weak shot was straight at the keeper. The team play the type of football that is far superior to anything we have seen at the shay for many years. My concern is that at home we have failed to score in 3 of the last 4 matches. No doubt this is a problem Pete Wild is trying to correct and let’s hope the answers is found quickly
  2. 400 mile round trip and taking the next two home matches. Only draw back staying at mother-in-laws. seeing the table toppers will make it all worth while
  3. Hxmitch

    Anyone able?

    Read Wild’s article in Courier, what a manager we seem to have gained. Positive on progress of injuries and suggests all three ready for action. Happy with squad, knows any team can beat others in the league but sees us maintaining our challenge Looking at squad with aim to offering new contracts to those he feels can form the basis of the team going forward. well done Pete certainly in the few weeks he’s been with us one of the most positive managers Town have had in the sixty years I’ve watched the Shaymen.
  4. Update suggest Brown not yet ready, Maher and Allen possible.
  5. Hxmitch


    Well done to the team, convincingly beaten Buxton 5-1 to progress into next round
  6. What do BT pay for showing a live Vanarama match. used to be £6000 for home team £1000 for away. Has it changed?
  7. The fastest right winger you could see, only problem Archie had was stopping before the dead ball line to get his cross into the centre.
  8. Very good write up on main town site by Johnny Meynell.
  9. Yes Peter moved to Swindon in 1965. came through the youth team along with David Knowles also a goalkeeper. Both in the early sixties were inexperienced but full of potential, person choice who was best and each would play a few games make a mistake and be dropped and replaced by the other. David left the shay in 1963.
  10. Peter was my era and along with other players in the early sixties was always in the town and happy to have a chat. Well deserved his move and I was delighted when he played foe Swindon and appeared at Wembley. RIP
  11. EFL vote against Bury being reinstated. Protected their own interest however as only one club will be relegated to National League with two being promoted to take no of clubs back to 72 in 20/21
  12. League Clubs to be asked wether Bury should be allowed back into leg 2 in 20\21subject to there financial situation. is this the thin edge of the wedge for National league teams
  13. Well done thank you. Will be great help to identify with the players.
  14. Congratulations to all involved in the production of the program. very impressed with the detail in Meet The Opposition which not only showed photos of the Hartlepool players but detailed information of their careers. would it be possible for the Town players to be featured in the same way. It certainly would help when looking at the team that features many new players.
  15. The lead up play was sublime, Kings pass across the field to Allen, Allen’s persistence in running the ball down, beating his fullback, cross which was parried by Killip in goal and calm finish by Staunton. Brilliant well worth entry fee alone.
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