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  1. Watching the Van de Valk series on itv took me back to the 70’s and the original series which in my opinion was far superior. How about the original music Eye Level by Simon Park orchestra to bring memories back. wished I knew how to put in on here myself
  2. Seem to remember the music as a theme for a tv program in late 50’s early 60’s. Great record brings back lots memories.
  3. See the donation still slowly creeping up. Congratulations to the supporters club committee and all helpers for the amount of monies raised in last season. Well done.
  4. Don’t have to be posh to have good taste
  5. Hxmitch


    They will certainly get more money than Town got from Premier League
  6. Hxmitch


    What a farce. League 2 want promotion but no relegation. Assume League 1 want promotion but no relegation. Championship wants promotion but no relegation AND surprise surprise Premier League don’t want Relegation. As many have said scrap the season and let’s keep amused during the Summer watching the Legal Boys fighting for the self interest of their respective clubs.
  7. Have I missed it or are we still waiting for the draw?
  8. Didn’t know they had a magic wand!
  9. Not up to selecting music and transfering to here. A group from the eighties I liked was Fox and record single bed amongst others. Nice seductive voice!
  10. Equal to town selling 175 season tickets @£200.00 each. Town fans talk the talk but supporters club go fund me shows how deep Halifax supporters pockets are and how short our arms are. Come on fans let show how we can get behind behind the club.
  11. Hxmitch


    16 million not 1.6. Let’s hope National League receive similar offer of loans.
  12. Bought a season ticket for several years now but due to age and distance from the Shay only get there infrequently. As we have to pay VATon season tickets I will this year not buy a ticket, I will however make a donation direct to the club of the amount of the cost of a ticket. The club will then benefit by not having to pay VAT on the donation and when I am fortunate enough to get to the Shay in receiving my gate money
  13. Yes cost of live shows in the early mid sixties were very affordable compared to what I see for live shows today and in the sixties most performers were prepared to mingle with the audience after the shows.
  14. Hxmitch


    My concern is if the leagues start up again with the view to play matches behind closed doors, how can we afford to pay the players wages. If leagues don’t start till spring 2021, players have to survive 12 months without pay and the uncertainties of not having a club to play for.
  15. Remember seeing Johnny Kidd performing at the Marlborough Hall in Halifax shortly before he was killed in a road accident in Lancashire. Sad loss
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