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  1. All for raising funds for the mighty Shaymen but don’t we have to be careful of Lotteries Act or some such thing?
  2. Confirmed via Scarborough local paper. been with squad apparently for last fortnight
  3. How pathetic is that? What happens if someone opens the curtains is the match abandoned?
  4. Mixing Rodney (Port Vale) with Redmond (Wrexham) just having senior moment, I’ll go back to sleep
  5. According to teams port vale v Harrogate Rodney played for port vale today still confused
  6. Thought he signed for Port Vale?
  7. Totally agree.Club need to be proactive, possibly with help of supporters club. Great idea now is the time to think of ways to raise additional funds. The amount of money raised for play offs shows good will club have from loyal supporters.
  8. If Macc dropped out of league could York take there place.?
  9. Increasing by minimum of £4 from November
  10. All right jumping off as long as facing direction of bus, tried once to face backwards and never felt such a Pratt in mylife!
  11. Privilege to have seen him play for Town RIP
  12. Hxmitch

    1000 Fans

    Would also help those of us living a long distance from the shay. Would be happy to pay a reasonable amount to club.
  13. Roils Head was a nightmare to play on, not only contending with gale force winds and heavy rain but also being goalie watching a shot sale past the goal and the ball disapearing down the slope. With my standard of fitness normally 2/3 minutes hold up in play whilst I fetched the blooming thing!
  14. Luxury,post put up by council.In early sixties we had to do it ourselves. youth of today don’t know what they are missing by not involving themselves in local sport.
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