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  1. Kossy has made Fylde worse and made Danny Rowe want to leave. The man is a Virus
  2. Isn't this around the time we signed Lenighan? Don't wish for new players at this time of year.
  3. Doesn't that make him good tactically? Maybe awful to watch but tactically amazing.
  4. Darren Kelly. That was easy
  5. I always thought he thought he was better than he actually is. No loss to me. But to sound contradicting could have done with him off the bench yesterday. His selfishness would have stopped us being pinned back for so long.
  6. I've read it as 1st team and trialists playing each other in a mixed game. So he can see what he's got and what he can get so could get signings off back of it.
  7. If Dan is fit enough to play he's worth 2 Kosys proper baller. Him and king together would even get Edwards 20+
  8. Have we paid the rent?!?
  9. If he signs on a pay as you play he can only play for one other club so whoever's signs him cant loan him out (other than to us) so it would be dangerous for him and them
  10. Heath had the ability to turn it around and even got promoted in his most difficult spell and go us out of the North 1st attempt. As I've previously stated the so called gambles on players Vardy etc were extremely calculated as we had a squad that smashed everything in site in those divisions. Surely better options available.
  11. Rather have Darren Kelly back. Aspin also holds most defeats and most games without winning. Before you go on about glory days.
  12. Paddy Power can sponsor our third kit with the logic they want blank shirts and pay for It
  13. They have proudly unsponsored the shirt now
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