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  1. Person is a defender ones a Midfielder. Pearson was played out of Position his whole tenure with us a bit like most players.
  2. Why should a team miss out on a home Fixture because a team had no money? That's 23 teams missing out on game day revenue.
  3. The EFL are a team light though.....
  4. How many chances does Josh need? He's been taking a wage up for an eternity. He never kicked on he hasn't fit in under quite a few managers. Better squad players about.
  5. Have to be on a low basic wage with a win and goal bonus to top it up.
  6. Sorry this may have already been said RE EFL Playoffs and National League Playoffs Both sets only include 5 Games so it's no extra games to be played and just 2 extra teams and venues. But if premier league can play in at least 6 neutral venues this should be easy
  7. Stop trying to be funny. Hows Twitter? You vile little man
  8. So the league starts in October or after? What happens if it starts in August?
  9. Rodney less money?
  10. Fondop was an all round better player than Rodney. Both came into the team whilst on a slide. The thing Rodney has is that he's rapid.
  11. National League should accept it on the proviso its 3 up for ever after this farce
  12. You know absolutely nothing. Claim to Be ITK .You're laughable
  13. I would. I nearly created a thread other day on this. Some clubs doing something called beamback I think for away games. But BT Sport own the TV rights to our games. Would we earn more selling virtual tickets to away fans anyway than needing BT Sport?
  14. It's quite difficult to take it seriously though when I take my dog out (on my once a day exercise) I see groups of lads wandering about together drinking cans and then Asian groups actually boxing each other. Yes I live in Keighley and the IQ isn't the highest round here but these small pockets make you think all the hard work is pointless resulting in further splinter cells. In regards to season tickets maybe the club will sell tickets with the view to play the games with online crowds originally. Yes it will take some fans out of the equation but it will also raise the possibility of more away fans eating £10 a pop for a code for that game. Yes there is more to life than football but if the club manages this correctly and get funds in DB and co will look after the money and not just blow it so we can be a force next season. I can't see the prices going up by more than £50 but they will have multiple months to let people pay the money in installments without showing they are out if touch with reality
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