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  1. Didn't a rugby union team get stiffed for creative accounting recently
  2. And people slate me for saying Hanson isn't any good. His passing was as good as we had last season his chance conversion was poor.
  3. 6 of that eight played in the playoff game. So he's either a crap manager who can't get better players in or he got left a decent core........
  4. not much slower then Brown and reads the game better. Brown is a bigger waste due to his injury record. Thank god that he's listed of we are on about waste of wages over a clubman with with experience
  5. How exactly is Clarke a waste of a contract?
  6. Beck and Gibson would be a good partnership. We will end up with Denton and Shaq McDonald
  7. Unless the sponsor pays enough money to sign players,like people have stated by not signing players they are missing out on season ticket sales.
  8. Its a shame he's just to old for tribunal. Only reason to offer young players contracts if they are going to sign elsewhere anyway.
  9. Because everyone is on about who to keep and who to sign. If no brass in the coffers these lads will sign for other clubs they ain't going go wait for Halifax fans to buy season tickets. And DB won't spend silly money to back Wild with no proper revenue. Unless he has pocketed some of the playoff funds raised for that.
  10. 146 Season tickets is worrying. That price hike has definitely stopped the cash upfront option. Unless that is 146 paid in full and not people on installments. I would have bought one at £199 now I feel shamed into buying one because nobody else has either.
  11. Last 10 mins look at Body Language of both Managers. Wild looked defeated so if you're a player it hardly fills you with confidence,they shouldn't have needed it but. Awful by Wild staring at the Camera like it was a reality show the players should have been torn a new one in the dying mins.
  12. Sacking Gaffers doesn't help though
  13. You said we have a **** squad we made the playoffs no straw clutching just stating a fact. Just think if you saved some of them goals up from Boxing day and used them new years day. You might be in the end of season **** squad lottery.
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