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  1. We are also rinsing people though. Stockport gave higher quality at £2.50 less than us
  2. First of all no need for any abuse. But the long and short of it is they may be volunteering article on the clubs website or Shaymen player. But the people are customers of the streaming service at present. So the blame falls either on the club for getting substandard equipment or the media team albeit its not those in charge of the cameras but they are the first port of call for any issues. Same as any client/customer based roles you only take notice of bad comments they will be over 90% of fans not entirely happy with the service given but not annoyed enough to complain
  3. Give over. The cameras are crap then. Tracks the match Automatically......but pans to nothing quite often. The whole set up wasn't great. But its better than not being able to see anything. But its not something I'd be happy with paying for if it wasn't part of the season ticket. The camera at Clitheroe was miles better and that was a free pre season game. Also surely they should have gone live at half 2 so they would have realised the live feed wasn't working?
  4. Although its annoying. You deserve to watch the game live in the stadium more than most of us. So hope they let you in
  5. Go to keighley they test you same day ipen 8am to 8pm
  6. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone. But why should the fit and able bodied people suffer due to the fact that elderly and already ill people may die from the virus. The deaths may go up but the government advice will absolutely ruin people immune systems anyway. Not saying herd immunity would work. But its quite clear the cases will go up when you can just pop down and get tested. When it wasn't so easy to get tested did people just feel crap and deal with it? Guess so with the ages of deaths. I will wear a mask in shops and public transp
  7. When Chesterfield and Co are allowed in with no restrictions. Not being the club that banned away fans will work out better.
  8. So if I buy a season ticket am I guaranteed to get into the live games? I know this will have been said multiple times. I just think if 1500 season tickets are sold I know which is unlikely. Is it first come first served?
  9. Yes Goalkeeping Coach/Player saves a wage.
  10. 2 Managers think so and I agree with them. We signed him on a stupidly long contract. I have said multiple times can't control a ball can't defend he's just quick....... This is the Mekki McLeod scenario all over again people get better when they don't play in halifax fans eyes
  11. Hanson is rubbish but Brown is a club man. Brown will get a club as he has the ability and a likability to him but I think we are stuck with Hanson.
  12. They only need to get answers and say it could be a season ticket only situation it will get over 600 bought within days
  13. Its stupid. People think only the Premier League Exists. What stops 1000 Shaymen going to watch Brighouse and so forth. Fans go to games and not watch it on Sky.
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