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  1. Looking at Charlie Jones' Twitter he has had a bit of trolling in response. It's an interesting read
  2. Yeah, not a lot we can do about it. Hoped they'd have the North and then we'd have a proper competition in terms of singing. Well and truly out sung today and happy to admit that.
  3. Don't know how it looked from the East Stand today but it seemed okay when I was in there, streamers looked good. Anyone have any opinions on it this afternoon?
  4. For the upcoming match against Stockport, we'd like to know if you'd be willing to help with a display at the top of the South Stand. If you're interested, could you please contact the SSL on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Thanks.
  5. It's alright I reckon Chorley will return 250.
  6. Can we get 3000 people down for our return home?
  7. We were giving him quite a bit of it at the bottom. He gives as good as he gets though, have a look at his Twitter.
  8. Cartman's a nice lad and I think the celebrations were directed at us lads who were giving him stick rather than celebrating against the club.
  9. Well then, back up top and spread out flags again?
  10. Did it work? Couldn't really tell although some chants definitely echoed. Some good banter with Darlo at the start before they just started singing 'Come On Darlo' for the rest of the match.
  11. Don't usually get there that early but that's when they opened up for Dagenham but it's always worth going along to check earlier. Think it was earlier than that for Eastleigh.
  12. I'm getting down at quarter past but I think they open up at 2. At least that's when they opened for Dagenham.
  13. To be fair, some of the throws form the top were excellent and a couple almost hit Huddart. Apologies for any less well crafted aircraft.
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