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  1. Yeah, looking forward to the resumption of the competition. Get well. IL
  2. I was only having a bit of sport mate hoping Chris would bite. They have done some things ok, furlough, Nightingales for example and some not ok, change of policy from track and trace, delay in lockdown etc.
  3. Or some very bitter ones who can't accept that the people saw through Magic Grandpa? That said I actually think that he might have been better suited for the current situation, he certainly wouldn't have had the libertarian conscience of BJ, given that he is a heart a communist, so he would probably have put us into lockdown earlier. And Rishi's current policy of paying people to stay at home and do nothing all day is a long standing dream for Jezza!
  4. I don't like the fact that the PM seems to be in thrall to him, he's unelected yet seems to be the real power. That said I need to be honest and say I find him considerably less odious than the other example I can think of, that utter **** Campbell
  5. Kept out of this for the most part, however for what it's worth here's my view. Without knowing the full facts it seems that DC has at least broken the spirit of the lockdown even if he didn't actually break the actual rules. In that instance he should have come out earlier, fully explained himself and apologised profusely for any offence. Boris should have been far stronger in his condemnation rather than giving him a get out of jail free card. However, let's be honest about what a great part of this is actually about DC has rubbed up a large part of the establish civil service, added to the fact that he lead the vote leave campaign and the liberal elite have long had him marked down as someone who needs taking down. This is their opportunity and they aren't letting go.
  6. Norm

    Our Squad

    He's got to be in the team to improve! Ok with Duckworth keeping him out, not quite as convinced about King
  7. Norm


    Correct. I think that is why the idea of regional leagues is getting some traction.
  8. Presumably that happened in the previous version? I think the current environment has brought home to many involved with football just how precious the financial situation is and that the regional football option gives clubs a chance to reset.
  9. Norm


    An interesting comparison. From what I saw of Quigley and what I have seen of Rodders, it's clear Dave is the better footballer. However as has been noted above sometimes a player finds a home and it all clicks. That said I am surprised Quigley has as many goals this last season as he does.
  10. Norm


    BBC says Stevenage safe
  11. I will keep updating with what I find. Tranmere Rovers away 4th October 1974
  12. Having a sort out of some lucky dip boxes and found 2 copies of The Shay men away v Darlington in the League Cup in August 1976 and a spare of the league game in November 1976. PM me if you are interested.
  13. Personally given that the announcement and any potential relaxation is falling on a Bank Holiday weekend I think they have been quite prudent to delay it for 3 days !
  14. Like I said providing the correct structure is in place and people are following the process. It's a fair point the players make relating to not being able to maintain social distances but if they are tested regularly and are proven to be free from the virus then whilst I can understand the caution they "should" be ok.
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