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  1. They have listened to the audio and employed lip readers to look at the videos and they have concluded that he didn't say what Diakaby said he said to him. I would say that is clear evidence that he is innocent isn't it ?
  2. The ref and lino do and there are more than enough microphones to pick anything up.
  3. Latest news out of Spain re the Cadiz Valencia game is that there is no indication from studying the video and audio that any racist insults were made. Seems Diakaby may have mis-heard ? Which makes you wonder if Juan Cala will receive any apologies from those who were quick to react on social media or indeed whether he will seek to take any legal action for slander/ defamation etc, etc, ? Think this one has a way to go yet.
  4. Read it and some of the background stuff. Chairman does come across as a complete chopper.
  5. It's more related to the PSNI not charging the leaders of the IRA for breaking covid rules during the1st lockdown when they attended a former terrorists funeral. The WA plays a part but in reality it's all just a cover so that they can have a pop at the old bill.
  6. Not necessarily, sometimes people just say daft stuff, both in real life and on line,then reflect on it and often regret it at a later date. I don't do FB but dip in and out of Twitter. I hate it when I am on the platform as 99% of it is abuse, not even talking about politics or stuff just review a Messi/ Ronnie goat thread. Mindless behaviour.
  7. Reading about the Cadiz v Valencia incident La Liga have brought in specialist help to clean up the audio to enable them to understand what was actually said. Reports suggest that the 2 accounts differ greatly ! then again I suppose they would.
  8. Looking as though they are finding a bit of form.
  9. Good. If it's like mine you will feel crap for a day or so then all systems go.
  10. I agree. I like Sterling and as you say most of our good stuff involved him, however it's not unfair to suggest that based on form this season Harvey Barnes could probably be ahead of him?
  11. I don't think Maddison is going mate, too many ahead of him. Jordan Henderson has to start I like Rice and him and JH will be an excellent pairing. Like another poster further up the board I would have JWP ahead of Phillips. I have to disagree re the keeper though, Pope had the ball probably 4 or 5 times across the Albania and Poland games when he was under pressure and on each occasion he looked uncomfortable. If I saw that I am sure Gareth did and provided he is fit Pickford is 100% starting.
  12. A few observations. 1st half was very good last night, without being exceptional due to it only being 1-0. Right from the start of the 2nd half Poland looked much sharper, whereas we dropped our intensity, perhaps one lead to the other? I think it was a bad pass from Pope but Stones still should have dealt with it better, however I really can't understand some of the revisionist dark age thinking being spouted on here about where international footballers should and shouldn't pass the ball! Overall the team showed good spirit to get the win but ultimately at the business
  13. I'm glad none of my children are coached by you then.
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