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  1. Genuine question here because I don't know the answer. Are the lads at NL, NLN /S generally members of the PFA ? If they are can / will the PFA have the capability to underwrite that proportion of their memberships wages for the initial period when no fans are present, given that it looks like the EPL and EFL have agreed a separate funding mechanism?
  2. Norm

    No fans

    The issue with that is tax payers again subsidising footballers whilst the EPL has TV deals of billions of pounds! It's one thing to pay for furlough for staff on 20k a year it's another to support L1 &L2 and even NL players quite a few of whom will be pulling well in excess of £100/150k! It doesn't sit well. Of course the counter argument is the additional arts council funding ? Not sure personally, I think it could be more of things along the lines of VAT, HMRC holidays ?
  3. Norm


    For an alternative opinion the club shop still hasn't had the decency to respond to my email from 3 days ago !
  4. Norm

    Home Shirt

    Anyone bought one online and had it delivered yet? Still waiting for mine after 2 weeks
  5. Yes, his analysis was a bit rufff,
  6. Norm

    Halifax AFL

    Was that the pub on the left hand side of the road as you drove back to the A629 ?
  7. Norm

    Halifax AFL

    One place that I always found to have its own micro climate was Salandine Nook. Dear me what a place !
  8. Norm

    Halifax AFL

    Yes I enjoyed my time up there. Sadly lost touch with most of the lads when I moved to Hx
  9. Do Croatia and Spain not count then? What about Switzerland?
  10. The problem with that approach though is that by the time they get to that age 13/14/15 their techniques are often engrained and any chance of redeveloping is limited. Hence why clubs take them at 6/7/8 to fully develop technical skills The issue I have with the current approach is more that once boys, or girls, are in an academy system they are prevented from playing for their grassroots clubs or (as far as I am aware) any other sports. So boys that excel at rugby and cricket are restricted from playing, same with girls for netball or hockey I believe. I think it's better for them t
  11. Norm

    Halifax AFL

    Yes played there a few times. My daughter plays football so can't totally agree with your last comment !
  12. Norm

    Halifax AFL

    Just as an aside, to illustrate how far local football has fallen I walked past the moor on the way for my paper this morning and there were only three sets of posts set up on the top side and none at all on the bottom side by the lodge. When I first moved to Hx there were 4 pitches on the bottom and probably 6 or 8 on the top side. Now the pitches were never great and the changing rooms left a bit to be desired but even so !
  13. Norm

    Halifax AFL

    Old Mods. Played for a few of the teams but mainly Senior B, little bit of A. I also played in the WRCA and against few WYL teams in cup games for the mods, they were always good games. The football in the YOBL was probably less physical than others I played in but technically it was a very good standard.
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