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  1. Yes if I remember something to do with not agreeing to the CVA and withholding the golden share, hence the relegation to the Northern League because The FA considered them a Phoenix club. With respect to Hartlepool weren't they bankrolled by a Norwegian oil company for about 10 years as a way of avoiding tax ?
  2. They were Hartlepools at the time he managed them, dropped the S in the early 70's I believe.
  3. It would be soooooo funny if it blobbed again. I think Jeff would spontaneously combust
  4. Raj won't stick it out lads, don't worry about that. Ask the Darlington fans. Ps nobody in Hartlepool spells it with an H it is Atrlepool
  5. Not sure where you are but it's snowing here
  6. I don't think we are. The chimp chokers however........
  7. As daft as it sounds a sensible suggestion. The issue is who pays for the leccy?
  8. Norm

    Game on

    There is a piece on the Hartlepool Mail website trying to stir things up a bit.
  9. Belgium's death rate(by whichever metric you choose to compare) is significantly higher than the UK's. Not that I am saying we have anything to shout about in the way it has been managed but aside from Germany the majority of the larger european countries France, Italy Spain etc are at a similar % rate to the UK ranging from around 110 to 125 / 100k.Belgium is 175.
  10. Well done to Chorley but it just confirmed to me that the development leagues these lads play in are not properly preparing them for the physical elements of real 1st team football. Derby played some ok'ish football but as soon as Chorley played with a bit of pace and intensity they didn't know how to react. I only saw the 2nd half but I can't remember a chance they created? whilst the Derby keeper made a few good saves. You don't want to make knee jerk reactions on the basis of one game but it should send a few worries though the minds of the people who drempt up the EPPP because le
  11. As long as they put the forks down
  12. Sorry all responded to the wrong post. I should, of course, made that joke to Shaykehands
  13. If he needs to come off to change his boots it should be interesting
  14. Should be quick from a standing start
  15. Yeah knew who his dad is. Thought it was a 6 month. Bugger.
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