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  1. You're correct, although we can only hope that the EPL finally realise that without Queens Park there isn't an Andy Robertson. No Wickersley ,Stockbridge, Halifax and Fleetwood there is no Vardy. I could mention Tyrone Mings, Ben Foster, Troy Deeney, many, many others. I accept that the club's are independent businesses and it's not for example Arsenal's responsibility to ensure that there isn't financial mismanagement at Bury. But from a sporting point of view the pyramid is needed.
  2. I actually enjoyed the Nations League. Much better than friendly games. I'm with you on the JPT. The EFL cup serves a useful purpose because it is often the testing ground for young players Paul Scholes got his 1st start in it for example.
  3. It's far more likely that 20 / 21 will be the season that is impacted rather than 19/20. As noted above I expect the EFL cup and the Autowindscreens / checkatrade ( or whatever it is called now) cup to go. The FA Cup will be finish on the day, there will be no Nations League and UCL & UEL will probably go to single legs for the knockout games. That said it would be piss funny for the bin dippers to be denied the one thing they crave more than any other!!
  4. The football landscape could look very different. It wouldn't surprise me if a few teams who had been living beyond their means are in vastly different situations than they are now. We have already seen the problems at Barnet, Hearts have been reported as requesting that staff take a 50% pay cut. When we are back to normal the teams that have been well managed financially and haven't chucked money at things are going to be seen as the way to go and not those who are running 7 figure losses every season. We could also see a return to some form of regional based football because it's not sustainable to expect Hartlepool to travel to Torquay on on Tuesday evening. Finally it may put an end to the madness of full time professional football at National North level (not sure if it is as common in National South? ) Thankfully Halifax Town are well run and will come out of this.
  5. Ok, that's what I understand. I accept the point about ownership model, in a similar way to car manufacturers they are generally under foreign control but I didn't think that they had scaled back the facilities. Correct, me if I am wrong but GSK is still however a UK company?
  6. What are you basing that comment on Bill ? Pharmaceutical R&D and production is one of the few areas where we still maintain a presence. I accept that the vaccine isn't ready to be produced yet, however, there is no evidence to suggest that we couldn't produce one here if we had the opportunity.
  7. Norm


    A grand a week is not as much as it sounds in London though mate.
  8. They wanted us to see the Hospital built though mate, that's why we all know about it. Fair point re lamb chops.
  9. You must struggle there mate, pretty much everything is now made in PRC.
  10. I think there are many things that we could learn from eastern societies, in particular when it comes to looking after and respecting elderly members of society. However, one area where they definitely need to open their minds is animal welfare and food standards/safety.
  11. They locked down one province and you can do that when you are a one party police state. There is no knowing the full extent of the spread of the virus in China because they won't release accurate information. In addition they tried to suppress the news of the outbreak when it initially started. Finally if they operated decent standards of food hygiene the ****ing thing wouldn't have started in the first place so please don't use China as an example of how to manage the problem.
  12. Correct, but for what it's worth my money would probably be on the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser rather than Janice or for that matter any of the twisty journalists with their points to score for whichever way they want to spin their argument.
  13. Didn't get down tonight, watched on the telly. 1st half was barely ok'ish 2nd was v poor. Bin man was shocking but not as bad as Rodney who was a complete and utter plonker. Cooper did ok, Staunton tried, the rest were woeful.
  14. Holland now suspends fixtures and UEFA calling a VC for next Tuesday to discuss its response. I don't think next week's UCL / UUL fixtures will go ahead. Leicester players reportedly self isolating. I would imagine that the football authorities will probably be in discussions with the government with a view to possible suspension in the UK perhaps as early as this weekend?
  15. La liga follows Serie A in suspension for next 2 weeks. Basketball player from Madrid's first team confirmed as having tested + for the virus.
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