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  1. Weather update - currently foggy in the Fens but expected to clear later this pm. It is very cold though. Still below freezing. No way bad enough for postponement however. This would have been a home fixture for me. KL is only 20 miles away. Will probably listen to BBC Norfolk feed. It can be found via the BBC Sport page, just follow the live sport links to get to the non league football commentary page.
  2. 5th January 1980. I know it’s been mentioned in umpteen threads before but surely we can’t let this day pass without mentioning our 3rd round FA Cup win over Man City. What a day. Great goal from Paul Hendrie (or Hendrix as auto-correct keeps telling me). I’m always surprised that we don’t get mentioned amongst the giant killers when it comes to 3rd round day. Let’s see if amongst the games played this weekend we get a name check.
  3. Coat of arms. Even had Dave Staniforth’s face on it. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.pinterest.co.uk/amp/pin/132363676532986956/
  4. I was one of that group. There were 4/5 of us, who used to regularly shout out Steve Ward during the games. I don’t know if he feared playing down the right wing when attacking the Bus Shed end, because we sometimes used to give him some right stick. He was an ok player, but just lacked confidence to take a player on and get to the bye-line to cross. After the Friday night games we used to go into town for a drink and would often see him and a couple of other players. I can’t remember all the banter that used to go on in the (very sparse) crowd at that time, but the Friday night games
  5. Can anyone remember the guy who used to shout out ‘Gennoe’ whenever a ball was crossed into the box. He wore a trilby hat and used to throw it into the air at least once a match in excitement/disappointment depending on the action at the time. He used to stand on the Skircoat side, but on the terracing that’s now a grass bank (under the clock for those of you who can remember that innovation).
  6. I think the original statement hits the nail on the head. We can’t contemplate resuming the season at NL level until fans are allowed to attend. To do otherwise would be commercial suicide. The PL shouldn’t be restarted for the very many reasons that were articulated in the statement. It’s all about money. I’m sure that the Dutch weighed everything up before deciding to abandon their remaining fixtures. There are recent reports of players in Germany testing positive & the German Govt is thinking of giving the green light to their season resuming later this week. It’s madness. I
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