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  1. After being initially underwhelmed by the appointment, I have taken some time to gather my thoughts and assess the positives and negatives and I do have to say I am now quite pleased about our prospects under Wild. Very well liked at Oldham, showing astute tactical nouse as shown in his giant killing of Fulham and his near 50% win percentage after taking over a struggling side whilst having to deal with a meddling owner. Only 34 and his record of delivering entertaining AND most importantly effective football at youth and senior level may well breathe new life into club and send us in a positive direction. His focus on youth is particularly interesting and this may well see the likes of Taylor and Freedman coming through the youth team and coached by the new manager. Hopefully we can all pull together and get behind Wild who deserves our full support and backing. I’m excited to see who he brings in and I’m looking forward to a successful season fingers crossed!
  2. This is a very easy decision for me. Nicholson is the standout candidate if the news about Moore not applying is true. He’s been successful in senior football on a limited budget, brought through players at Cardiff and derby in the youth team who have progressed into the first team and plays exciting football that would bring the atmosphere back to the shay. Being only 32, it has a Danny Cowley esq feel to it and I think we should go for it. He ticks all the boxes for what I’d personally want in a town manager. Plus he’s David Bosomworth’s wet dream so that’s always a bonus.
  3. He’s a winger to be fair, solid player at this level and only 24 so we can still develop him. However he’s old enough to have gained valuable experience at this level, something last seasons squad lacked at times in Edwards, Odelusi, Sellers etc. He was excellent for Southport a couple seasons back so if we can reignite that player then i think this is a terrific signing.
  4. Mixed reviews at Dover so wouldn’t go that far but at Southport he was really rated. I’ll judge him when I’ve seen him play but on paper I’d say it’s a step in the right direction signing wise.
  5. They’ve lost warburton and duxbury granted yes. Not sure who the 3rd is. Hope you’re not on about Stephenson because they released him so he’s clearly not all that. Other than that their whole title winning squad is together. They’ve signed a young midfielder from Colne who’s scored a bucket load of goals at that level, proven in senior football. The type of player we used to sign. We’ve taken a punt on a kid from Bolton with 5 senior appearances, 4 of which being for Curzon Ashton. Sure, it could turn out well but it doesn’t inspire confidence amongst fans on the face of it. For you to say they’re no different to us is simply a load of crap.
  6. You fail to mention they’ve kept most of their title winning squad from last season so they’re nice and settled, meanwhile we’ve got 11 players...
  7. Our last 8 seasons are quite remarkable in terms of opening fixtures. Even the two seasons in the north we had awful opening fixtures away from home. 12/13: Bishop Stortford away 13/14: Cambridge United away 14/15: Dover Athletic away 15/16: Boreham Wood away 16/17: Nuneaton Boro away 17/18: Aldershot at home 18/19: Braintree Town away 19/20: Ebbsfleet United away Either it’s fixed or we’re just extremely unlucky
  8. Exactly, flea just doesn’t like me so he tries at every opportunity to repeat the same tired rhetoric that I ‘abuse’ players. Calling a player ‘sh!t’ is not abuse, it’s an opinion. An opinion he’s used before I’m sure.
  9. I called Connor thomson sh!t once, which he was. Maybe I shouldn’t have put it on twitter and I apologise for that but Christ get over it man. You’re obsessed.
  10. Benfcht

    Sell Sam!

    Johnson worth several hundred thousands?! Don’t get me wrong, he’s a terrific keeper and one of the very best in this league. However, valuing him at several hundred thousand is the most deluded thing I have read for a long time.
  11. Before the video got taken down I noticed one of the players looked a lot like Alex brown who is an England C international left back from Buxton. We’ve been linked with him and we need a left back so it makes sense
  12. No doubt odelusi will just be training with us to keep up fitness levels until he finds a new club. It’s happening with Darren Stephenson currently at Stockport despite his release. It’s a fairly common occurrence amongst football clubs up and down the country.
  13. And only started about 20 different threads about potential signings, adding every single player to follow town on twitter to the list. Gripping stuff.
  14. Well done on looking at town’s followers, you massive ITK
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