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  1. Benfcht

    Pete Wild

    I agree completely with you, doesn’t mean we should move him up front though. Not every team will be able to do what South Shields did with it being such a small pitch, playing kempster out wide didn’t really leave them too open down the middle either. I think our wing backs are really effective at the shay due to how big the pitch is. It allows us to really stretch the pitch all the way. One bad performance after being our best player so far this season along with Summerfield doesn’t mean King isn’t a good wing back. There are definitely question marks defensively, however I’m more than happ
  2. Benfcht

    Pete Wild

    I’m liking a lot of your thought process however I think there’s an issue with a couple of your points in particular. First of all on Maher, I don’t think we need a defensive midfielder in the system we play. It’s already 5 at the back, do we really need a sixth defensively minded player on the pitch? Especially when we already have Summerfield who does a great job of breaking up play whilst also having the technical ability Maher does not possess. I like Maher as a centre back in a back 3, he did well there last season and against Woking last Saturday. Was awful against South Shields, ho
  3. He’s had no service partly because he doesn’t make any movements. Hyde wouldn’t have made our performance much better because the rest of our team was also very poor but omatayo doesn’t even look like he’s trying to me.
  4. Never understood this point. He won’t get chances because he makes absolutely zero movements in the box. He stands still and expects the ball to fall to him. No goal scoring instincts whatsoever. Haven’t actually seen him make one sprint yet. Doesn’t look arsed.
  5. Drew 1-1 there under heath in 17/18 if I remember correctly. Adam Morgan was our goalscorer.
  6. If so then that’s wrong, I must have missed it. Personally the penalty thing made me laugh but it’s a problem that needs ironing out. As for the start of the stream being late then suggestions that we should start it half an hour earlier is a good idea. Any fans directing abuse towards the media team are wrong, not defending that.
  7. Problem with that logic is I could claim you’ve just abused me there and you wouldn’t be able to argue with it because ‘it’s not for any individual to disagree or question’
  8. Not the media team’s fault at all but I think the club need to look at their use of the word ‘abuse’. Fans asking why the stream was 10 minutes late and why the camera panned away at a penalty is not ‘abuse’ and it is justified. It’s a service that people have paid for at the end of the day. People were annoyed, sure, but I saw no ‘abuse’ directed towards the media team.
  9. Dom Tear signed after being released from Huddersfield. Spent last season on loan and did very well at Gateshead. Young lad but not a youth teamer.
  10. Same question I’m asking Steve
  11. The trialist is a left wing back. Jeff King is playing right wing back with Maher, Byrne and Bradbury as the 3 centre halves.
  12. just been announced https://twitter.com/fchtonline/status/1308678499339829249?s=21
  13. He played 37 times for Fylde last season
  14. Wild did say about a week or so back that he’s had a centre back lined up for ages and it was just about crossing the Ts and dotting the Is so presume it was Byrne.
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