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  1. It isnt easy to believe when you are a longstanding shayman. Rollercoasters springs to mind with manymany dips. If the players believe esp Cameron and Sam then you never know.
  2. Think a double season to include this seasons results is best. I bet the Shay is looking great now?? Pictures please
  3. Is this a daft thought but I wondered if my 34 quid for 2 games plus might help the coffers?
  4. At least deserves a place on bench. He has a heart for the Shaymen imo
  5. Say I think from FCHT perspective there is possibility of much at stake.
  6. Would have thought common sense would day after 2.storms that leaving the pitch for a week would bring goodwill( old fashioned ) all round and assist both teams in the long run. Joined up conversations?
  7. Good post and is the overriding issue of the club. We dont know all the issues. It did seem as though this was the season and yet we couldn't build on such a great start.
  8. Really do question team selection and tactics now. Where is the team spirit and positivity. It was there at Harrogate but seems to have evaporated completely. No plan b
  9. Feel for dedicated fans. Is there any hope from those who travelled?
  10. Go there and win. Lets have a winning run. Dont understand Wrexham.
  11. Sad to hear the news Such a great down to earth player and manager. Good career RIP
  12. Still reflecting on 2 OGS Is it playing on 3G that causes such naive mistakes? Harrogate know where to put the ball at pace. Harrogate friendly enough. Programme largest but lightweight. Impressed by our team spirit. Get Cam King fully fit body mind and spirit.
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