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  1. They always said you would get paid 20 pound but could donate it to the club which I assume most will have done.
  2. I cant remember if I bunked off work or school (depending on what time of year it was) but for all that effort I couldnt spot myself once
  3. Bubba

    Just amazing

    In the current climate given the pandemic, job stability, pending recession, etc, it is astonishing.
  4. Chadders is going to deliver them. That will be a fun conversation in the van...I think Id prefer to listen to the cardboard cutouts
  5. Nothing for profit or overhead?
  6. In the 70s, Natty Lane probably had better facilities
  7. It used to come with a t-cake too. Magic!
  8. One person was on Sky News saying the wifi was rubbish and they had to eat their breakfast at breakfast time, lunch at lunch time and dinner at dinner time which led to unrest. Does look a shithole though.
  9. Not a chance. It will slowly dry up way before then. People's pockets are only so deep.
  10. Interesting poll over the weekend. Keir Starmer seems a more popular choice for PM than Johnson even if the Tories are polling higher than Labour. Starmer could be what this country needs. Ive not seen/heard enough of him so far but we are a tolerant, conservative, caring country on the whole. With an efficient and competent leader, a centre left party should have a very good chance of gaining power. The country has no stomach for a far left government, as we saw with Corbyn. Thankfully far right wing politics has no chance as we have seen with the (just as good as) extinction of the BNP in the last decade. Obviously its a good few years until the next GE but I wouldnt be surprised if we dont see Johnson last the full term.
  11. So they want to abolish capitalism, & the Police and appear not to believe Israel has a right to exist. I wonder if they have ever considered the fact that many black people whose lives matter also vote Conservative, believe in Capitalism & the Police's right to enforce the law.
  12. The official BLM accounts tweeting anti Semitic, offensive material to the Jewish Community, proves, as many warned weeks ago.. That the far left have hijacked a legitimate, important movement for their own gain.
  13. Out of interest, who did it offend?
  14. Ah that old chesnut. There are no people among our supporters who know how to run a business.
  15. From an employment law point of view it will be interesting to see if he takes action against his former employer though I would assume the employer would have taken HR advice before making their decision.
  16. Recruitment agencies in the sector I work in are pretty similar. Always trying to get to move on to a new company so they can get their 10% of you salary fee. They do very little in return.
  17. I think part of the problem though is that it also comes down to class. Part of the argument is that black people dont get the same life chances, opportunities, etc as whites. But there are plenty of disadvantaged white families/children who will feel the same. Is the bigger problem class rather than racism but its getting mixed up as racism or racism is being used as a convenient reason to some?
  18. It doesnt matter. You have already prejudged him.
  19. Including the one who tackled the Reading knife attacker?
  20. Unlike how the murder of a black man by a policeman in the USA leads to mass issues in the UK.
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