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  1. Bubba


    Gibb. The bloke who owns flamingo land. Valley parade is part of his pension.
  2. Bubba


    Cant wait to watch it in the Star, oh....
  3. Agreed. Its not just money through the gate, having larger crowds leads to increased merchandise sales, programme sales, potential commercial deals, increased attendance at club events, increased membership of ShaymenPlayer, etc, etc. Every supporter of the club is a salesperson for the club i.e. if the club is doing well, a supporter will discuss FCHT in the pub and potentially persuade others to attend games.
  4. Good for you. A shame there was war and peace then for you to read.
  5. I find the article pretty poor to be fair given they keep highlighting 'your'. Its only 'ours' when they are wanting some cash.
  6. Bubba


    I remain with my previous stance and it really is ridiculous that the leagues are trying to find other solutions. Scrap the season, call it null and void. Harsh on those hunting for promotion; a relief for those at risk of relegation. But overall, the only sensible option given the uncertain times we are in.
  7. I ended up in the Coliseum having a drinking competition with Tony Kniveton and Tony Parks. Not sure who won, but I got picked up for work at 6am the following morning and spent all day in the storage cabin on site sleeping it off.
  8. You were the thug on the pitch
  9. Ha no, not at all. I just know from experience that shots off the ankle rarely went in for me.
  10. Without wanting to do Super Geoff a disservice, does anyone else think the keeper might have deliberately allowed his goal to sneak in? It was like one of my 5-a-side shots which spooned off the ankle.
  11. Always loved a cup of Bovril at the footie
  12. My wife would have to make me a Bovril and charge me £1.80 for the honour or it just wouldnt be the same.
  13. Unfortunately I very much doubt that it is a neutral view. What we have seen is that there lacks a neutral view in almost everything these days.
  14. That's pretty poor for you.
  15. Bubba


    We dont need to see next year. We've got previous years records to compare the current death rate against. And the spike is huge. If this isnt down to coronavirus then I'd love to know the cause.
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