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  1. Pre-season friendlies announced.
  2. Bubba

    Salary Cap

    Great in theory but many will abuse it.
  3. If only. On the quantities the club orders the printing costs wont be good.
  4. Ideally you wouldnt want the club to be emailing a pdf version as it can be freely shared. On the flip side, posting it comes with an additional cost and workload.
  5. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/new-supporters-club-gold-membership-scheme/?fbclid=IwAR0f7b5i1O9ZaAeVH5qeY55maCBMzCL5uXMdeLYZSUE3Rowjmz5BgBTEGrY A very good offer.
  6. Bubba

    Retained list

    There will be a lot of nervous clubs out there who have been overspending for years but due to current circumstances are looking to cut their cloth accordingly. Credit to DB in running a fairly tight ship which I think will benefit us with whats going on at the moment. I think once things settle we will be in a decent position for signing players. At the moment it is silly season with players believing they can get better deals elsewhere - which will be true in many cases - but there will be plenty of other decent players left looking for clubs with few wanting to carry hefty squads.
  7. Compared to what? Again, I dont know, but is Calderdale worse than any other area
  8. Agreed. Until someone comes up with some comparisons about what other clubs pay in terms of their stadiums then its just a pointless argument. Ive said it before, our rent covers: Groundstaff Pitch maintenance Electric Water Gas Telephones (possibly) Cleaning H&S Office space and club shop
  9. Me and my cousin very much appreciated your hospitality at the camp site that evening
  10. Paul Futcher? I would say he played a pivotal role.
  11. Who would be classed as our best 'big' named signing that played a pivotal role? Kieran O'Regan?
  12. Bubba


    Part of the problem would be the additional cost of opening the full stadium i.e. stewards, gate staff, the extra cleaning up and preparation, etc.
  13. Only player to drop a team mate in a cup final which led to a broken arm?
  14. On the official site. Matt brown on transfer list
  15. Waste of time in both regards. Supporters club won't ask for anything in return for the money, fair enough, and there's no vehicle in place for having a rep on board.
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