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  1. Few people trust Corbyn. A Labour party more aligned towards the centre would probably walk the forthcoming election - even with someone like Ed Miliband in charge. I think its fair to say that its either the Conservatives or Labour and people probably see the Tories as the lesser of the two evils.
  2. OK, so on that basis did season ticket holders get their money back?
  3. It's a cheap way to run your hobby...I'll give you that.
  4. What would you want in return? Nothing? Just ring the club and give them some brass over the phone.
  5. Absolutely. Doesnt mean I have any faith in a Labour run UK. The HoC is full of idiots who are way out of their depth. I can see and admit this. You cant even take your rose tinted specs off and are a tribesman I referred to earlier.
  6. Labour continually prove they cant be trusted with the economy. Even more so this current bunch. Rebecca Long-Bailey as Secretary of State for Business
  7. Totally appreciate what you are saying. Of course the general well-being of the country forms part of my decision; a thriving country should in theory benefit everyone and in fairness a political manifesto isnt really aimed at individuals but rather how it affects the country. The point I was trying to make is that to vote election in, election out for the same party regardless of policies is nothing short of being a lemming.
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