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  1. That there is why I voted for Brexit
  2. Bubba

    Exhibit 1

    The government. There was something called the Green Guide in relation to sporting stadia which would detail things specific to its use as a stadium. But the Shay will also have other regulations to meet, not covered in the Green Guide, with regards steelwork, roofing, etc.
  3. Bubba

    Exhibit 1

    The stand was refurbished around 1990. The house analogy though is incorrect. Regulations change which have to be abided by when refurbishing your house which in a way is a continual process over the decades. Stadia regulation change which means the stand can't be used. It might be anything to do with illumination levels, hand rails, steepness, access, exiting safely, the toilets or maybe something structurally like the roof, concrete steps or steel work.
  4. Bubba

    Exhibit 1

    That would be a h&s blessing.
  5. Bubba

    Exhibit 1

    Health & Safety. Some would say 'Health & Safety has gone mad' and, working in construction, I would say there is an element of truth in this. However, the intentions are right and better H&S has made huge differences for the better.
  6. There was an incident in the 90s during a Huddersfield vs Bradford match which went to caught. Think the Huddersfield player was Kevin gray.
  7. Just need the fcht badge on and we'd sell loads.
  8. But our gates (plus other commercial income) do cover our running costs. We dont have an owner who ploughs in the cash.
  9. If it is a genuine statement then they seem to have it right with getting supporters groups involved and being open and transparent. But only time will tell.
  10. Remember hearing a lot of stories at the time about the negative influence of Richie Barker. Apparently he wasnt a very nice man. But regardless, RIP.
  11. That pretty much sums it up. The media team are volunteers but those subscribing are paying for a service so there needs to be a balance. But abuse is absolutely not on and consideration should be given on how quickly the system has been set up so that supporters have something to be able to watch games.
  12. Is the system open to abuse? i.e. multiple people can use the same code to access the game? Hopefully nobody is cheating the system/club but maybe something to try combat when the club launches its own platform?
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