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  1. Play games behind closed doors, what now?
  2. Ive always said, construction is one of the first to slow down when there is an economic crisis and one of the last to recovery. Explains why I have been made redundant 4 times in my career Maybe you can send some work my way in the future, as a fellow Shayman
  3. I work in construction and the advice from the Government has been woeful. I am office based, so started working from home yesterday. Obviously our lads on site are wanting to keep working (to earn money) but are concerned about catching/spreading the virus. Some of the sites we are working on closed yesterday. However, we have a hotel project that is about 3 weeks from completion. The site is still open and we are on £10k a week liquidated and ascertained damages should the project not complete on time and its our fault. Hopefully the site will be shut soon because some tasks on site arent as straight forward as staying 2mt away from everyone else.
  4. Ah sorry, I am with you now. Hope you get somewhere with it.
  5. "There will be a £10,000 cash grant to our smallest businesses, delivered by local authorities. Small businesses that pay little or no business rates and are eligible for small business rate relief (SBBR) or rural rate relief will be contacted by their local authority - they do not need to apply."
  6. The problem is its easy (well maybe not with a global pandemic) to make the decisions, but there will always be a lag in getting the finer details out there. I know that the small business grants are going to come through the council and luckily saw on Facebook yesterday a post advising business owners to email the council so that they can get in touch when they get the details on how it is going to work. Hopefully it is going to be at some point early next week. What the criteria is going to be will be interesting. Apparently a maximum of £10k for a business of my wife's size but will the full £10k be available? Is it based on turnover? (She has only been open since January). Do we have to prove trading figures? Or is it £10k for all?
  7. At the moment my wife isnt in a position to be able to close her coffee shop until more details about the grants become available. I assume its the same with the local pub where we went last night, for 8 pints, to support our publican. It is very contradictory of the government - 'please dont visit pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc' but no enforced closure. And no, its nothing to do with insurance!
  8. Sadly now died. RIP.
  9. Cannot see the stadium being used as a morgue. Reason why? OK, in Italy, where it has been bad, only 2,978 have died to this point (although 1 is too many). If you then take a look that on average 17,000 per year die in the UK of flu. Obviously this is a winter illness so most deaths will be concentrated mainly over the winter months. Yet temporary morgues are not set up each winter. So either the government (which I dont believe they do) think we are going to get it worse than Italy, and worse than the usual flu, in a very quick period of time, then I dont buy it.
  10. Bubba


    Good. He is a dick.
  11. The Dutch are treating it the same way as our Government is. https://order-order.com/2020/03/17/prime-minister-mark-ruttes-address-dutch-people-english-full-text/
  12. Currently having this argument on Twitter with politicians saying the same to stick the boot into the government. It is not true. A huge majority of companies wont be covered should the Government force them to temporarily close or otherwise.
  13. Well, except wages, rent, insurance, etc. The only expenditure the club wont be faced with are those associated with matches.
  14. It depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance.
  15. Not when the 4 months without income is covered by the other 8 months.
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