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  1. I remember seeing it on the news at the time. If it was 1988 then I was 10. The images have stuck with me ever since. Truly dreadful.
  2. It is crap because even with all the TV money at the top, all these inflated wages have done is hugely increase the cost for those on the terraces.
  3. Similar in many ways to the effect alcohol has on folk
  4. You are spot on with your first sentence. Social media is an absolute sewer (even though I use it myself) and its depressing what it has done to society. The lack of courtesy; the level/standard of debate; the abuse; racism; inability to allow others their own opinion, etc.
  5. Nowhere near the finished product. But, whenever is a manager? They are continually learning and evolving and its great PW will continue to do so with us. With a bit more luck on the injury front and hopefully unearthing some rough diamonds, we can look ahead with optimism.
  6. Wasnt that a different player? Either way, RIP.
  7. Your 'bias' is well placed. Tom does a great job covering town.
  8. Unfortunately, albeit it was the following year, the ridiculous wages didnt extend to the office based staff
  9. When I started working at the club - the first year the club was in Administration - I had to pull some information together for O'Hara & Co which included salary information for the previous season.
  10. Its unusual for an owner to reveal such details about a manager leaving. I would be surprised if there is only minimal truth in it as CW will fire back a response.
  11. "We said, 'no way are we going to pay you £4m, you are resigning, we are not firing you, why would we have to pay almost one year's salary?'" £4m a year salary...wow probably 100 times more than what he got at the Shay.
  12. "I told him that I am not happy that sometimes after defeats when you talk to the media [and say], 'I can't make cake out of sand' and when he says, 'all I have is Championship players'. Was it CW who used to talk about shopping at Aldi?
  13. No, was definitely 60k. Don't forget this was 20 years ago so a bloody lot of dough. Ludden was the same. Reference 98k.
  14. I cant remember the 'brilliant' bit. I certainly remember the £60k a year though
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