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  1. Or Hartlepools as Cloughie called it.
  2. You can, unless its clearly stated in the tenancy who is responsible for what.
  3. So what would you want to do with the water that falls on top of the covers?
  4. And with the Council looking at increasing council tax by 5% I cant see the wider public of Calderdale viewing some frost protective covers as money well spent.
  5. We dont know whether it is in the Council's remit. Is it in the Council's remit to provide goal posts (football and rugby), corner flags, etc? I would assume it will be similar to the local park. A local football club will pay the council an annual amount to provide and maintain (cut the grass) the pitch. But are they responsible for providing pitch covers?
  6. I'm still waiting for an explanation of what the great reset is the conspiracists keep talking about.
  7. Football on the local rec is about fitness and enjoyment of playing. Professional football was about entertainment. It's now a business which is why var was introduced. Not to improve the match day experience for the supporters, but more to do with the billions involved.
  8. I have wondered about compliance mentality and personal attitude. I think we are quite cynical as a nation, probably borne from the standard of politics in the country. And again it would be interesting to know how that compares to other nations. I know in Spain having spoken to my sister throughout, the rules have been on the whole strictly followed.
  9. I dont disagree. But I would be interested to know how the way they have handled it/performed compares to other countries.
  10. Agreed. Not sure if thats part of the pressure of trying to appease a restless population. But one of the biggest, most ridiculous things was Eat Out To Help Out. 4 months ago they were subsidising people to get out and eat and now here we are almost back in full lockdown as a country.
  11. I am not saying you are wrong, but has our government handled it worse than others? A lot of other countries are going back into full lockdown so whilst its easy to take an insular look at it from a UK point of view, have we handled it massively worse than others? Its a genuine question because I do have sympathy for any government in having to handle this situation.
  12. Isnt that what you are doing? I am trying to consider why people have a different viewpoint, even if it is wrong. Whereas you just dismiss it without consideration as its different to your own viewpoint. The world is full of opinions, and believe it or not, some which dont comply with your own high moral standards you believe to hold. Ermmm, no it isnt.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55223935 The above suggests what I have been trying to say. The whole message has been conflated, rightly or wrongly.
  14. I am not choosing to conflate. Until the BLM protests (over the killing of George Floyd) moved from the US to the UK, nobody was taking the knee. As I mention above, at the height of the BLM protests, politicians, police officers, the Joe public, etc were taking the knee which continues today in sport prior to kick off. The BLM organisation was formed in 2013. Hundreds of people have, by huge coincidence, carried placards and worn t-shirts, etc, bearing the 'Black Lives Matter' mantra. Obviously unrelated to the organisation, but purely the message of 'Black Lives Matter'? Naturally
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