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  1. I don’t get this - you would rather FCHT get knocked out today than get a great draw in the third round just because you can’t be there to watch it?? You’re not interested in the money this would generate, the opportunity for the players and manager and the feel good factor??
  2. He would only invest quarter of a pound!!
  3. I’ll play. What’s a matterdear?
  4. User error!! I managed to put the wrong address in!! I was contacted by the club within minutes of this message, error identified and new programme sent out to my correct address. Excellent customer service as always!
  5. I’m still waiting for my programme from the Dagenham game!!
  6. Bradford City’s ground looks smaller than I remember!!
  7. Enjoyable game. I remember last year they bullied us and were miles better than us. I think we were slightly better today but draw a fair result. Need to take our chances!
  8. Great half. Jeff King absolutely immense!! Got to take our chances - otherwise these will come back into it.
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