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  1. Completely agree - I gave him quite a hard time earlier this week but thought he had a very good game and was fair to both teams throughout
  2. Only game I’m interested in on Monday is Town v Weymouth! Doesn’t matter about anyone else as long as we win our games!!
  3. Sure that wasn’t from your dreams!!!
  4. This clown is either unbelievably inept or sadly corrupt. Some of his decisions beggar belief and when he gives 2 different decisions for the same offence you do have to question his motives. I’m hoping he doesn’t get to influence the result on Monday
  5. I know for other BT televised games it’s been possible to watch on Sky Bet
  6. Wouldn’t have brought Earing off! Glad Hyde on but Earing has the ability to put his foot on the ball under pressure
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